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As you look around the room we have entered, here in the enchanted cottage, you see a fireplace at the far end of the room, with a warm log fire burning brightly, and beside the fireplace is an easy chair, which looks so comfortable that you decide to go over and curl up in it for a while.

Our journey here has made you sleepy, and as soon as your curl up in the chair and begin to watch the fire, you find yourself starting to drift off to sleep, soundly and comfortably, there in that soft easy chair.

Now you are sleeping very soundly. But in just a minute or two, you are going to have to go to the bathroom. And as soon as you begin to feel that you have to go to the bathroom, you are going to start to move around, and you will open your eyes and wake up before you have wet. Your eyes will open, and you will be completely awake before you actually start to do anything. And when you do open your eyes, you will be back here with me, and not in the cottage anymore. We can go back to the cottage after you have gone to the bathroom. But first, you will open your eyes and wake up, ready to go to the bathroom before you have wet. And from now on, whenever you are asleep at night, you will wake up before you have wet, just as you are going to do now.

Any time now, you are going to feel that you have to go to the bathroom, and you will begin to move around, and your eyes will open before you have wet.

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