According to mythology, there was once a very accomplished sculptor who lived on the island of Cyprus. His name was Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a man with such specific and definite expectations that he couldn't be satisfied. He simply could not find a woman to equal his concept of beauty. So he found some very beautiful, pure white marble, and in his studio he sculpted the image in his mind. He created in stone his conception of a beautiful, perfect woman. He continued to search and look everywhere for this perfect woman to match his sculpture. But he was so critical that he found something wrong with every woman he saw. No one could match the statue's beauty. He was so in love with this perfect image from his mind that he finally prayed to the goddess Aphrodite, pleading with her to help him find a woman who would equal and be as lovely as his sculpture. But, being a wise goddess, Aphrodite knew that Pygmalion's expectations were too high and uncompromising. She knew that no woman could ever live up to all his expectations. So it is said that Aphrodite breathed life into the statue, and Pygmalion named her Galatea, and married his own creation.

And I wonder if many of our problems in relationships are not caused by being like Pygmalion—wanting our partners to be perfect clones of ourselves and our expectations, rather than accepting and respecting differences.

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