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And now, it is time for peace, time for safety. Each of you, in your own way, in your own safe place, a place that is completely secure from all danger of intrusion, from all hurt. And now, for those of you who are in pain, and for those of you who feel it is so very difficult to hold on, it is time for rest, for peace, and for relief. When I count to three, for those of you who would like to accept this time of restoration and healing, it is time to fall into a healing sleep, safe and secure. So, all of you in your own special places of safety, and now, for those of you who would like to, at one, go to the special place within that special place in which you can rest with peace. At two, lying down or reclining, closing your eyes and allowing pain to wash away, uncomfortable urges and pressures to dissolve, and permitting yourselves to drift toward sleep, a sleep that will last calmly and without disturbance until you actually enter my office for your next appointment. At that time, you will awaken, and be able to work on the problems that beset you. And now, it's time to sleep at the count of one. [As an added safety measure, it can be suggested that disruptive memories be put in a time-lock vault in between sessions.]

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