Suggestions For The Patient In Labor

A frightened patient just admitted to labor room was on the verge of panic, becoming unmanageable. Grasping both her hands in the manner of a handshake, I spoke firmly to her, "If you really have to panic, you ought to do a good job of it! Come on . . . I'll help you. . . . Get your heart beating faster . . . pumping harder . . . much harder . . . and faster . . .

and breathe in little spasms . . . deeper . . . faster ... get that blood pressure up higher. .. . It's so very uncomfortable, isn't it? So why don't you stop halfway? Wouldn't you really rather just let your eyes close? And snuggle down . . . just listen ... to the voice that speaks directly to you ... to tell you just what to expect . . . and how to respond ... so as to keep yourself quite comfortable. ..."

"You can let the time of the contraction seem to go by like a flash ... so fast you hardly notice it except for timing it. The time between contractions can seem like a nice long time. So you have plenty of time to rest, relax and enjoy whatever you wish."

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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