Victory Suggestions

You tell me you want to feel a sense of victory over your smoking habit—a sense of willpower and self-control—a feeling of winning over this vice. You can have this feeling by doing the following: Every time you pick up a pack of cigarettes and then put that pack down again, this feeling of victory will come over you. You will feel good and strong. It's like winning one battle after the other. Each time you repeat this behavior of saying no to a cigarette, either in fantasy or reality, you will be winning one battle after the other until the final victory—the victory over your smoking habit. [I have the client experience this scene in fantasy. The good feeling he derives from putting down the pack is the immediate reinforcement which tends to increase future probabilities of his actually putting down the pack without smoking. This is in line with current behavior modification theory.]

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

For anyone concerned that this is a report designed to teach readers how to convince crowds of people to act like chickens or dance to an unheard song just with a carefully placed keyword - relax. While hypnosis is often paraded in that form with large crowds visiting celebrity hypnosis experts to see what wonders they can perform, the majority of hypnosis used is to aid people seeking a solution to a problem they cannot resolve easily with any other method.

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