After the patient is able to demonstrate trance phenomenon (e.g., arm levitation, hypnoanesthesia), the following suggestion is offered:

Today, I don't know how long you will wait to discover the pleasure of non-smoking. Today, I wonder how long you will wait to discover the pleasure in non-smoking.

When you began smoking, you taught your body to suppress its natural reaction to burnt tobacco particles. Now you may begin to forget those unconscious instructions and allow your body to remember what it does best. I don't know if your body will go back to coughing out uninvited guests. ... I don't know how badly burnt tobacco will smell within your nose. ... I don't even know what your unconscious mind will begin associating to tobacco particles as you begin enjoying fresh, clean air.

These suggestions oftentimes are embellished with visualizations of linings of the lungs, bronchial tubes, etc., and with greater detail of the suppression process that was achieved in order for the patient to become a successful smoker. This allows for associating achievement and success to non-smoking with greater ease, as it can now be viewed as a natural state that preceded his conditioning as a smoker.

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