As a result of what I am about to tell you now, you will find that any negative aspects of sports performance which might have troubled you in the past will have greatly diminished in importance, and as times goes on, their importance will continue to decrease. With each passing day, you will find yourself adopting a much brighter outlook, in which the positive aspects of playing and the lure of success have taken on a great deal more appeal. And in this more positive frame of mind, you will come to experience wonderful new feelings of strength and energy as you find yourself looking forward eagerly to each new challenge, wanting more than ever to play and to win.

Any psychological barriers or obstacles which might have been keeping you from performing well are being eliminated. You are able to look forward to each new game, secure in the knowledge of your own abilities and of the vast potential within you for further growth. Nothing is holding you back any longer. Every barrier, every obstacle, has been removed. You are completely free to develop all the vast potential within you to its fullest extent.

And as you proceed, the success of winning will be experienced as infinitely richer and more rewarding than it has ever been before; whereas the sting of any occasional setback you may still encounter will be so considerably diminished that you will scarcely notice it. You will be able to accept any occasional reversal calmly and philosophically, as the small price which must be paid to experience the rich joys of playing and of winning. And even an occasional losing streak will no longer be of any undue concern to you. Since playing itself has become so enjoyable, you will be able to derive satisfaction from any game, regardless of the outcome.

All these changes will naturally result in marked improvements in your training, your preparation, and in everything which contributes to your actual performance. You will make sure that you get all the rest that you require, and you will be able to sleep soundly and well. You will be able to do whatever else is necessary as part of your training and preparation.

You will not waste time and energy worrying about your past or future performance; for each time you play, you will feel yourself improving. Each time you play, regardless of whether you win or lose, you will take continuing pride in your strategy and skill, and in your timing and coordination. And each time you play, you will find that you are advancing closer and closer to the goal of becoming the player that you want to be.

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