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Get the Ultimate Magick Power

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Magick Is The Ground Of Life



The revelation of the lifeforce or spark of Chaos which resides beneath the shell of the personality or ego is at the key to living in sync with Universe and co-creating reality to your specifications and will (hereafter referred to as the magickal life). The poet and writer Sherwood Anderson figuratively described the creative human's condition as a pregnant woman inside a suit of armour. When we recognize our eggshells and notice the weight of our armour, we can choose to crawl from or re-form our shells, we can choose to remove our breastplates and go naked (a Zen-like state of No-Thingness) for a while before re-structuring our entire suit we can choose to give birth to new aspects of ourselves. In the beginning the shell might be cracked only during times of extreme emotion or during ritualistic practices, when our consciousness is purposely altered the King's horses and men are really quite competent, the shell resilient, and the armour tenacious. However, with perseverance and...

C Potencies becoming Powers

When these matters are duly studied and all acquired knowledge put into practice, the inherent powers of the soul will become conscious powers. Above all, will the emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magician is he who utilizes all power and knowledge in the service of the race. His inner development must be expressed in terms of service before he is permitted to pass on into the advanced school.

Right Understanding

What is the essence of meditation practice Here is a story. After the Buddha was enlightened he was walking down the road in a very happy state. He was supposed to have been quite a handsome prince before going off to be a monk. So here's this handsome prince now recently enlightened, wearing golden robes and obviously quite happy, and very special from all accounts. And he met some people and they said, You seem very special. What are you, are some kind of an angel or a deva He seemed inhuman in some way. No. Well, are you some kind of a god then No. Well, then are you some kind of a wizard or magician No, he replied. Well, are you a man No, he said. Then what are you And he answered, I am awake.

Supplement D Exercises

It is necessary for the unevolved occultist to master his or her body before being able to master his or her mind, in the same way that children may play with tops or hoops. But for those who have progressed beyond such elementary things Yogic exercises are a waste of time. My strong recommendation is that if you are more than eighteen or twenty years of age you should not indulge in any strenuous exercises or contortions unless you are thoroughly accustomed to these things, because it is painfully easy (and painful to suffer ) to strain muscles, displace bones, and generally upset your health. So if you are wise leave these exercises unless you have some really genuine Eastern-trained occultist who can help you and supervise you, and keep you from harm.

The Holy

THE Holy Oil is the Aspiration of the Magician it is that which consecrates him to the performance of the Great Work and such is its efficacy that it also consecrates all the furniture of the Temple and the instruments thereof. It is also the grace or chrism for this aspiration is not ambition it is a quality bestowed from above. For this reason the Magician will anoint first the top of his head before proceeding to consecrate the lower centres in their turn. This oil is of a pure golden colour and when placed upon the skin it should burn and thrill through the body with an intensity as of fire. It is the pure light translated into terms of desire. It is not the Will of the Magician, the desire of the lower to reach the higher but it is that spark of the higher in the Magician which wishes to unite the lower with itself. Unless therefore the Magician be first anointed with this oil, all his work will be wasted and evil. This oil is compounded of four substances. The basis of all is...

The Circle

Though the Magician has been limited in his choice of room, he is more or less able to choose what part of the room he will work in. He will consider convenience and possibility. His circle should not be too small and cramp his movements it should not be so large that he has long distances to traverse. Once the circle is made and consecrated, the Magician must not leave it, or even lean outside, lest he be destroyed by the hostile forces that are without. The size of the whole figure is determined by the size of one square of the Tau. And the size of this square is that of the base of the Altar, which is placed upon Maukuth. It will follow then that, in spite of the apparent freedom of the Magician to do anything he likes, he is really determined absolutely for as the Altar must have a base proportionate to its height, and as that height must be convenient for the Magician, the size of the whole will depend upon his own stature. It is easy to draw a moral lesson from these...

