Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier and you want to let yourself sink, you're trying to let yourself sink, into a deeper, deeper, relaxed state. You want to let your whole body, especially your eyes, go deeper and deeper and deeper into a totally free, warm, nice, flexible, relaxed state. And now you're letting yourself go deeper, deeper, deeper. You want to fully relax and get your body out of your way and go deep, deep, down deeper, down deeper, into a fully, fully, fully free and easy relaxed state. You're only listening to the sound of my voice, that's all you're focusing on, and that's all you want to hear—the sound of my voice. And you're going to do what I tell you to do, because you want to, you want to do it. You want to stay in this relaxed state and be fully aware of my voice and do what I tell you to do because you want to do it, you want to be relaxed. You want to rid yourself of your anxiety and you know that this will help you relax and listen, relax and listen, go into a fully free and relaxed state.

You're only focusing on my voice and you're going to listen carefully to what I'm telling you. You're going to listen carefully to what I'm telling you. You're going to remember everything I tell you. And after you awake from this relaxed, hypnotic state, you're going to feel very good. Because you're going to remember everything and use what you hear—use it for you. Use it to put away all your anxiety about your anxiety. You're going to remember what I tell you and use it everyday. Whenever you feel anxious about anything, you're going to remember what I'm telling you now, in this relaxed state, and you're going to fully focus on it, concentrate on it very well, and do exactly what we're talking about, relax and get rid of your anxiety, relax and get rid of your anxiety.

Whenever you get anxious about anything, you're going to realize that the reason you're anxious is because you are saying to yourself, telling yourself, "I must succeed! I must succeed! I must do this, or I must not do that!" You will clearly see and fully accept that your anxiety comes from your self-statement. It doesn't come from without. It doesn't come from other people. You make yourself anxious, by demanding that something must go well or must not exist. It's your demand that makes you anxious. It's always you and your self-talk; and therefore you control it and you can change it.

You're going to realize, "I make myself anxious. I don't have to keep making myself anxious, if I give up my demands, my musts, my shoulds, my oughts. If I can really accept what is, accept things the way they are, then I won't be anxious. I can always make myself unanxious and tense by giving up my musts, by relaxing —by wanting and wishing for things, but not needing, not insisting, not demanding, not musturbating about them."

You're going to keep telling yourself, "I can ask for things, I can wish. But I do not need what I want, I never need what I want! There is nothing I must have; and there is nothing I must avoid, including my anxiety. I'd like to get rid of this anxiety. I can get rid of it. I'm going to get rid of it. But if I tell myself, "I must not be anxious! I must not be anxious! I must be unanxious!" then I'll be anxious.

Nothing will kill me. Anxiety won't kill me. Lack of sex won't kill me. There are lots of unpleasant things in the world that I don't like, but I can stand them, I don't have to get rid of them. If I'm anxious, I'm anxious—too damn bad! Because / control my emotional destiny— as long as I don't feel that I have to do anything, that I have to succeed at anything. That's what destroys me —the idea that I have to be sexy or I have to succeed at sex. Or that I have to get rid of my anxiety." In your regular life, after listening to this tape regularly, you're going to think and to keep thinking these things. Whenever you're anxious, you'll look at what you're doing to make yourself anxious, and you'll give up your demands and your musts. You'll dispute your ideas that "I must do well! I must get people to like me! They must not criticize me! It's terrible, when they criticize me !" You'll keep asking yourself, "Why must I do well? Why do I have to be a great sex partner? It would be nice if people liked me, but they don't have to. I do not need their approval. If they criticize me, if they blame me, or they think I'm too sexy, too damn bad! I do not need their approval. I'd like it, but I don't need it. I'd also like to be unanxious but there's no reason why I must be. Yes, there's no reason why I must be. It's just preferable. None of these things I fail at are going to kill me.

"And when I die, as I eventually will, so I die! Death is not horrible. It's a state of no feeling. It's exactly the same state as I was in before I was born, I won't feel anything. So I certainly need not be afraid of that!

