Procedures For The Treatment

The procedures for creating the indirect hypnotic tape can be summarized into five steps:

1. Hypotheses about the child's primary stresses and conflicts are drawn from discussions with the parents and, if the child is old enough, with the child himself/herself.

2. A list of the child's likes and dislikes are generated from a discussion with the child. The list should include the child's favorite fantasy figures, colors, foods, and animals, as well as preferred activities. 3. A fairy tale is created in which:

• The child's favored objects and activities are woven into the plot (use of the child's preferences and avoidance of the child's dislikes assures a positive cathexis to the fairy tale).

• The fantasy figures interact with the child in the story.

• The fantasy figures demonstrate appropriate ways of dealing with the stresses that were targeted as central concerns of the child.

• It is suggested at the ending of the fairy tale that a fantasy figure falls asleep in the child's lap, and the child also sleeps in order not to disturb the new fantasy friend.

1. An audio recording of the fairy tale is made. Suggestions of relaxation, comfort, happiness and self-confidence are included.

2. The child is informed, "This recording will make going to sleep much easier and much nicer. Simply play this tape each night before you get into bed, and it will help you feel more and more relaxed each night."

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