Chapter Twenty Three Philosophical and Religious foundations

By a magician using certain magical spells and so forth. us illusory appearances come about dependent on certain causes and conditions. Similarly, all phenomena exist dependent on certain causes and conditions. It is because of this dependence, this emptiness, that transformation is possible.

Enumeration of the Centers

In the first solar system the three lower centers were developed and with them the occultist has naught to do. They form the basis of the development of the lower quaternary before individualization, but are now transcended and the divine fire must be focalized in other and higher centers.

Projecting Nerve Force

The old occultist fully realized the mighty power of the will of man and their teachings convey some very valuable information on this subject. One of their teachings was that by the use of his will man is able not only to project thought-waves from his mentality, but that he is also able to consciously project his physical magnetism, or vital energy, in the same way. The discoveries of the most advanced students of the subject, in our times, verify the old teachings of the occultists in this respect. The system I am herein teaching is therefore based not only on the advanced discoveries of modern science, but also upon the world-old teachings of the ancient occultists. Truth knows no special age or time -it is the property of the ages.

The Mental Atmosphere

The occultists inform us that the personal atmosphere is composed of certain colors, depending upon the particular quality of mental states that happen to be predominant in the combination - each mental state being said to have its own color. I shall not take up this phase of the subject, but merely mention it because of its general interest in this connection. The occultists also inform us that, when the combination of the two elements of magnetism combine, the mental magnetism takes on a deeper and more pronounced color and hue, and appears also to solidify and become denser and that the physical magnetism seems to be rendered doubly active, its increased energy being evidenced by tiny sparks and dancing glittering atoms. It seems to be like the combination of two different chemicals, each tending to increase the potency and activity of the other, and the two combining in the production of particularly potent and active new thing.

Chevreul and the Ideomotor Movement Theories of Hypnosis in the 1800s

The thought-reading games of Victorian England, which are even today a part of the stock and trade of magicians and psychics, also fit our category of ideomotor signaling. The psychics claim that they can read minds. One might ask all those present in a room to decide on an object to be concentrated upon. He then enters the room and selects one of those present to act as his guide. The psychic gently grasps the guide's wrist and lets himself be led about the room. By being sensitive to the involuntary ideomotor movement of the guide's wrist, hand, and arm, the psychic soon is able to establish the area of the object of his search. By weaving back and forth with the guide's involuntary micromovements (unrecognizable to the guide or any others present) as his detector, the psychic is soon able to make an accurate guess about the object. He claims to have read the thoughts of the group actually, he read the ideomotor movements of his guide.

The Tree Of Life Symbols

The Tree of Life is one of many useful models for gaining insight and intuitive awareness of how Tantra works. It was from my work with the Tree of Life and Sexual Magick that this system was evolved and so I have a special place in my heart Chakra for this model. However, if you find this model difficult or cumbersome, feel free to use the Eastern model for meditation and association. Better yet, use both. Occult Eugenics concerns the creation of the Magickal Child. Creating Magickal Children is rarely practiced, normally being left to Fate or Chance. If we truly wish to change the world as well as ourselves then we must deliberately create the Magickal Child instead of waiting. The implication here is that Man has the power to create Messiahs.

Tonpa Shenrab and Olmo Lungring

During his career in Olmo Lung-ring, Tonpa Shenrab is said to have visited Tibet only once and then briefly. He went there in pursuit of his seven horses that had been stolen by the magician and demon prince Dudje Khyabpa Lag-ring (bDud-rje khyab-pa lag-ring). The demon hid them in Kongpo in southeastern Tibet. Tonpa Shenrab came there and fought ferocious magical battles with the demon prince, whereby, it is said, they literally hurled mountains at each other. Shenrab set down a crystal mountain of light on the north bank of the Tsangpo river, which then settled matters. Since then this holy mountain of Kongpo Bonri has been a place of pilgrimage for Bonpos and remains so even today.

The Instant Handshake Induction

The Handshake Induction is one of the instantly recognisable images of hypnosis that we have become accustomed to seeing. It seems to be a favourite with magicians and Hollywood producers alike, the notion of someone having almost supernatural powers to control other human beings is too much to resist.

