Erectile Dysfunction

[Some patients are so overly worried about their partner's pleasure that their worry impairs performance. Such individuals must receive permission to be temporarily selfish and to become absorbed in their own pleasure. The following suggestion seems particularly designed for such a patient. (Ed.)] "Sex will be enjoyment, not a performance—pure enjoyment! No thought of performance at all! Please her out of the bedroom, but in bed enjoy yourself!"

"Performance applies to study and work, but to nothing else. ... In sex, enjoyment is primary. . . . This will become easier for you, every day, every week, every month, every year; you will achieve enjoyable, automatic mastery. . . . You will countermand all negative ideas about performance. . . . Just enjoy her — don't perform. Touch, kiss, and if anything happens, let it happen."

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Hypnotherapy Health

Hypnotherapy Health

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