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Now you are going to enter a very special room, a nerve center, a control room in the hypothalamus part of your brain. This is the control room for all your feelings and desires. As you find yourself in this room, notice all the panels of lights, lights of different colors. You may be aware of the sounds of the computers, the temperature of the room, and perhaps even a distinctive smell.

As you observe the banks of colored lights, you can notice the different panels. There may be one panel that regulates your appetite for food. And you can notice another panel that regulates your level of sexual desire and interest [or, arousal, erection]. And on those panels you'll see a dial, or I wonder if it's going to be a lever, or perhaps some other kind of control that can be set from 0-10. Zero is the level of no interest. Everyone has had the experience of not being hungry. Sometimes you're not interested in food, and not interested in sex. Ten is the level of strong desire or appetite. We all know what it's like to really want and desire something. Nod your head when you see the panels and the dial.

Now look closely at the panel regulating sexual desire and interest [arousal, erection], and tell me, what number does it look as though it's set on? Um hmm. Now reach over and take hold of the dial or lever, and move it slightly, gradually. And as you do so, you're experiencing a different feeling. Be aware of that change in sexual desire [arousal]. [Brief pause] You may find it interesting to notice, how and where you begin to experience an increased desire [arousal]. [Pause] And now, as you get ready to turn the dial again, what number is the dial on? [Wait for response] And where would you like to turn it to? [Following response:] Okay, and as you turn the dial from (3) to (4), let me know when your body senses the difference.

[If resistance is encountered and the patient does not report an ideosensory experience, refer to the alternative phrasing for resistance section found later in the script, and then return to the text below.]

Um hmm. And move the knob from_

to_, as you begin to experience the delight, or perhaps the exhilaration, of the desire [arousal] that's increasing. And those hormones are being set free, released, into your bloodstream, pulsing, and flowing all through your body, and especially concentrating in certain places. And you really don't need to know how to do this, because you know that you know how at an unconscious level. And you may be aware of how those hormones are stimulating sensations, very natural urges, and feelings, in such a fascinating way.

Let me know when it's all right to increase the dial one more level. [Pause for response] All right, turn the dial from_to_, as you effortlessly begin to appreciate, and savor the feelings of desire [arousal], circulating through you. And when would you like to increase the dial one more level?


And would you like to increase the dial again, or leave it at this level? [Negotiate and allow the patient to determine the level where the dial is set. Ideomotor signaling may also be used to determine if it is acceptable with the unconscious mind to leave the dial at its current level for the following two weeks to determine how that feels. When an ideomotor commitment is obtained, reinforce the commitment with posthypnotic suggestions. When a commitment is not obtained, the following kinds of suggestions may be given.]

And you can feel relieved, and pleased, and perhaps even a pride in knowing that you'll now be able to regulate the level of your own sexual desire [arousal]. And you may choose to permit this change, so that you can leave it at either a moderate, or even a high level. Or, you may choose to allow your unconscious mind to modify it, depending on the appropriateness of the circumstances. From now on, you can be so satisfied, knowing that you can easily and automatically adjust that dial to regulate your level of desire and interest [arousal]. You may find it particularly surprising to discover, how rapidly you can increase your level of sexual desire [arousal], when you snuggle against your partner. So that when he/she cuddles you, in a pleasant way, you can become aware of interesting sensations that develop, and flow. And as you snuggle, pleasant sensations may spread more than you'd anticipate, as you recognize, perhaps with some surprise, how rapidly you can increase your level of sexual desire [arousal], when you're close to your partner.


[When the patient does not notice feelings and sensations, you may suggest:] Isn't that interesting? That just proves how subtle those changes are. They're almost imperceptible when they first begin. And we really don't need to know what's going on. It's kind of like sometimes when we're watching a television program, or when a movie is really exciting, you become very absorbed and involved in it. And while you're sitting there, wrapped up in the show, you're not noticing your body's response. And yet as the tension builds in the movie, your body also gets very tense and tight, and adrenaline is being released. And then, after while, when the excitement of the show is over, and everything has turned out well, you suddenly become aware of the sense of relief and release, and all those feelings that you weren't even aware of. And these changes also begin subtly at first, as the hormones begin their work, and the nerves become more alert. And it's really not important for you to fully sense these changes, in this environment. [Now return to turning up the dial, saying:] And you may or may not notice the physical and subjective feelings associated with the hormones that are being set free. [Return to the primary text above.]

[Later, the resistant or less talented subject may be given the following types of suggestions:] And I'm not sure just when, or where, you'll begin to detect the difference. Your unconscious mind can bring about that awareness, of change, in a way that meets your needs. It may be that you suddenly and spontaneously become aware, that you feel urges, feelings, an impulse. Or, perhaps there will be a gradual growing sense of progressive changes, of a subtle, unhurried, natural evolution. And I don't know if you'll recognize those changes tomorrow, or Thursday, or next week. But in an interesting way, you'll realize that you are changing, in your own personal way.

[Still another optional suggestion that may be useful with a subject who resists turning up the dial significantly is to add:] And you can wonder, how soon it will be, until your unconscious mind has prepared, so that you'll be able to move that dial to a higher number, whenever you really want to.

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