The Sword

As the Wand is Chokmah, the Will, the Father, and the Cup the Understanding, the Mother, Binah so the Magick Sword is the Reason, the Son, the six Sephiroth of the Ruach, and we shall see that the Pantacle corresponds to Malkuth, the Daughter. The Magick Sword is the analytical faculty directed against any demon it attacks his complexity. Only the simple can withstand the sword. As we are below the Abyss, this weapon is then entirely destructive it divides Satan against Satan. It is only in the lower forms of Magick, the purely human forms, that the Sword has become so important a weapon. A dagger should be sufficient. The rational mind supports life, but about seventy-nine per cent. of it not only refuses itself to enter into combination, but prevents the remaining twenty-one per cent. from doing so. Enthusiasms are checked the intellect is the great enemy of devotion. One of the tasks of the Magician is to manage somehow to separate the Oxygen and Nitrogen in his mind, to stifle...

The Pantacle

AS the Magick Cup is the heavenly food of the Magus, so is the Magick Pantacle his earthly food. The name Pantacle implies an image of the All, omne in parvo but this is by a magical transformation of the Pantacle. Just as we made the Sword symbolical of everything by the force of our Magick, so do we work upon the Pantacle. That which is merely a piece of common bread shall be the body of God All phenomena are sacraments. Every fact, and even every falsehood, must enter into the Pantacle it is the great storehouse from which the Magician draws. This then is a very great difficulty for the Magician. He cannot possibly have all experience, and though he may console himself philosophically with the reflection that the Universe is conterminous with such experience as he has, he will find it grow at such a pace during the early years of his life that he may almost be tempted to believe in the possibility of experiences beyond his own, and from a practical standpoint he will seem to be...

Translation from The Hagiographies of the Masters of the Lineage

Shardza Rinpoche continues, saying that during the lifetimes of Tonggyung Thuchen, Pa Jitrom Karpo, Nangzher Lodpo, Dranpa Namkha, and Lishu Tagring, although the teachings of Bon had spread widely, still there were many people whose behavior was immoral and perverse. Many monks had broken their vows and had allowed the moral disciple to deteriorate. Priests and magicians practicing Tantric rites became arrogant and proud of their magical powers. Many shrines and pilgrimage sites were neglected or even destroyed. Therefore, the king considered carefully what the Buddhist monk Bodhisattva had proposed to him and also the portents that appeared in the dream of the king of Mon. Therefore he decided that the time had come to suppress Yungdrung Bon and import spiritual teachers from India.

What Is Stage Hypnosis

To most onlookers it is a demonstration of how minds can be controlled and forced to produce unusual reactions in poor, weak-willed and unfortunate volunteers, by one possessed of amazing insight and wonderful knowledge, (much to their amusement of course). The amazing and wonderful bit I agree with totally, but then I would wouldn't I Then again those same people probably believe that a sword actually passes through the arm of the magician and that the politicians' promises will be kept. Bless them they are your best audience. The problem stems from the fact that the general public is kept continually and firmly in the dark about the whole thing. Mostly by the hypnotists themselves, who seem to have an intense fear that if the truth is known then they will no longer have a profession. Utter rubbish Take for instance the case of thousands of magicians whose basic 'secrets' are common knowledge for anyone interested enough to buy a child's book on conjuring.

The Book

THE Book of Spells or of Conjurations is the Record of every thought, word, and deed of the Magician for everything that he has willed is willed to a purpose. It is the same as if he had taken an oath to perform some achievement. This Book must then be thus written. In the first place the Magician must perform the practice laid down in Liber CMXIII so that he understands perfectly who he is, and to what his development must necessarily tend. So much for the first page of the Book. Let him then be careful to write nothing therein that is inharmonious or untrue. Nor can he avoid this writing, for this is a Magick Book. If you abandon even for an hour the one purpose of your life, you will find a number of meaningless scratches and scrawls on the white vellum and these cannot be erased. In such a case, when you come to conjure a demon by the power of the Book, he will mock you he will point to all this foolish writing, more like his own than yours. In vain will you continue with the...

