Milton H Erickson MD

In your present type of thinking, you do not believe . . . that you could control the flow of blood; that you could cut down on bleeding. Yet you know that the utterance of one single word right now could bring a flush to the face . . . And that is right, because your body has had a lot of experience in controlling the flow of blood, and it is so easy and so simple. And if you can control the flow of blood in your face, well, why shouldn't you be able to control it in your neck; and your neck does turn red and your forehead does turn red, and why not a little bit below. And consider the way in which your body has had experience in turning pale at the thought of something terrifying, and consider the way your body has had many experiences in turning red under heat and turning white under cold. Your body has had a lot of experience; there is a tremendous wealth of actual physiological experience that warrants the expectation that one could build up a hypnotic situation to control capillary flow of blood; and with that capillary flow of blood you could also control salivary glands, or you could stimulate those glands. You can say a single word to someone that will produce tears. Those tears require an alteration of the flow of blood in the tear glands, and you don't even know how those tear glands are supplied with blood. There is a wealth of knowledge that exists in your body, of which you are totally unaware, and that will manifest itself when given the right psychological or physiological stimulation.

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