Preoperative Suggestions

1. From the moment your medication is given, until you are back in your room again, you pay attention only to the voice that speaks directly to you. All other sounds seem pleasantly far away, a lulling, soothing sound . . . like background music ... or the sound of waves gently lapping on the shore. That drowsy, dreamy, sleepy feeling increases with each sound . . . making you more comfortable.

2. Your medication can be the signal to start a pleasant daydream going of some pleasant activity in a special place where you feel safe, secure and contented.

3. The whole operative area remains soft, loose, limp and comfortable throughout the operation and afterward until completely healed.

4. You awaken in the recovery room as if from a restful, peaceful sleep, refreshed and pleasantly surprised to find your operation completed, your condition relieved, and healing already well under way.

5. The sensations you feel are those of healing, a little pulling that tells you the area is well put together again . . . slight cramping ... a little heaviness or tingling reminds you that healing is already begun and acts as a signal to let the area become soft, loose and comfortable again . . . and to keep it that way.

6. You can recover quickly, completely, comfortably.

7. You can be pleased to find how easily you can pass water, move bowels, enjoy meals, breathe deeply. You can cough to clear your throat as needed and go on breathing gently, easily, deeply and comfortably.

8. You have time now to rest ... to think of pleasant things like how nice it will be to feel like yourself again . . . Time to enjoy all the T.L.C. of the doctors, nurses and others working with you to help you get better fast.

9. You will be quite calm, comfortable and cooperative throughout, following all the easy instructions given to help you.

10. You can be pleasantly surprised to find it much easier than you anticipated . . . and be very thankful!

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