Hypnosis Mind Control

Mind Control is the term coined by the British magician Derren Brown, and describes a form of magic that includes the apparent control, manipulation, and prediction of human behaviour. This is supposedly achieved using only a blend of psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), & subliminal commands, though it does in fact also rely to some degree upon hypnosis and a substantial dose (c.80 +) of traditional magical trickery. Invisible Compromise This is another magic technique that can be adapted to suit pseudo hypnotic or mind control performances. This is quite similar to dual reality, except that the volunteer actually knowingly helps to perform the trick - he isn't a stooge in that he isn't pre coached on how to react, he is skilfully used by the magician to actively participate, controlled by clever verbal commands that mean one thing to the audience, and something completely different to the volunteer.

Reveen Look into my eyes

Even as a little boy in Australia, Reveen was always interested in theatrics. At age six-which is a very common age for people to get interested in conjuring or being a magician-I saw a lady magician performing. She produced a beautiful big rabbit out of this flaming dish and I thought that was great, he tells me. Then she gave us all a little drink out of a bottle and said it was raspberry cordial. Then she broke the bottle and pulled a guinea pig out of it and said it was guinea pig wine. Reveen was hooked. He began to learn everything he could about magic, haunting the little magic shops, picking up tricks, performing them for whoever he could convince to watch him. By the time he was 12, he was a semiprofessional magician who made a tidy little profit playing parties and socials in his neighbourhood.

The Altar

THE Altar represents the solid basis of the work, the fixed Will of the Magician and the law under which he works. Within this altar everything is kept, since everything is subject to law. Except the lamp. The Altar is a double cube, which is a rough way of symbolizing the Great Work for the doubling of the cube, like the squaring of the circle, was one of the great problems of antiquity. The surface of this Altar is composed of ten squares. The top is Kether, and the bottom Malkuth. The height of the Altar is equal to the height above the ground of the navel of the Magician. The Altar is connected with the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, the nave ( navis, a ship) of the Church, and many other symbols of antiquity, whose symbolism has been well worked out in an anonymous book called The Cannon, (Elkin Mathews), which should be studied carefully before constructing the Altar. For this Altar must embody the Magician's knowledge of the laws of Nature, which are the laws through which he...

The Physical Phase

All occultists, ancient and modern, have recognized the existence of a mighty subtle force of nature - one of nature's finer forces - which is most potent it its effects and activities, but which, nevertheless, defied all power of analysis or definition. The reason that science has never been able to classify nerve-force is because, like electricity, it is in a class by itself, and is different from any other form of force - so different that it cannot be classified with other forces. Science, in some cases, has endeavored to treat it as a secretion of the nervous matter, but that is a folly akin to that of the materialistic philosopher who tried to define mind as a secretion of the brain, just as the bile is a secretion of the liver, the gall a secretion of the gall-bladder, etc. Such The occultists, on the contrary, while not attempting to define nerve-force (recognizing it to be in a class of its own) nevertheless have discovered the source of its origin, and have given us valuable...

Creating is remembering

The constant effort and long years of learning required to attain a goal are not apparent after the fact. Looking back, everything seems so easy, as if it had been predestined, as if a magician had waved a wand and made our dreams come true. In fact, it is the power of the mind that has served as the primary tool for all great sages and leaders throughout the history of mankind.

What Makes A Good Stage Hypnotist

Finally you must be able to think rapidly and about four or five things at once. This is no easy feat. To clarify take a quick look at some other forms of entertainment A comic has to remember his gags and time them precisely a singer has to remember the words of their songs and to wave their hands about in the appropriate manner a magician has to remember where he put the ruddy rabbit. They all have to be aware of their audience and the latter's reaction to whatever it is they are doing. The remembering is easy. Once the song, joke or trick has been packed away in the memory the only thing to think about is his or her presentation. However your job is dealing with members of the public, on stage, hypnotised. True you will have remembered your patter and suggestions, but unlike any of your other fellow performers, the majority of your show cannot be rehearsed. Nor for that matter is it entirely predictable unless you know what you are doing. You not only have to think about delivery...

