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Have you ever wondered WHY you get sick from different things, sometimes seemingly for no reason? Haven't you ever wished that you could find some way to stop yourself from getting sick and stay healthy all the time? Well, that might be more possible than you thought at first! Your immune system is an odd system, that many scientists are still struggling to understand. However, there have been some amazing breakthroughs! Once you get access to this detailed and helpful book, you will be able to find REAL and Applicable ways to improve your immune system and keep yourself from getting sick all of the time. This book teaches you everything that you never learned about your immune system Start learning what you can Really do to improve your immune system's health and keep your body healthier for longer! It's not hard at all Get started today! Read more...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Pain Stress And The Immune System

According to Melzack (1993), pain is a major stressor in human life and produces the classic physiological responses of all stressors. However, different pain stimuli or situations produce different perceived levels of stress, depending on the extent to which they are interpreted as life-threatening, so that physiological responses show great variability. There is convincing evidence on the damaging effects of pain-stress on the immune response, as described and evaluated by Liebeskind and others at the 1993 Padua Conference. A large body of evidence shows that stress suppresses immune function generally, suggesting that severe, prolonged pain can have serious, health-threatening consequences. Because it occurs more often in older people who are more likely to have severe postoperative and other kinds of pain, pain can no longer be brushed aside as 'well, it's just pain it can't kill you'.

Immune Response

t has long been supposed (and in recent years demonstrated experimentally) hat emotions and psychological state somehow have an effect on human mmune response, but even though detailed mechanisms and the limits of this sffect have not been well understood in modern medical science. A recent article in Science News, Sept. 4,1993, pp. 153, describes 'the first solid vidence that hypnosis can modify the immune system far more than relaxation alone. n this research, the psychologists recruited 33 college students who achieved a hypnotic trance easily and 32 students who had great difficulty doing so. Volunteers viewed a brief video describing the immune system and then were ssigned to one of three groups hypnosis, in which they listened to a hypnotic nduction asking them to imagine their white blood cells attacking germ ells in their body and then performed this exercise through self-hypnosis twice daily for one week relaxation, in which they floated effortlessly in a large tank of warm...

Postoperative Suggestions In The Recovery Room

Your operation has been completed and you are doing very well. You are healing and your immune system is working at full speed to prevent any infection. You are nicely relaxed and comfortable, thinking happy and pleasant thoughts. Your body and mind work together your body reacts to the way you think and feel. You can breathe easily and deeply and with great comfort. You can cough and clear your throat any time you want to. You will be thirsty and hungry, and as you swallow, let that be a signal to your digestive tract to relax and function normally. Your wound will be dry and comfortable. Your body knows how to do all that, and you will be surprised how easy it will be to empty your bladder and move your bowels at the appropriate time. Feel good and happy knowing all is well.

Retrieving Positive Experiences

Stephen Well, yes I didn't expect you to make it so clear. You have practiced and become very good at wondering what's going to happen in the future and being worried about it. In fact, you're an expert. But you have forgotten to take the time to relax yourself, allow your immune system to recharge, clear your mind, and just have a sense of happiness and satisfaction with something.

Take Care of Your Mind for the Sake of Your Health

Most of the experiences we have, our character, our habits, our choices can all be improved or changed with self hypnosis. Your character is partially determined by genetics. There are genes that predispose some people to being a criminal or getting divorced. However, we can take control of these aspects of our life with hypnosis. We can also take charge of our health with self hypnosis even though many of the diseases and disorders people experience are influenced by our genetic makeup. Our genes definitely bring us the gift of life and they bring us many of the challenges that we must overcome as well Self hypnosis has been shown to improve the longevity of some people with breast cancer. Self hypnosis can improve health in people with both chronic and psychosomatic illnesses. That said, be certain it is clear that just because hypnosis can help improve the health of the chronically ill individual, it doesn't follow that psychosomatic or chronic illnesses aren't real. Psychosomatic...

