Suggestions Once In Trance

1. The normal peristaltic motion of your bowel and esophagus move food down into the stomach then into and through the intestine for absorption of nutrients.

2. The unconscious mind controls the direction of peristalsis. The unconscious mind knows the path food is supposed to take.

3. The unconscious mind also knows how important nutrition is to the proper growth and development of your baby.

4. The unconscious mind also knows there are many times when the vomiting center of the brain needs to be stimulated, i.e., in case of food poisoning or intestinal flu, and it does this automatically. But during a normal physiologic state, like pregnancy, it knows that this center should be suppressed, because vomiting and nausea are counterproductive to good nutrition, which the unconscious mind knows is vital to a normal pregnancy outcome.

5. There may be times during the pregnancy when the unconscious mind feels there is a need for nausea, but these times will be short-lived, lasting 30 seconds or less, and will not interfere with your ability to eat, digest, and absorb your meals in a normal, profitable fashion, assuring you and your baby proper nutrition throughout the pregnancy.

6. Your unconscious mind knows that your pregnancy is a normal, physical state and does not and will not have any need for vomiting.

7. Your unconscious mind knows that good nutrition is essential to the normal progress of your pregnancy, and will work to assure you of this.

8. Now, I would like you to picture, very clearly, your favorite food, prepared as you like it. And see yourself with this food in a relaxed atmosphere, where you feel comfortable, safe, and secure. When you can vividly see and smell the food, please signal me.

9. Now, begin to eat your favorite food. I wonder how good it tastes, and how easily it goes down into your relaxed stomach, and does not cause any nausea or urge to vomit.

10. Feel how satisfying it feels to eat and digest your favorite meal, and know that you are giving vital nutrition to your normally developing infant—nutrition which cannot be obtained through IV feeding.

11. Now, at your own rate, finish your meal, and see how there is no sign of nausea or vomiting. Once you have finished your meal, please signal me.

12. Now, I would like you to begin to become more awake and aware, feeling very confident in your ability to eat and digest meals without any significant nausea and no vomiting, knowing that your unconscious mind will not allow you to vomit, because vomiting deprives both you and your baby of needed nutrition.

13. As you return to the awake, aware state, you will look forward to eating and enjoying your meals.

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