Instructions for Your First Hypnosis Session Together

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Do not tell anyone that you are going to work on problems with hypnosis. Other people's views and misconceptions of hypnosis will come into play if others are brought in to the process at this phase. Let yourself have many positive experiences with hypnosis to share with your friends at a later date. Your success is the most important issue here, not the validation of your friends or relatives. Your friends and relatives will never have the same motivation for your success than you and your lover. You are both in this process all by yourselves. Once you have numerous successes, then pass along your magic remedy. You will not only help your friends at that point, but you will reinforce the motivation that resulted in you going through the exercises in the first place. You will keep the experience fresh. Remember that since your mind will be very alert during this exercise, you will be able to react to any emergency that is going on around you.

You may want to tape record your new experience. This way if you are on a business trip or too tired to administer the technique, your lover may listen to the tape.

Practice this skill over and over. Repetition will help condition you faster.

Let us begin!

Begin by designating who is going to become the hypnotist for the evening. Since your goal is to have yourself or your lover sleep all night long as a result of the process, you don't want to go through the process and then wake him/her up so it can be your turn.

For the first two weeks using Plan A, use the same designated hypnotist. This will allow the hypnotist to become conditioned to the process as well as your lover becoming conditioned to going deeper and deeper into this wonderful experience.

When its time to change roles, both of you will be experienced and ready for success.

Make sure as you read to your partner, the kids are asleep, the dogs put away, the phones set on mute or turned down and the television is off. You want to have all of your attention directed at this process and at your lover. Be within arm's reach of turning off the light so you both can make an easy transition to sleeping. Remember to put a tape into your recorder. Get a 90 minute one so you won't be distracted when the tape shuts off.

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