Indications And Contraindications

This is a cognitive behaviorally oriented hypnotic technique wherein the client writes an imaginary letter. The client is instructed, while in a hypnotic state, to imagine writing a letter pertaining to a specific topic. Expressing emotions through writing letters is a powerful technique that has been demonstrated not only to provide cathartic relief, but also to result in enhanced functioning of the immune system on both short- and long-term follow-ups of individuals writing about their feelings about traumas in their lives (Pennebaker & Beall, 1986 Pennebaker, Kiecolt-Glaser, & Glaser, 1988 Pennebaker & O'Heeron, 1984). Carich finds this technique valuable in working through resentments and anger, facilitating forgiveness of oneself or others, reducing guilt, letting go of and bringing a sense of closure over past relationships, fostering acceptance of a situation, and altering beliefs or perceptions about a problem. If it is to be done through self-hypnosis in an uncontrolled...

Stress Enemy Number

This is why this months' cassette tape deals with how to deal with stress. It is well known that chronic stress is the main cause for immune deficiency in our world today. Unfortunately there is a tendency to treat stress with drugs that appear to give temporary relief but which in fact cause more damage psychologically in the long run. It is not an exaggeration to say that around 80 or more cancers owe their origins to one kind of stress, mental strain, or similar cause. Scientists have discovered that mental pressures of this kind cause the body to produce neuropeptides which are chemicals which have a powerful suppressive effect on our immune system. They have found a direct pathway from the brain which proves without doubt that these chemicals can stop immune cells in their tracks. Once this happens bacteria, harmful microbes, and cancer cells are able to enter the body

In order to reduce the total amount of time you spend sleeping you MUST increase the quality of your sleep first

If you simply reduce your sleep without making the proper life style changes we talked about before, chances are you will only reduce your energy levels and your immune system, which could lead you to getting sick or getting into a car accident because of drowsiness This definitely isn't the way to go.

Complex Dissociated Systems

Of course it later became apparent that a major cause of such deaths was the rejection of the new organ by the body's defence or immune system. The procedures of Hypnosis are nothing like as drastic in their consequences, but there are certain similarities. A Hypnotist who establishes a new mental system in a person's mind is doing something analogous to transplanting an organ. For a while it may well continue to function efficiently. But it is generally the case that we have mental processes which act like the immune system in that they reject alien material material which we do not recognise as self . If these are working efficiently there will come a time when the new way of acting or thinking will seem alien or uncomfortable, and a little later the alien systems will probably be simply eliminated. We may see such a process happening rather Just as there are people whose immune system is weak, so there are people whose ability to reject alien ideas is weak. Now surgeons have learnt...

Can Meditation Actually Improve My Health

By bringing your mind and body into harmony and increasing your overall level of peace, relaxation, and well-being, regular meditation facilitates the release of life-enhancing chemicals into the bloodstream and bolsters the immune response. You can also practice specific techniques developed over the centuries by the great meditators of the past (and adapted for contemporary Westerners) that are especially designed to stimulate the healing process. (To find out more about meditation and healing, check out Chapter 16.)

The healing power of imagery

You're not sure what I mean, just recall the last time you had a sexual fantasy or reminisced about a vacation and had all the emotions and sensations of the actual event. In one study cited in Naparstek's book, for example, 84 percent of subjects exposed to poison ivy had no reaction when, under hypnosis, they imagined the plant to be harmless. In other words, their bodies believed the images their minds evoked and didn't break out in a rash Other studies have shown that patients can use positive imagery to measurably increase the numbers of immune response cells in their bloodstream.

Ego Strengthening John Hartland

At times his condition strengthens to the point that an infection is cured due to the strengthening of the patient's immune system. At times just the mere teaching of self-hypnosis for relaxation and calmness and the use of ego-strengthening techniques may be enough so that a patient's symptoms spontaneously disappear.

Appendix C3 About the Author

Along with teaching Self-hypnosis Wayne presents workshops on Hypnotic Past Life Regression and Stress Management. He has personally developed techniques in Pain Management, and has worked with people suffering from life threatening illnesses. Wayne has developed exercises to stimulate the immune system that are located on the Hypnotism Website at http

Joan Murray Jobsis PhD

And injuries, how to generate new cells and new tissue whenever needed. And the body knows equally well how to regulate its own healthy functioning regulating heart rate and breathing, and body temperature and blood pressure, all effortlessly, unconsciously, automatically maintained at moderate healthy levels. And the body knowing how to maintain its own healthy blood chemistry, maintaining the necessary hormonal and chemical components for a healthy functioning mind and body maintaining and regulating the serotonin levels, the potassium, the endorphins, all the necessary hormonal and chemical components that allow for an active, alert mind and body, but without overexcitation, overstimulation. And in similar fashion, the body maintaining an immune system effortlessly, automatically, warding off invading organisms before they have a chance to gain a foothold. Building resistance, maintaining resistance, building antibodies, the white blood cells surrounding the invading viruses or...

