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You are now so deeply relaxed that all the suggestions that I am going to give you will be firmly fixed in the unconscious part of your mind; so firmly fixed, so deeply embedded, that nothing will remove them. Everything that I tell you that is going to happen to you, will happen exactly as I tell you. Every feeling and sensation that I tell you that you are going to experience, you will experience just as I tell you and these things will happen particularly when you run. This entire project is really an experiment on human potentialities. Exercise experts have discovered that most people tend to underestimate their own capacities and abilities. . . .

There are really two major factors that allow you to do your very best when running. The first, of course, is really wanting to do well with the exercise tasks which you are to perform. This is something with which you are already familiar. But the second one, which is even more important, is something which you may not know about. This is the fact, that if you realize in advance what things ordinarily make you think you have reached your limit, you will be able to keep on going beyond the point where you are beginning to experience them. Most people use discomfort and fatigue as signs that they should stop what they are doing. They fail to realize that discomfort and fatigue are the first signs that they are approaching their maximum performance and that they can, in fact, keep on going far beyond that point. Most people generally assume that when they start feeling uncomfortable, this feeling will get worse but, as a matter of fact, if you allow yourself to keep on going after you start to feel that discomfort, that feeling will actually di minish. I am taking it for granted that you are here because you really want to be and that you are really eager to explore your potentiality and to do your utmost on these tasks. In that case, the thing that you really must keep in mind is the importance of noticing each sign of discomfort or fatigue and using it as a stimulus to keep on going. Then put it aside in your mind and concentrate on the running itself. It is terribly important to us in this experiment, to find out exactly how much you can do with these tasks. The outcome of this experiment cannot be successful unless you cooperate by giving us your absolute maximum performance. This is not going to be easy for it is going to take every ounce of concentration, effort and willpower that you can muster. I want you to give it everything that you have got; to feel the strain all through your body and to use that strain and effort to good advantage using every resource within you. Make this a total effort.

As you run for a longer and longer period of time, you may experience certain symptoms. You may experience a feeling of heaviness in the arms; you may experience breathlessness, a feeling of tightness in your legs, or a sensation of discomfort in the chest, throat, or mouth. You will probably develop a sense of fatigue after you have been running for some time. As you start to experience any of these sensations, this will be a stimulus for you to run even harder. As a result of this, you will find that you are able to go on and actually run through this experience so that you become less aware of whatever discomfort you were experiencing. You will feel as though you could go on running for a longer and longer period of time. You will feel a greater desire to give a total effort; to use every bit of willpower that is within you. You will actually run through your most difficult period and, no matter how tired you start to become, this will act as a stimulus so that you can continue running without becoming unduly distressed. As you concentrate on my voice, so all these things that I am telling you will act on you when the time comes for you to perform the exercise task.

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