Hhjmpty Dumpty Does Not Want To Be Put Back Together Again

The most WE can do is refine and enhance MAGICK through conscious participation. This will require a re-immersion into the dark abyss within ourselves. Magickisfundamantallybeyond WHAT is Transcended Thus MAGICK is not the same as an Instinct. While magick is primal it is not instinct in the same way that something is an instinct for an animal or a human. Magick is the amoral origin, the sense and feeling of the Power for all aspects of Life itself. Without Magick we lose the experience of life and living. This is the stage of civilization which we are NOW IN. This is ANOTHER crucial turning point for the species man.

Turning Problems Over to the Unconscious Now I would leave

It would spoil the magicians art if you knew All magicians keep their own special secrets, Erickson gives several examples of how he and others have enjoyed not knowing how magicians performed their mysterious feats. E It would spoil the magician's art if you knew how he did that trick. If you want to enjoy swimming, do not analyze it. If you want to make love, don't try to analyze it.

Hie Lmt el thrwfrJulum

(Even the consciousness itself is a duality one may awaken positively, in the light, in the superior regions of the consciousness, or one may awaken negatively, in the darkness, in the inferior regions of the consciousness. The one who awakens positively is called an Angel, and Archangel, a Seraph, etc. The one who awakens negatively is called a Demon, a devil, a black magician, etc. So there are two ways to awaken but only one leads to freedom from suffering.)

Psychiatry Scoffs At Its Parent

Magick is frequently understood as primary process. Often it is associated with infantile attitudes and behavior and sometimes with Insanity. The truth of this statement is simple. Most people involved with magick know nothing about it. From the point of view of order and predictability, the goal of civilization is DEATH. Magick is Chaos and knows no human goals. MAGICK IS CHAOS TO THE CIVILIZED MIND Even this is understandable from the point of view of Magick itself, (since it is a manifestation of the Will to Power simply for its own 'pleasure'), but this does not mean that you must play a part.

The Energy Cloud That Will Enable My Vertical Development

Your were given your next chance 1700 years ago, when you wanted to initiate a sort of a seminary or a school in Jerusalem. This school was based on Christ's teaching, and the aim was to enable a certain number of people who were willing to help others in all the other aspects of their lives, and they wanted to spread love among them. The school that you led has been recognized by history but it was not very popular. It lasted only for a couple of years. Due to its strong humane character, the school was not seen as a threat to the authorities and religions, but it ceased to exist, because the level of the development of people at that time. They were not susceptible to such an approach. Your luminous body was very developed during that period, but it followed the lives of top magicians from the third to the fifth century, and their experiments led to considerable damages on your luminous body. Being so damaged, it existed in misery from the fifth to the eleventh century, and it...

The Training For Meditation Preliminary Remarks

The whole question has been threshed out and organized 53 by wise men of old they have made a Science of Life complete and perfect and they have given to it the name of MAGICK It is the chief secret of the Ancients, and if the keys have never been actually lost, they have certainly been little used.

Physical Magnetism

The occultists inform us that in the personal atmosphere of the individual - his aura, they call it - there is to be found not only the vibrations of his mental states and character, but also the vibrations of his physical magnetism, or nerve-force as I have called it in this book. They state that to those who have developed psychic or clairvoyant power, these nerve-force vibrations may be seen extending from the body some two or three feet in either direction, the whole aura having an egg-shape, hence its name. It is said to have a faint violet color -something like a pale electric flame -and to quiver and vibrate in a manner similar to the motions of heated air arising from a stove, or the ground on a hot summer day, so familiar to every observer. They also claim that when a strong person is using his will, this nerve-force, carrying with it his mental magnetism, may be seen shooting in great sheets or flashes from him to the other person or persons. I do not claim to posses this...

