The Metaphor

We've all had the experience of scraping a knee, or an arm, or an elbow. And after we're injured like that, when it's first beginning to scab over, it's still soft, and kind of bloody, and many people don't like to look at it, and kind of wince when they see it. And that may even make us feel self-conscious. And when it's still raw and painful, we don't want people to touch it, because the wound is still too painful and fresh. But it can be nice when there are people who show care, and who are nurturing and show us the tender loving care we need, without touching the hurt directly.

But then, after a little while, as a natural part of the healing process, it scabs over to protect us, and that part of us can get very hard, as a defense to protect us for a while, while processes within ourselves, natural healing processes are gradually taking place. And that healing takes a little time.

And because of that scab, we're very aware of that hurt for quite some time. But inside, healing is taking place. After most of the healing process has already been automatically occurring inside, the outer protective hardness and scab begin to disappear, breaking off from the outer edges toward the middle, so that the less sensitive parts, that weren't as seriously wounded, are able to disappear first. And often the very core of it takes a little longer to recover and regenerate.

Sometimes, when we're young and don't know better, we're tempted to keep picking at it and bothering it, which only reopens and exposes the wound too soon, so that it takes even longer to mend, and leaves a scar. So you don't want to take off that protective scab right away. You want to allow a certain amount of time that's necessary, for natural healing to occur. And if someone is wise and caring enough to help us, and gently lubricate the scab and keep it oiled to soften it up, then it may heal without even leaving a scar.

But most of us in the process of growing up got some scars, that later, may be little reminders that something happened a long time ago, but which doesn't have to mean much later on. And after a while, we hardly even have to notice it. In fact, I have several scars that remind me that I was hurt once, a long time ago, but I really can't even remember just what that was. And later, in the couple of cases when we can remember what caused a scar, we don't feel anything any longer. We just remember that something happened a long time ago, but it doesn't hurt anymore, in remembering.

And with this pain that you've been through, I think you'll find that your healing process is really very similar to what happens with your body. [This is the bridging association; suggestions very specific to the patient's needs may now be made.]

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