And I can tell you about a young boy I saw not long ago . . . who had been a model fourth grader . . . good grades, hard-working little fellow . . . and toward the end of the school year he underwent a transformation ... he stopped doing his schoolwork ... he stopped being nice to other children ... he grew sullen and withdrawn . . . and nobody knew why . . . and then I saw him . . . and found out things of great importance to him . . . and he loved his teacher so much that he wanted her to be his teacher again . . . and he was trying to fail in school in order to stay with that teacher . . . and sometimes what seems odd on the surface, or even crazy, may make sense at a deeper level . . . but it became apparent that a part of him wanted to stay firmly put another year . . . but I also discovered a part of him that would be proud to be a big fifth grader . . . and I found a part of him that was quite curious about what fifth grade would be like . . . and I found another part of him that was excited about it being near the end of the school year . . . looking forward to a summer away from school . . . when there's lots of time to think and change one's mind . . . and another part that was sad at saying good-bye to friends for the summer . . . and there were lots of parts to this boy . . . and I wonder which part of him you would have talked to if you wanted to know that lots changes are part of growing . . , the curious part? . . . All I know is . . . when I talked about different parts of growing up . . . he listened very closely . . . and he's doing very well in fifth grade, you'll feel better knowing .. .

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Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

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