This technique is used when an effort is being made to exhaust the remaining dysphoria, recover the remainder of a trauma, and to enhance mastery. It is designed for use with extremely cooperative patients who have good ego strength, with whom the therapist has developed a good therapeutic alliance, and who have given informed consent to what is to be done. It should not be used with a patient whose equilibrium is precarious, unless the patient is in a structured setting or one can be provided if necessary. Its use with such a patient is only for the experienced and expert, and SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED BY A NOVICE OR SOMEONE WITHOUT GREAT FAMILIARITY WITH ABREACTIVE TECHNIQUES.

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Hypnotherapy Healing

Hypnotherapy Healing

Loosely explained, hypnotherapy is an exercise of therapy which induces a deep relaxation state of body and mind and then uses this state of mind to introduce ideas or images into the consciousness.

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