"And even if I get very anxious and go crazy, that isn't too terrible. If I tell myself,'I must not go crazy! I must not go crazy!' then I'll make myself crazy! But even if I'm crazy, so I'm crazy! I can live with it even if I'm in a mental hospital. I can live and not depress myself about it. Nothing is terrible even when people don't like me, even when I'm acting stupidly, even when I'm very anxious! Nothing is terrible! I can stand it! It's only a pain in the ass!"

Now this is what you're going to think in your everyday life. Whenever you get anxious about anything, you're going to see what you're anxious about, you're going to realize that you are demanding something, saying "It must be so! I must get well! I must not do the wrong thing! I must not be anxious!" And you're going to stop and say, "You know—I don't need that nonsense. If these things happen, they happen. It's not the end of the world! I'd like to be unanxious, I'd like to get along with people, I'd like to have good sex, but if I don't I don't] Tough! It is not the end of everything. I can always be a happy human in spite of failures and hassles. If I don't demand, if I don't insist, if I don't say, 'I must, I must!' Musts are crazy. My desires are all right. But, again, I don't need what I want." Now this is what you're going to keep working at in your everyday life.

You're going to keep using your head, your thinking ability, to focus, to concentrate on ridding yourself of your anxiety just as you're listening and concentrating right now. Your concentration will get better and better. You're going to be more and more in control of your thoughts and your feelings. You will keep realizing that you create your anxiety, you make yourself upset, and you don't have to, you never have to keep doing so. You can always give up your anxiety. You can always change. You can always relax, and relax, and relax, and not take anyone, not take anything too seriously.

This is what you're going to remember and work at when you get out of this relaxed state. This idea is what you're going to take with you all day, everyday: "/control me. I don't have to upset myself about anything. If I do upset myself, too bad. I may feel upset for a while but it won't ruin my life or kill me. And I can be anxious without putting myself down, without saying 'I must not be anxious!' At times I will make myself anxious, but I can give up my anxiety if I don't demand that I be unanxious."

And you're going to get better and better about thinking in this rational way. You'll become more in control of you. Never totally in control, because nobody ever is totally unanxious. But you'll make yourself much less anxious and able to live with it when you are anxious. And if you live with it, it will go away. If you live with it, it will go away. Nothing is terrible, not even anxiety. That's what you're going to realize and to keep thinking about until you really, really believe it.

Now you feel nice and free and warm and fully relaxed. In a few minutes I'm going to tell you to come out of this relaxed, hypnotic state. You will then have a good day. You will feel fine when you come out of this state. You will experience no ill effects of the hypnosis. You will remember everything I just said to you and will keep working at using it. And you will play this tape every day for the next 30 days. You will listen to it every day until you really believe it and follow it. Eventually you will be able to follow its directions and to think your way out of anxiety and out of anxiety about being anxious without your tape.

You will then be able to release yourself from anxiety by yourself. You can always relax and use the antianxiety technique you will learn by listening to the tape. You can always accept yourself with your anxiety and can stop telling yourself, "I must not be anxious! I must not be anxious!" Just tell yourself, "I don't like anxiety, I'll work to give it up. I'll conquer it. I'll control myself, control my own emotional destiny. I can always relax, make myself feel easy and free and nice, just as I feel now, get away from cares for a while and then feel unanxious. But I can more elegantly accept myself first with my anxiety, stop fighting it desperately, and stop telling myself it's awful to be anxious. Then I can go back to the original anxiety and get rid of it by refusing to awfulize about failing and vigorously disputing my irrational beliefs, 'I must do well! I must not be disapproved.'"

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Hypnotherapy Healing

Hypnotherapy Healing

Loosely explained, hypnotherapy is an exercise of therapy which induces a deep relaxation state of body and mind and then uses this state of mind to introduce ideas or images into the consciousness.

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