How Shall I Invoke Thee Many And Joyful Are The Ways

Invoking Eris in your daily life will take some of the tedium out of mundane tasks and greatly speed up your passage into a magickal multiple FUN reality. A good way to start is to break habits and replace them with new ones, then break the new habits As you give your former static reality various Erisian jolts, continuously question your beliefs about the world, your ideas of yourself, your goals and desires. Be brutally honest and beg your friends to do the same. Find out where you are and why you can search your soul more effectively than any therapist. What is important is that you recognize the foundations, scaffolds, and walls of your normal reality and demolish them and build anew. To maintain residence in magickal reality keep turning the channel again and again and again. If you re not moving forward, you're moving backwards Evolve As we become expert brain-change technicians and enter the realm of magick, synchronicities become common occurrences and wishes come true so...

Effects Of The Visitations To The Places Of Power In Mexico

You missed to see a separate energy field in Cholula that was situated exactly above the main field. It looked like a decoration on a hat. This separate field is of great importance, created as a result of long term pleas of a line of magicians who lived there during centuries. This field has extraordinary powers. Due to its activity one can lift light objects, such as feathers or pieces of paper, a couple of centimeters from a smooth surface. In order to do this, you have to make a contact, while meditating, with this field, make a plea for this to be done, and then you can open your eyes. Due to the contact with the small cloud over the temple of the Supreme Magician in Palenque, which you realized at once, your aura will be cleansed in a way you never could yourself.

The Withholding of Information

Information as to the invoking of devas in meditation cannot yet be safely given to individuals, though a beginning is being made with groups such as in the rituals of the Masons and of the Church. Formulas that put the lesser devas under the control of man will not yet be imparted. Human beings are not yet to be trusted with that power, for the majority are but animated by selfish desire and would misuse it for their own ends. It is deemed by the wise Teachers of the race, - as I think I have before said - that the dangers of too little knowledge are much less than the dangers of too much, and that the race can be more seriously hindered by the misapplication of powers gained by incipient occultists than it can by a lack of knowledge that engenders not karmic results. The powers gained in meditation, the 90 capacities achieved by the adjustment of the bodies through meditation, the faculties developed in each vehicle by definite formulas in meditation, the manipulation of matter that...

What hypnosis is not

Let me explain what I mean by that. An analogy I'd like to draw is imagine a magician doing his show. Now, in this show he causes a woman to levitate up off the ground, and fly around the audience, before coming right back to the front stage. The question is this Did the woman fly

Word about Words

In the Bible, God created heaven and earth and everything in it by speaking. Adam was allowed to name all the animals, thus giving him power over them. Jesus is called the Word of God. Magicians and sorcerers have always known the power of words as incantations and magic formulas.

Lesson Nineteen

We have from time to time mentioned the Akashic Record. Now let us discuss this most fascinating subject, for the Akashic Record is something which concerns every person and every creature who has ever lived. With the Akashic Record we can travel back along history, we can see all that has happened, not merely upon this world but upon other worlds also, for the scientist is now coming to realize what occultists have always known, that other worlds are occupied by other persons not necessarily human but sentient beings nonetheless.

Magic Shows

I had a magician put on a show for my children. He made the children stay as far away as possible. He gave me leave to be close. He showed me a rabbit in a pasteboard box in another room and I watchcd him carefully. There were only his two hands to watch. That was not difficult. And when he left that room I knew he had not taken the rabbit with him. Later on in the show he produced a hat and he took the rabbit out. Now, I had carefully watched to be sure that his hands did not open that pasteboard box to take out the rabbit. The show went on for about a half an hour when the rabbit suddenly appeared in his hat. I found out later he had distracted my attention for just a moment and had taken the rabbit out of the pasteboard box and had slipped it into a pocket in his gown. I never saw the rabbit wriggling around in the gown. He took the hat out for me to see and there was a rabbit in it.

