Larry Goldmann MD

Fort Myers, Florida

1. Labor is a normal, physiologic process.

2. The contractions of the uterus are no different from the contractions of any other muscle of the body.

3. Surely you will feel the power of your contractions, but they are nothing more than muscular contractions.

4. Remember that each contraction carries you closer and closer to the delivery of your baby through a normal vaginal delivery.

5. Each contraction will be perceived as you desire, not as others would have you perceive them.

6. Your unconscious mind will cause you to become relaxed with each contraction—the stronger your contractions become, the deeper will be your relaxation.

7. Your husband's voice will be as relaxing to you as mine.

8. Your confidence in yourself and your partner will grow with each contraction.

9. You will look forward to each contraction, realizing that each one carries you closer and closer to the delivery of your baby.

10. Labor and delivery are exciting, enjoyable experiences that you can share with your partner in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

11. Remember that while you are in labor you are always in control.

12. You can have your baby your way —relaxed and completely in control.

13. You will find your husband's touch and voice to be relaxing and reassuring to you.

14. You will find that when your husband places his right hand on your left shoulder, you will become very deeply relaxed, when appropriate, without any effort on your part.

15. Just as you experience no discomfort when the muscles of your heart, intestine, or bladder contract, you will experience no discomfort when the muscles of your uterus contract—for these are all normal physiologic functions.

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

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