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Since you are a pregnant woman, you are expecting a baby, and you would like to have that baby in the way that is most comfortable to you. I want you to be sure to have it in the way that is most pleasing and most comfortable to you. If that means that you have to get a cramp in your arm from holding on to that grip, be sure to get that cramp because, you see, I don't know what kind of pain or distress you might want to have during the labor. All I know is that you want to have a very happy, very agreeable labor. You want to look upon the arrival of this child as a completely pleasing thing. Therefore, you might want a cramp in the right arm, a cramp in the left arm; you might want an itch on your leg; you might want to feel a labor contraction here and there. If you do want to feel a labor contraction I would like to suggest the following. You know that labor comes in three stages. The first stage gives you much more time to feel a labor contraction than the second or third stage. So if you really want to feel a labor contraction, do it in the first part of the first stage; because that gives you more time to study and to experience and to feel it. But, of course, you can also have a contraction that you feel in the second or the third stage, if you want to. In case you do wish to feel a labor contraction, I just want you to feel it in the most adequate way possible.

Being a medical man, I suggest the first stage, and the first part of the first stage; because that is the best time ... to feel a labor contraction. But . . . [you can also] feel it in the second stage, or in the third stage. But in the third stage, you are going to be busy with a lot of other things. There is that impending question: What sex is the baby going to be?

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

For anyone concerned that this is a report designed to teach readers how to convince crowds of people to act like chickens or dance to an unheard song just with a carefully placed keyword - relax. While hypnosis is often paraded in that form with large crowds visiting celebrity hypnosis experts to see what wonders they can perform, the majority of hypnosis used is to aid people seeking a solution to a problem they cannot resolve easily with any other method.

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