Harold B Crasilneck PhD and James A Hall MD

I have a built-in immune system . . . my immune system can block and destroy the cancer cells in my body. I have a powerful built-in psychological immune system . . . and nothing is beyond the power of my unconscious mind. . . . My powerful built-in immune system can . . . and will destroy these cancer cells that have invaded my body. . . . My immune system can and will contain the tumor . . . arresting the growth . . . and finally destroy this invader of my body. I can and will destroy these cancer cells because of the omnipotent power of my immune system and . . . my unconscious mind. I will recover I will get well. I will get well. . . .

Jeffrey Auerbach PhD

In autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, the immune system attacks the body the joints, internal organs or skin. In effect, the immune system is misguided or confused. Hypnotherapeutic work may help stimulate healthy immune system functioning, where only foreign invaders or mutant cells are attacked. A general understanding of how autoimmune diseases operate will be helpful to the patient, and sometimes pictures of what the disease process and the immune system look like will help to facilitate the internal changes that are required for healing or remission. Allow an image of yourself to become very, very small. Begin your healing journey by seeing yourself shrinking smaller and smaller until you're as small as a drop of water, and slip inside yourself through your mouth and down your throat. Then allow yourself to shrink even smaller until you are not much larger than a single cell, but fully protected by a sturdy and transparent bubble around you. Then slip into...

Hypnosis Or Meditation

In the west we have a great deal of experience in how to deal with numerous medical conditions through the use of hypnosis but we are almost totally unaware of its preventative uses in maintaining our health and strengthening our bodies immune system. In order to fully appreciate the true nature and possibilities that hypnosis offers us we must take the wider view, swallow our western pride and sense of superiority, and look to the east for help and advice.

Natural Energy Fields

Much more worrying is the emergence off so called superbugs. These are bugs which seem to be immune to all known antibiotics. Such bugs are particularly dangerous to people with low or damaged immune systems. In the west we are vulnerable because our medicine relies so heavily on antibiotics to fight infections. Doctors have often been criticised for dishing out prescriptions of antibiotics to all and sundry on demand. It is even feared that basic hygienic practises in hospitals are neglected because any infections caused can and are readily treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are known to have a debilitating effect on our bodies natural immune system anyway

General Comments on Neuroimaging

Other measurements of increasing relevance include blood levels of melato-nin, antibodies, cytokines, and of white blood cells involved in the immune response. When practical, simultaneous assays of spinal fluid, cisternal fluid, or ventricular fluid can help distinguish between molecules released from the brain per se and the same molecules found in the bloodstream that can also arise from the pituitary gland, adrenal cortex, or adrenal medulla.

Diane Roberts Stoler EdD

You know that part of becoming healthier and happier is to allow yourself to enjoy only foods that are good for you. In this garden, if you become hungry there are all types of fruit trees growing here and vines, especially raspberries, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, and oranges. The water is pure and cool there are ponds which are spring fed. The water in one of the ponds is only for drinking and it has very special properties that allows your antiviral and immune system to work at it best, to maintain and support your healing process so that you can remain free from illness and the vaginal warts. It is important that you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to help your body remain free from the warts.

Dynamic Rebound and Paired Systems

The whole principle of vaccination rests on this basis. The vaccination does not directly help to kill off an infection. What it does is to activate and therefore strengthen the body's own immune system by fighting it. The vaccination is a mild attack on the body's health. The immune system reacts by growing more effective, and then remains so, often for life. Some readers may have noticed the value of this aspect of the theory, however, in modelling a nervous breakdown. Typically in such cases there are one or more positive feedback loops which are running ever more strongly under difficult circumstances until one of the systems involved runs up against the brick wall of no further resources. Perhaps the body can give no more physical strength, perhaps the limits of production of certain neurotransmitters have been reached, perhaps the immune system can no longer function on the limited resources it has available to it. Whatever the reason, the sudden stop of any one system in a loop...

A question of balance

Essentially, the more drugs we take, the less we rely on nature and ourselves to heal the body. The body should be able to balance itself and create its own defences to fight any problems. The more we rely on outside things, the weaker our immune system will get. For myself, I always say that Qigong is my medicine.

