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Today we are going to talk about ways to teach you and your body to be comfortable during what might normally be a painful procedure or injury. We know that your mind can help you be more comfortable, even when we wouldn't normally expect that to be true. Your mind is able to make its own sort of numbing medicine which it can send out through your body to help you be comfortable whenever you need to be. There are many ways in which your body is able to make numbing for you and today we need to find the way that is just right for you.

the cloud car induction

To begin with, I'm going to ask you to use your imagination to think about something that you like to do very much. You may want to think about doing this with your eyes open or you may want to think about doing it with your eyes closed. Whichever one works best for you is the one that you need to do. I want you to start by imagining that your body is becoming very, very relaxed and very comfortable, and that your mind is busy thinking about the things I am saying to you.

Let your body feel relaxed and comfortable and let the chair you are sitting in begin to feel soft and fluffy. You can notice that this soft and fluffy feeling happens somewhat gradually, but that it is beginning to be there by now. And as you're thinking about this feeling, you can also notice that it's possible to turn that soft and fluffy feeling into a very special car just for you. We'll call this your cloud car, and it is your own cloud way toward fun and imagination, and more control of your mind and body. You may picture your cloud car in your mind's eye any way that you would like to. Get a good look at the controls, look at the size and shape. Is it fast, does it maneuver well, can it go high in the sky? All of these things can be true and what's most exciting of all is knowing that this car is completely under your control, and that you're able to drive it in a way that is fun and exciting, and relaxing and beneficial to you.


I'd like you to begin to fly your cloud car now. Get very comfortable and used to the controls. You will notice that if you lean forward your car goes down, if you tip back it goes up, if you tip to the right it goes to the right, and if you tip to the left it goes to the left. These are just a few of the ways in which you can control the flight of your car. Perhaps you would like to experiment with your car. You can begin by flying it low along the ground, or perhaps you would like to soar high into the sky and take a look at the view from up there. Whatever you do, have a good time doing it. Make your experience as real as you can, enjoy yourself, see yourself laughing and feeling the comfort of being in your own special car. [Pause]

And now that you've had a chance to fly your car a bit, I'd like you to begin to head toward that special place that you and I have already talked about. You may want to take a scenic route there, looking at the mountains or the ocean. Perhaps you'd like to fly over and check out the Pyramids or Big Ben in London, or a castle or two. Wherever you go, remember that you have a bird's eye view and that the air you are flying in is fresh and clean and relaxing, and that it feels very, very soft against your skin. After you've toured some and are ready to head toward your special place, you can let me know by moving your finger [head nodding or verbal communication are alsojised, depending on the youngster.]

That's fine. And now I'd like you to move toward your special place and very gradually begin to lower your cloud car to the ground. You may land very, very slowly. As you do so, look around and enjoy the sights and the sounds and the smells of your special place. And once you have landed your car, coming down slowly, drifting, gradually landing, softly on the ground, you can park your car and get ready to play in your special place.


And now you can enjoy the feeling of being in your special place. Perhaps as you walk you can feel the ground beneath your feet. The warmth and the comfort of walking across such a familiar and happy place, the soft freshness of the air against your skin and body, and the pleasantness of the warmth from the sun on your skin.

You can also see your surroundings. You can see the animals and the planets, the sky above and all the things that you love to have there with you. And you can make the pictures more vivid in your mind and make your experience more real by seeing and feeling being there.

Use your sense of smell. Find out what you can smell. Can you smell the freshness of the air, the fragrance of being out in nature, the freshness? Use your sense of smell to enhance your experience.

You can also use your sense of taste. Can you taste the smells? Can you taste the air? All of your senses help to make your imagination experience very, very real and vivid for you. They help to make your experience more comfortable and more fun for you. Use your imagination and your mind's eye to make your experience become very, very real.

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