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Now I would like you to think of some major incentive which you are working toward, and which you would like to achieve in the future. It might be taking an ocean cruise, or seeing a child graduate from college, or building your dream houseā€”in fact, it could be almost anything. But whatever it is, this goal should be an important one, and one which is within your power to achieve as a result of your own efforts.

And when you have the goal firmly in mind, I would like you to picture yourself transported into the future, savoring the fruits of your achievement and enjoying the knowledge that the goal for which you have worked so long and so hard is finally yours. Continue to hold the image in your mind, and to focus on it, and soon it will be just as if you were really there.

Let yourself begin to live the experience now. You have achieved what you have set out to attain, and the fruits of your efforts are yours to enjoy. Live the fulfillment of your goal and allow yourself to experience all the joy and the satisfaction which come from knowing that your ambitions have at last been realized. Let yourself savor the thrill of achievement and bask in the warm rewarding glow of a job well done.

And as you allow yourself to let go completely and experience this event fully, savoring your triumph and all its fruits, the feelings of satisfaction and achievement are becoming clearer and sharper and more intense with every passing moment.

In a little while, I'm going to return you to the present time. But until I do, let yourself continue to enjoy the fulfillment of the goal which you have worked so hard to attain, as the feelings of achievement and satisfaction continue to grow, and each passing second finds them stronger than they were before.

[After a two-minute interval of free fantasy:] It's time to return to the present now, to the time from which you left. You are beginning to return to the present time, and the scene you have been experiencing in your mind is beginning to fade, but you will still remain in trance for a while, until I bring you out. You will feel renewed and recharged as a result of your experience, and you will possess a heightened resolve to succeed in the attainment of your goal.

And now the scene is fading more and more, almost gone. Now the scene is completely gone, and you are back with me in the present. You are feeling renewed and recharged, and more determined than ever to succeed in the attainment of the goal you have envisioned, for its benefits and attractions are now so much more clearly apparent than they were before.

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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