Joseph Barber PhD

Los Angeles, California

1. You can enjoy an undisturbed, restful night's sleep.

2. You can awaken in the morning with feelings of calm and the anticipation of being well taken care of, and just let everyone else take complete care of you.

3. You can daydream as fully as you would like, with no need to pay attention to all the goings on in the hospital; you can ignore the noise and lights, and just be delighted (if not surprised) that there is really nothing to bother you, and nothing to disturb you.

4. During the comfort of anesthetic sleep, you can continue to let the doctors take care of you, but know that you can also do anything you need to do to increase your comfort.

5. Upon wakening, you can still let yourself daydream, without having to be clearly aware of anything except questions and requests directly made to you.

6. [If appropriate] You can enjoy comfortable, satisfying, deep breaths; free, effortless, urination; appropriate control of bleeding; uneventful healing.

7. You can be pleased to surprise the nurses when they don't get to give you medication for pain, and to enjoy noticing that there are no feelings to bother you or disturb you.

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