Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw

Uis is not easy. One feels not up to commenting about this Sayadaw. So this will be just an attempt to make him a little known to you if you have not yet heard of him.

^e Sayadaw's monks Pali name is Ashin Kosalla and he was born or the 15th of September 1913. It is the custom in Burma that well established sayadaws are given the name of the area they live in and teach.

Most people know him as the most senior monk in the Mahasi Sayadaw's Sangha who forty years ago left the Mahasi Sangha and started teaching in a modest and frugal monastery, the way he believed it really did justice to the practice. However he says that this is not his way of teaching, but the Buddha's own.

After Mahasi Sayadaw died in 1982, Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw was offered the most prestigious position of being the incumbent teacher of the Mahasi Yeiktha. He declined the offer because it would not allow him 'enough time for practising' he said!

And practice is another thing the Sayadaw is famous for. He has been practising every day of his life and he still is practising all day every day at the age of 88!

^e Sayadaw is very well known and respected in Myanmar (Burma), as well as outside Myanmar for being very advanced in his practice, but there is also something very different about him that you cannot miss. He is nothing like any other well-known 'big time' sayadaws and he is not interested in being one. ^e absence of 'ego' on that monk is so obvious that it can be seen even in photographs!

Something else you cannot miss is that this 88 years old Dhamma teacher is always aware and sharp.

Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw does not teach any longer.

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