Six friends of mine love to sky dive. One of their biggest thrills is getting together whenever they can so that they can fly together in a plane up into the skies, where they can prepare to make their jumps. Without question, their biggest thrill is when they jump from the plane and make a six-sided star in the sky. Now to make a star takes a lot of talent along with some courage to jump as well as a good deal of trust in your fellow jumpers. You see, not all six of the skydivers can leave the place at the same time. One must leave first, and then delay pulling the rip cord of the parachute until all of the five others have jumped one at a time. It takes great discipline and cooperation for each diver to pull his own rip cord at a different time, and yet at precisely the right time so that they can line up in a way that will give them the proper height and configuration in order to make the star. Each has an individual job to do, but without each participant doing his or her job in exactly the right in relationship to the other jumpers, then the star cannot be made.

The star is by far the skydivers' favorite design to make because of its difficulty and also because of its beauty —so much so that if any one of the jumpers does not make the needed response in relationship to all of the other jumpers, then the star cannot be made at all and each of the skydivers must float to the ground individually. But, again, because they enjoy making the star so much and because it is such a beautiful thing to see from the ground as well as to experience as a jumper, they immediately go back into the airplane, return to the skies, and jump again so that they can continue trying to "connect up" as well as they can with each other, and until the star turns out to be as satisfying in its structure and beauty as they would like. The dependency that the jumpers feel for one another in their group and the precision with which they contribute to the star is, indeed, one of the most satisfying experiences that they can share together.

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