Metaphor Prior To Hypnotic Induction English Translation

I want to explain to you just what happens to you now that you have experienced an accident or burn trauma [substitute exact type of trauma or accident experienced by patient]. You see, the body responds in a very special way after you experience a trauma like the one you have just had. This trauma is felt in the body, especially in the muscle system.

You know, your blood flows through your veins and arteries very much like the irrigation canals you remember from your home country. That is, when we use very high-powered microscopes, we see that the arteries and veins have walls, very small so that the eye can't see them, but these walls are made up of muscles. The whole thing is like an irrigation canal you know so well in Mexico, you know, when the mud falls into the canal, the water cannot flow to irrigate the plants and crops. In this way, when you have an accident (trauma), the muscles of the walls of your arteries and veins get narrower and narrower until your blood doesn't flow as much and as quickly as it should. Just like the mud in the irrigation canal falling into the water, your arteries and veins get smaller and smaller and your hands get cold, and you get tense; it is like a little tiger ready to attack, that is the startle effect you feel very often.

Well, there are special exercises that I am going to teach you which will help you to communicate with your muscles. It appears to be a lie, but indeed it is true, that we can indeed control our own muscles and we can make these irrigation canals in our body open and we can allow our blood to flow normally the way it should. So, I will sit here in this chair, and you will sit over there and close your eyes and simply follow the words that I say. When I am finished, I will say to you, "Open your eyes." Do you understand? OK, let's begin.

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