Fractional Relaxation Script

And this relaxation is relaxing each and every part of my body, my entire physical being, it is relaxing the muscles and the tissues, the fibres and the tendons, the sinews, even the bones. Each and every system, muscular, skeletal, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, vascular, urinary, reproductive, digestive, olfactory, visual and immune systems are all benefiting from this experience. Each and every cell, each and every molecule and each and every atom is benefiting from this deep, deep relaxation. Comfortable, calm, so wonderfully peaceful and tranquil.

Melatonin Receptors Have Immunological Roles

When melatonin leaks out of the pineal gland and seeps into our bloodstream, it not only promotes sleep and tends to lower body temperature, it also influences our immune system. Sensitive melatonin-1 receptors cover the outer membranes of various cells, and some melatonin receptors act inside the cell's nucleus. Their messenger RNA correlates are found both in thymus and in spleen. In contrast, the messenger RNA for melatonin-2 receptors is detected only in thymus.6 One of the pivotal thymus (T) cells in this gland is called the T helper cell. These T cells help coordinate a large number of mechanisms in our immune response. They do so by releasing a variety of other signaling molecules called cytokines. Cytokines are glycoprotein hormones. They include the various inter-leukins, interferons, and so on. When melatonin promotes a good night's sleep it also confers immunological benefits.

Delayed Physiological Responses to Meditation

Schumacher, et al. Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation. Psychosomatic Medicine 2003 65 564-470. K. Barrows and B. Jacobs. Mind-body medicine. An introduction and review of the literature. Medical Clinics of North America 2002 86 11-31. Our body responds to an influenza vaccination not only with the activities of B cells (which produce antibodies) but also by involving our T helper cells in their interactions with B cells. Acute and chronic stress situations adversely affect the ways our hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous systems normally mediate these complex immune responses. M. Rosenkranz, D. Jackson, K. Dalton, et al. Affective style and in vivo immune response Neurobehavioral mechanisms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A 2003 110 11148-11152.

How to Meditate with Challenging Emotions

Unfortunately, you pay a steep price indeed if you spend your life resisting and denying your feelings. Unacknowledged negative feelings can impede the flow of more positive feelings like love and joy. As a result, you may end up feeling lonely because you lack close emotional contact with others, and you may be unable to give and receive love when you have an opportunity to do so. In addition, negative feelings that build up inside you tend to cause stress, suppress the immune system, and contribute to stress-related ailments like ulcers, cancer, and heart disease. They also hold valuable life energy that you might otherwise channel in constructive or creative ways. Besides, emotions that are persistently suppressed and denied have an annoying habit of bursting forth inappropriately, when you least expect them, prompting you to do and say things you may later regret.

The Connection Between the Unconscious Mind and the Body

The Unconscious Mind not only manages sensations, movements and body functions, but it also actually sends information that travels to and affects billions of individual cells throughout the body, giving us health or dis-ease according to our Unconscious beliefs. Chopra describes this as your immune system constantly eavesdropping on your internal dialogue. From the point of view of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, your immune system is also eavesdropping on the pictures that you hold in your head the sounds that you remember or pay attention to the feelings that you have and the concepts that your mind considers. Through the conductivity of the neuro-transmitters that surround all cells, your immune system is constantly affected by the activity of your Unconscious Mind.

Cultivatng positive healing states of mind

Some meditations aim to open the heart and develop certain life-affirming qualities like compassion, lovingkindness, equanimity, joy, or forgiveness (see Chapter 10). On a more practical level, you can use meditation to cultivate a proactive, healthy immune system or to develop poise and precision in a particular sport. For example, you can visualize killer T cells attacking your cancer or imagine yourself executing a dive without a single mistake (see Chapter 16). These are the kinds of meditations I've chosen to call cultivation.

Introducing Systems

IN THE LAST CHAPTER the word system frequently arose. In our growing understanding of the functioning of body and brain, scientists have come to recognise the nature and modes of functioning of many systems in the body. There are the nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the limbic system, the endocrine system, the immune system, the muscular system and so on.

