Indications And Introduction

This method, a modification of Watkins (1986) procedure, may be valuable with medical, cancer or burn patients who are experiencing considerable pain, as well as in hypnotic preparation for surgery. It may be more confidently used when the practitioner has facilitated glove anesthesia in the patient previously. In a talented subject, it may be used as the initial induction; in other cases, induction and deepening may precede the use of this method. There are several other options in using this technique. When a prior induction has been done and the anesthesia has spread through the entire body except the head, the patient may be given the following suggestions as part of his training: "Would you like to have a pleasant, surprising experience? In a moment, I'm going to have you awaken from trance, but you will only awaken from the neck up. Would that be all right? So that in a moment, as I instruct you to, you will only awaken from the neck up, and the rest of your body will remain asleep in a deep trance. You will only awaken from the neck up." After experiencing this for a minute or two, the patient is instructed to close his/her eyes and go into an even deeper state. The technique of having the patient's body remain in trance while the patient awakens may also be used with only one limb that is painful and which may also be made cataleptic. Watkins prefers to have each part of the body become rigid as it is anesthetized, removing only the rigidity after the entire body is numb.

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