Other Posthypnotic Suggestions

And as more and more skin is exposed, your skin can feel more and more tantalizingly alive.

And as you sense his/her increasing arousal, you can feel more and more aware of the stimulus, which is stimulating in itself. As if somehow, the sounds and movements of his/her arousal are contagious, and are causing a warm flush to pulse and flow to your genitals. And it's like every rush of circulation, every movement of pleasure, increases your excitement.

And when he cuddles you, in a pleasant way you can become aware of the interesting sensations that develop and flow. And as you snuggle, pleasant sensations can spread—it's really fascinating—so much more than you'd anticipate.

Learn to trust your body. It doesn't need your help; it knows what to do, so stop trying to help, and just relax and enjoy. It isn't necessary to help, it can do it all by itself. So just remember that there is no way that you can fail, because the goal of sex is pleasure and sharing closeness.

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