Hypnosis with Habit Disorders

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Hypnosis has been successfully used with a variety of habit disorders including thumbsucking, nailbiting, trichotillomania, skin (and acne) picking, tongue thrusting, and bruxism. Suggestions for several of these conditions are contained in sections of the book pertaining to children, dentistry and dermatology. At the conclusion of this chapter, however, you will find suggestions that may be used with nailbiting and trichotillomania (hair pulling).

know that, you may occasionally have, very brief, very interesting, but possibly very peculiar, experiences over the next several hours or days, or even weeks, possibly even months. Every now and then, you might have a sense, of a kind of image perhaps, or a feeling, possibly just the vaguest feeling, of looking, back over your shoulder. Every now and then, you might just have a sudden sense of, looking back over your shoulder at the high, white, walls, of a kind of prison. A prison which, you know, held you for some reason, perhaps long forgotten. But now, you know, you have liberated yourself. You are no longer a prisoner there.

Every now and then, you may have a sudden, odd, fleeting sensation of looking back over your shoulder at the high, white walls of a prison. A prison, that once held you, for some reason. But now, you have liberated yourself from that prison. You are no longer a prisoner there. And you can just feel, the delight, of that recognition! You may be able to hear, or even somehow feel the, discomfort, of the prisoners who are still there. And you may probably feel compassion for them. But you can also, fully enjoy, the clear air, of your freedom.


And you can feel really proud, of your decision to become free, and to remain free. In fact, you may be surprised over the next while, at sudden, fleeting feelings — perhaps familiar, perhaps now—feelings of real pride, and well-being. Pride, that you have chosen, to take care of yourself. Pride that you have chosen, to free yourself. Pride that you have chosen to stand by, what you know to be right. And you can even feel pride that you have chosen to let this experience be one, that is calmer, more comfortable, easier, than you may once have expected. You are free now.

You can enjoy the process now, of learning to live freely, and of continuing to enjoy the unencumbered experience, of living the way you choose; of making even small, freely chosen movements, with your hands, simply because you choose to. You no longer have to do something because, someone else once convinced you that you must. You are now free to choose to care for yourself, and to do so, freely.


And you know that it's very important, beginning now and over the next several days, to care for yourself in other ways, as well. To become more clearly aware of your needs, and to let yourself begin to discover how to satisfy those needs. It's important that you begin to drink more water. It's important that you begin to be more physically active. And you can really enjoy, feeling good about your body. As you become more physically active, it can really feel, pleasurable, to notice, how well your body works. To notice how freely your limbs can move, to notice how, well your lungs can begin to work. To notice how good it feels to be more physically active, and to somehow enjoy the, kind of special tiredness you get, from becoming physically active.


I also want to remind you, that this experience, right now, of comfort and well-being, this is your experience, not mine. And the ability, to create, this experience, is your ability, not mine. And you can really enjoy discovering how to use, your ability to create this experience whenever you need to. Anytime that you would like to feel, more comfortable than you do, anytime that you would like to feel relief from a sense of stress or tension or discomfort, all you have to do is sit back, in a chair, or a sofa, or a bed—just to rest back, and to take a very deep, very satisfying breath, and hold it, hold it, for just a moment. And [exhaling] then as you let it all the way out, these feelings of comfort, and well-being, just automatically wash over you, like water in a hot tub.

Any time that you feel anxious, or feel a craving, or feel tense, all you have to do is take a very deep, very satisfying breath, and hold it, hold it for a moment. And then [exhaling] as you let it all the way out, these feelings, of comfort and well-being, just come washing over you, like water in a hot tub.

And you can take comfort in knowing, that if any feelings were bothering you, they no longer need to. You can take a special kind of pleasure, in knowing, that you were able to relieve yourself of that discomfort, very quickly, very easily, and in a way that, can simply make you feel more confident, and more proud of yourself. You don't have to depend upon anything else, for this kind of comfort.


You are beginning a process, that will take several days, and some of that time will be much more comfortable than others. And I don't know when it will be —perhaps in a week, maybe in a month, maybe even in six months — I don't know exactly when it will be, when you'll just kind of automatically one day look back at this time, and be so pleased, at what you have done. To feel so pleased with yourself, for what you did, back then.

And now, I'd like you to let yourself rest even a little more deeply. And take this experience of comfort, deeply inside you, and really appreciate, for the moment, how well you're feeling. Be aware of the excitement that you probably feel, and the anticipation. And when I see you again, I'm going to be very interested, in hearing you tell me, how much more easily the days have gone, than you thought they would.

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