Introduction And Indications

The following is a visual imagery structure that I use very frequently with adults molested as children (AMACs) and multiple personality disorder (MPD) patients. Since most AMAC and MPD patients are quite visual and excellent hypnotic subjects, these internal structures and pictures are usually easy for them to visualize, and the effects are often quite remarkable. Some of the ideas are not original, and where I can remember their source, I have cited it.

At some point in a formal induction procedure, after teaching several hypnotic phenomena, such as ideomotor finger signals, and glove anesthesia, arm rigidity, etc., for deepening purposes, I give the following suggestion.

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Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

HYPNOTISM is by no means a new art. True, it has been developed into a science in comparatively recent years. But the principles of thought control have been used for thousands of years in India, ancient Egypt, among the Persians, Chinese and in many other ancient lands. Miracles of healing by the spoken word and laying on of hands are recorded in many early writings.

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