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This metaphor was designed for a patient who wanted to "grow up," and may serve as an indirect method for facilitating personal "growth." Repetitions have been excluded from the written version, but should be included in presenting this to a patient. (Ed.)


March is now, [patient's name], the time for beginning the growth that has ceased for so long—through the long cold winter. As you wonder, as you understand, as you listen to my your mind, put it into the cloud. As you do so, your unconscious mind will put in other reasons of which you are unaware, causing the cloud to become increasingly dark. When you have put in every reason you are able to think of, it will be inky black.

Look at the black cloud containing all these negative programs and, as you do so, somewhere behind it you will see a source of light. At first quite dim, it will become increasingly bright. That light is really a sun, the sun of your own desire to be free of everything that has been preventing you from living life to its fullest.

The light grows stronger and brighter until it begins to burn away the black cloud. As this is happening, you will become increasingly aware of the warmth of the sun so that, as the cloud burns away completely, leaving no trace of either cloud or anything it contained, you will be able to bask in this warmth, feeling the sun's rays penetrating every cell of your body, bringing a wonderful sense of self-assurance and self-confidence.

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