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San Antonio, Texas

1. The investigative hypnotic examination should be the responsibility of a psychologist or psychiatrist with specific training in its use.

2. The interrogative part of the conference should be accomplished by a law enforcement officer with special training in conducting interviews in the hypnotic environment.

3. The mental health professional and the law enforcement investigator should work as a team. It is wise and discretionary that they not be informed about the facts of the case in any detail, lest the inquiry become biased and contaminate the information desired. The law enforcement interviewer should not be involved in the investigation of the case, and the mental health professional should be independent of responsibility to the prosecution or investigating agency.

4. All conferences of the interview team with the individual to be hypnotized should be videotaped. Before the hypnotic interview, a brief mental evaluation of the interviewee should be conducted by the mental health professional.

5. Before the hypnotic interview, the person to be questioned should be given an opportunity to provide a conscious, detailed recital of the experience. It is important to have a record of what the witness describes in conscious recall before the hypnotic interview.

6. While conducting the interview, the consultation team should be careful not to prompt the witness with any new components to the description of his/her experience and should be especially careful not to alter the perceptual reality of the incident in any way.

7. The number of people present in the room during the interview should be kept to a minimum, but may include the prosecuting and/or defense attorneys, the case agent, a chaperone when appropriate, or a close friend or family member at the request of the interviewee.

8. Finally, all information gleaned from the hypnotic interview must be independently corroborated by other evidence before it is used as an investigative lead or is presented in court.

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Hypnotherapy Healing

Hypnotherapy Healing

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