Part Five

Scientists working in the relatively new field of Psychoneuroimmunology, this is the study of the mind and how it interacts with our immune systems, have made what are to western medical minds some startling discoveries. The main thrust of their discovery is that the mind can have a significant effect on the effectiveness of our bodies immune defence mechanisms. In one recent set of experiments, which utilised techniques similar to those created by Pavlov, subjects were given a quantity of adrenaline at the same time as they were given a sherbet sweet. Adrenaline has been shown to stimulate the bodies immune system and produce increased quantities of (k.cells) or killer cells which are believed to be effective in fighting some cancers. Before and after each subject is given adrenaline blood samples are taken for analysis. They have discovered nerve fibres in the thymus, the immune system's master gland, as well as in the spleen, the lymph nodes, and bone marrow. These are all...

Attack Strategy

For ruminant animals, these films are clearly indispensable. But for the rest of us, they are a nuisance or, sometimes, a serious threat to health. They can survive most chemical treatments used to control bacteria in medicine and industry, treatments that would quickly eradicate free-floating cells. They can also evade the molecules and cells that the immune system unleashes. Biofilm infections thus tend to be quite persistent.


Physiology many life-forms have a special inactive state in which survival is enhanced. The tetanus organism in its spore state can survive drying, boiling for 5 minutes, and exposure to antibiotics in its vegetative state, it is susceptible to many antibiotics and even oxygen. The amoebic cyst has been revived after drying for 40 years and is not harmed by ordinary chlorination of drinking water or application of any known medications in its active trophozooite form, it is destroyed by numerous amoebecidal drugs. Plants and trees become dormant in wintertime and can be pruned, grafted, or transplanted safely they are unlikely to survive the same treatment during the active growing period of springtime. The African lung fish (Protopterus) can survive for several years out of water in a state of suspended animation called estivation or summer torpidity. The ground squirrel hibernates to survive winter freezing and food shortages, decreasing heart rate from 300 to l0 per minute and...

Qigong or Chi Kung

Qigong practise counters the many shocks and attacks our immune systems are exposed to on a daily basis. It switches the body's autonomous nervous system over to parasympathetic mode. In other words it calms the system down and revitalises the vital organs, glands, and brain. It has a very strong effect upon the circulation of the blood. This in turn greatly increases the body's ability to deliver many vital immune substances to all the tissues and cells and increases the rate that the body can take away the various waste products that accumulate there.

More To Explore

Listed in rough order of tractability by hypnosis, these include a subgroup of asthmas some dermatological disorders, including warts irritable bowel syndrome hemophilia and nausea associated with chemotherapy. The mechanism by which hypnosis alleviates these disorders is unknown, and claims that hypnosis increases immune function in any clinically important way are at this time unsubstantiated.


Hypnotic interventions have been particularly successful in managing both acute and chronic pain, reducing the need for medication and improving the quality of life in many ways. Hypnotherapy for burn patients can influence the immune response to the degree that there is no need for antibiotics, and a life-saving reduction in the need for fluid to retain blood pressure. From the psychological

What Is Sensitivity

Sensitivity has both physical and mental forms. Physical sensitivity depends on the body's sensory apparatus or immune system. A surgeon, for instance, has sensitive fingers and a person with allergies is sensitive to dust. Here, we shall deal exclusively with the form of sensitivity that is a quality of the mind and heart. Such sensitivity may be to the environment, business, politics, wildlife, other persons, or ourselves. Here, we shall explore the last two forms.

Good Qi sick Qi

Cancer today is becoming more and more common. There is so much radiation in the environment, from satellites, mobile phones and computers. Our food is no longer natural, with so much of it genetically modified or with the nutritional value reduced through intensive farming. We are exposed to pollution every day. Even the chemicals from our household cleaning agents threaten our health if we do not do something to get rid of the toxins. Fasting and detoxifying can help, but they do not make your Qi stronger, and this is most important. When our Qi is strong, we can fight illness better. Qigong helps to make the immune system stronger.

Is Ageing Inevitable

Human beings are capable of altering our physical state, as we have seen in the last release, by the kind of things we think of or situations we react to. Out mental attitude effects our bodies on the smallest level imaginable. Every cell in our body is affected by our thoughts. When we get seriously depressed the effectiveness of our immune system is impaired. When we feel great joy and happiness our immune system is greatly boosted. It is because of this fact, that the mind has such a strong influence on our body that the rate at which we age can be speeded up or slowed down.

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