David Spiegel MD and Herbert Spiegel MD

Stanford, California, and New York, New York

Patients are taught to concentrate on three points: (1) to think of the plane as an extension of their body, very much like a bicycle or a car; (2) to float with the plane, so that they have a physical sensation of comfort associated with the experience of flying; (3) to concentrate on the difference between a probability and a possibility.

Thus anxieties about the flight can be processed from the point of view of putting them into the proper perspective rather than experiencing every adverse possibility as a probability. Patients are instructed to choose when to do this exercise but to use it in preparation for the flight, and during the flight either at speci fied times at some regular repeated interval or throughout the trip.

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A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been defined as a state of heightened suggestibility in which the subject is able to uncritically accept ideas for self-improvement and act on them appropriately. When a hypnotist hypnotizes his subject, it is known as hetero-hypnosis. When an individual puts himself into a state of hypnosis, it is known as self-hypnosis.

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