Facilitating class participation

From now on, you will find that the subject matter of all your classes has taken on a great deal more meaning. You will want to ask many more questions in class, and you will be very interested in the answers which are provided, both to your own questions and to the questions of others.

As you continue to participate more and more in the give-and-take of class discussion, you will become ever more interested in everything that is being presented. You will become more and more absorbed in the content of what is being taught, as each new fact and concept to emerge becomes more vivid and more interesting than those which have gone before.

As time continues to pass, your personal involvement will continue to grow, for you will constantly be discovering new ways to relate the material to your own life and experiences. And these applications will give rise to still more questions, resulting in an even greater desire to know.

As these new questions are satisfied in turn, the process will continue at an ever-increasing rate, for the more your aroused curiosity is fed, the stronger it is certain to become.

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