History Palenque

To the right of the pyramid, on an elevation, there was a small temple with the mosaic on the roof. I was told that it was the Temple of the Supreme Magician . During the centuries, some ten generations of supreme magicians of Palenque lived there. They were not the supreme heads of church. They were spiritually most developed priests of this place of power. Thanks to their centuries long activities, a grayish energy field was created above the temple. This field is shaped like a flattened cloud. The field had been multi-purposeful healing, When I summoned this energy to heal me, a red flame of energy emerged and surrounded my aura and body, and I felt a strong flow of this energy throughout my entire body. After me, Nebojsa and Miroslav succeeded in moving this energy and leading it to a particular person. I used its beneficial effect a number of times, especially during the Road to Enlightenment seminar, when all of the rooms with the participants were filled with flame-red energy...

The Lamen

THE breastplate of Lamen of the Magician is a very elaborate and important symbol. In the Jewish system we read that the High Priest was to wear a plate In this Lamen the Magician must place the secret keys of his power. The Pentacle is merely the material to be worked upon, gathered together and harmonized but not yet in operation, the parts of the engine arranged for use, or even put together, but not yet set in motion. In the Lamen these forces are already at work even accomplishment is prefigured.

Ghost Roger

I have walked into many homes and a small child has said right away, What's wrong with your leg Because they notice that. A child's mind is a rather open thing. Adults tend to restrict themselves. Every magician will tell you, Don't let children too near or they will see through the trick. Adults have closed minds. They think they are watching everything. They aren't watching. They have got a routine way of looking.


When I tube-fed Herbert, he said, Are you as crazy as the other doctors Are you going to play that same lousy trick on me that all the others do, pretending to give me a tube-feeding I know you're bringing me a tube-feeding I can see it. But you're all magicians and in some way you make it disappear, as if you were Houdini And 1 never get fed anything You just put the tube down through my nose, and you say you tube-feed me, but actually you haven't, 'cause 1 ain't got no stomach.

Alexander Cannon

This is a great secret of the White Lodge which as Master-the-Fifth, I am now permitted to make known to all, but to ensure that it gets into the right hands, have placed the powers of patent in the hands of The Colour Centre of Blackpool, under the direction of Mr. Roland Hunt and others. The power of this lamp can only be appreciated by those who use it and see it used. It is used in the Magick of the Lodge's three golden rules These are the twelve so-called Laws of Magick which in the East is not associated with conjurors and jugglers, but with real science as many have borne witness thereto. This Great White Lodge of the Himalayas is the remnant of the Great University of Atlantis which was sunk by the selfish powers of mankind about the year 254,666 B.C. This Great Seat of Learning knows secrets which are ours for the searching, for the of study, for the ability to learn the power of persistent concentration (practically unknown in the West). It is in this ancient University that...

The Wand

Hence to will anything but the supreme thing, is to wander still further from it -- any will but that to give up the self to the Beloved is Black Magick -yet this surrender is so simple an act that to our complex minds it is the most difficult of all acts and hence training is necessary. Further, the Self surrendered must not be less than the All-Self one must not come before the altar of the Most High with an impure or an imperfect offering. As it is written in Liber LXV, To await Thee is the end, not the beginning. It is therefore necessary to develop the will to its highest point, even though the last task but one is the total surrender of this will. Partial surrender of an imperfect will is of no account in Magick. So far it has been spoken, as it were, in the negative. Aaron's rod has become a serpent, and swallowed the serpents of the other Magicians it is now necessary to turn it once more into a rod. , adding to 463. Now 400 is Tau, the path leading from Malkuth to Yesod....

