Suggestions for Emotional Enrichment


Many people consistently go at life with such an air of grim determination that they eventu ally lose, or at least severely blunt, their capacity to experience joy and a zest for living— not merely abandoning their sense of childlike wonder, but also the deeper, richer experiences of fulfillment which are characteristic of the fully functioning adult. . . .

The following postinduction suggestions are not designed to induce excessive or inappropriate affect, nor are they intended to elicit strong emotion merely for its own sake. Rather, they are designed for use as a set of "toning up" exercises for sufficiently suggestible subjects who are familiar with their aims and purposes: as a means of strengthening and heightening the capacity for positive emotional response, and as a method of counteracting occasional tendencies toward depression when such tendencies are primarily the result of habit or of failure to maintain a sufficiently optimistic outlook on life. When combined with appropriate suggestions of time expansion, these suggestions may also be useful as a means of providing a temporary substitute for persons who are presently addicted to mood- altering drugs. They may also be used as a method of pain control by allowing the subject to experience the opposite emotions. A similar approach has been employed for this purpose by Sacerdote (1977).

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