• Does not have to be learned. Body knows howl Made to perform appropriately.

• Done unconsciously so the less attention to it, the better. Muscles of arms, legs, digestive tract, uterus, contract and do their work. Recognize the pleasant sensations of hardening: the feelings of accomplishment and strength.

• Contractions = powerful mechanism by which baby will be born into world. Hard work gives greatest satisfaction. Look forward to this result. Parents truly co-creators with God, bringing new life into the world.

• Term "labor pain" common. Transpose to "contraction." True meaning = a most useful device, a tightening and hardening which = motor part.

• Welcomed as each brings goal nearer. Stirs emotions of placidity.

• Calmness and pleasant anticipation of fulfillment. Use as a signal to go into trance as needed, relaxing excess tensions so energy goes where it's needed. Come out of trance as if from a pleasant nap, refreshed and happy. As cervix dilates from 1-10 cms., can go deeper and deeper and be more and more comfortable. (Saves both psychic and physical energy as both cervix and perineum relax in readiness for delivery.)

• Full dilation: Familiar sensation as head moves into birth canal. Signal to notify attendant. Important step forward. Now any discomfort in sacral area and thighs disappears spontaneously. Strong desire to push is controllable according to instructions. Pressure of descending head numbs unpleasant sensation (like elastic band on finger).


Stage 1. Free to enjoy resting, relaxing, reverie of all the happy experiences leading up to your becoming a co-creator with God; all love in your life . . . whole mosaic. Can go into trance with each contraction, even each procedure (enema, IV, etc.). Report unmistakable change to next stage.

Stage 2. Need to be doing something active. Counting Techniques, especially pendulum (e.g., counting a pendulum swinging from 1 to 100, or 2 to 99) or counting time in seconds, starting with 100, 99. Can notice how pressure actually does numb birth canal. Increasing anticipation of seeing baby . . . look forward to holding it. . . . Watch what is going on in the mirror.

Stage 3. Attention focused on baby, bath, footprinting, etc. Time to review with crystal clearness all the interesting and delightful sensations and experiences connected with having a baby so as to share when you wish.

Walking upright (as if with book on head) and sitting squarely numbs area of episiotomy nicely. (Minimizes irritation of rubbing buttocks).

Own doctor will tell you what signs to watch for, appraise you of what to expect, interpret what is happening and how you can help.



1. Each contraction can be considered as a pleasing occurrence, drawing you nearer to your goal . . . bringing a new love for your enjoyment.

2. You can feel it as a hardening, a tightening, a wonderful power working for you. You can welcome it, using it as a signal to go deeper into the state of comfort (trance).

3. The moment it starts to go, you can forget it completely. It has passed.

4. You need pay attention only to the voice speaking directly to you.

5. You can be quite calm, confident and cooperative throughout.

6. A pleasant sense of anticipation can replace any apprehension.

7. You can recuperate quickly, completely and comfortably.


• You can feel your contractions to the point of satisfaction of your own curiosity, enabling you to share the experience with the rest of the female population who have had babies, assured thereby that you are really dealing well.

• You may feel it necessary to pay for this joyful experience with some pain, or need some TLC after it. Turn on your abdomen, relax into a lovely lassitude while gravity aids in draining all congested areas and realize you don't need those pills after all!

• Prolonged contraction of muscle in fear or in splinting causes it to ache just because of interference with its circulation.

• The odds are tremendously in favor of having a healthy, normal child, and doing it easily!

• Teach patient to deepen trance to count of 10 with the number 10 as the "deepest trance you can imagine." And then reports of the dilating cervix in cm. implies or can be given as a signal to deepen trance in a like manner.*


1. Simple relaxation; trance prn: Can double the effect of medication, halve pain.

2. Reverie: Passes time quickly, pleasantly, sends messages to body to perform efficiently, heal rapidly.

3. Time distortion: Time of contraction passes "like a flash" leaving plenty of time between to rest and enjoy.

4. Deliberate redirection of attention from discomfort to comfort.

5. Reinterpretation of sensations in terms of familiar and pleasant.

6. Teach glove anesthesia and transfer (can do it mentally to difficult spot).

7. Revivify saddle block (epidural), tuning out any unpleasant part, trance.

*This suggestion comes from Belinda Novik, Ph.D

8. Dissociation to another place, can "sit over there and watch."

9. Posthypnotic Suggestions provide helpful mind-set. Reinforce by reading at home in trance.

10. Feel sensation through wall of numbness.

11. As cervix dilates 1-10 cms, go deeper into comfort to count of 10.

12. Counting especially. Pendulum to occupy attention prn.

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