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The following is spoken to the patient who is already in trance as a prelude to focusing on specific events that will be the focus of reframing or unbinding of affect. It is important to have already established ideomotor signaling and observation of physiological re sponses to trance-deepening so that the communicative rapport between therapist and subject remains clear and intact.


There were times in the past when you felt worried and frightened. Can you remember the feeling of being worried, the feeling of being frightened by your own thoughts? [Pause] Now, let yourself remember what followed that feeling. Can you remember the feeling of relief you experienced each time you began to think that everything is going to be fine — a feeling, a thought that everything is working out well, a feeling that everything is going to be fine. Such a wonderful feeling of relief and release from worry.

Each point in time is like a lens through which you see your world. The first day in school was different than the semester's end. The first time behind the wheel of an automobile felt different from the relaxing drive today. Some of your greatest pleasures today may have been first experienced with apprehension or tension. Now you may choose how you would like to feel about any past or present condition. As you relax more deeply, your unconscious mind selects the proper lens and the most comfortable frame. Sometimes you can tell your imagination what you are ready to begin enjoying. I don't know if your thoughts will change after your feelings, or if your feelings will follow more relaxing thoughts. But I know you are ready to enjoy a pleasant change, a wonderful feeling of release.


At this point, you would begin focusing upon specific events or conditions to reframe with the patient in trance. Also, at this point, suggestions can be offered for uncovering what events or circumstances need to be reframed in order to remove symptoms.

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

For anyone concerned that this is a report designed to teach readers how to convince crowds of people to act like chickens or dance to an unheard song just with a carefully placed keyword - relax. While hypnosis is often paraded in that form with large crowds visiting celebrity hypnosis experts to see what wonders they can perform, the majority of hypnosis used is to aid people seeking a solution to a problem they cannot resolve easily with any other method.

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