The Bell

THE Magical Bell is best attached to the chain. In some systems of Magick a number of bells have been worn, sewn upon the hem of the robe with the idea of symbolizing that every movement of the Magician should make music. But the Bell of which we shall speak is a more important implement. This Bell summons and alarms and it is also the Bell which sounds at the elevation of the Host. It is thus also the Astral Bell of the Magician. The sound of this Bell is indescribably commanding, solemn, and majestic. Without even the minutest jar, its single notes tinkle fainter and fainter into silence. At the sound of this Bell the Universe ceases for an indivisible moment of time, and attends to the Will of the Magician. Let him not interrupt the sound of this Bell. Let this be that which is written, Liber VII, v, 31 There is a solemnity of the silence. There is no more voice at all. As the Magical Book was the record of the past, so is the Magick Bell the prophecy of the future. The manifested...

Western Tantra

This book presents one of the most powerful methods of releasing Kundalini through the Practice of Tantra. It uses the Tarot, The Symbols of the Tree of Life, Bio-energetic technique, and Chakra meditation to help aspirants obtain the pure essence of both Magick (Power) and Mysticism (Love). Note Magick and Mysticism, or Power and Love, is again a false dichotomy created by the Christian ethos. Christian philosophy assumes that power (ACTIVITY) is evil, while Love (PASSIVITY) is good. This slavish philosophy of turning man into a sheep is similarly identified by its emphasis on pleading as a form of worship, as compared to the practice of Magick which is dynamic and active. The Goddess religions do not recognize such childish cutting off of power from love. Instead the Goddess religions recognize that each concept is deeply tied to its apparent opposite.

Cittamatra Approach

There is a story about a man who went to a magician's home and was offered a cup of tea and he took a sip of it. What he did not know was that the magician had put a spell in the tea, so no sooner had he put his cup down than he was under the sway of a magical illusion. He took to his horse and rode to the end of the world where there was a great ocean so he could go no further. He met a beautiful woman whom he married and by whom he had three children. He lived with her happily for three years until, falling upon bad times, he was driven to despair and threw himself into the ocean. At that point the effect of the spell wore off and he found himself back at the magician's house with his tea still in front of him. So little time had passed, that the tea had not stopped swirling in the cup after he had put it down.

What is Hypnosis

Modern magicians like Derren Brown who seemingly use the power of suggestion to very rapidly manipulate and control strangers, have also created an unquenchable thirst for knowledge from the public. The evolution of modern magic has brought it from the stage and onto the street, and it has encouraged a great deal of enthusiasm for hypnosis, NLP, and other forms of mind control .


Understanding clairvoyant perceptions is extremely subtle and requires very rigorous education, understanding, patience, sincerity. Generally speaking, it is better to not speak about what you see. It is also better to not react to what you see. You may see things that are positive or negative. Probably the majority of spiritual teachers out there now are people who have developed some degree of clairvoyance, but they misinterpret what they see. Then they begin to call themselves masters and they begin to teach. Many of them say of themselves, I am the incarnated master of so and so or I am receiving the knowledge of so and so. And the majority of the time they are being deceived. Mediums, people who channel the dead, are channeling egos, dead personalities, demons, black magicians. A medium is being used. All they do is open themselves up to someone else who can use them and they do not know who they are being

The Temple

THE Temple represents the external Universe. The Magician must take it as he finds it, so that it is of no particular shape yet we find written, Liber VII, vi, 2 We made us a Temple of stones in the shape of the Universe, even as thou didst wear openly and I concealed. This shape is the Vesica Piscis but it is only the greatest of the Magicians who can thus fashion the Temple. There may, however, be some choice of rooms this refers to the power of the Magician to reincarnate in a suitable body. 55

The Lamp

IN Liber A. vel Armorum, the official instruction of the A.'.A.'. for the preparation of the elemental weapons, it is said that each symbolic representation of the Universe is to be approved by the Superior of the Magician. To this rule the Lamp is an exception it is said It is not possible for anyone to advise or approve for this Lamp is not made with hands it exists alone for ever it has no parts, no person it is before I am. Few can behold it, yet it is always there. For it there is no here nor there, no then nor now all parts of speech are abolished, save the noun and this noun is not found either in 106 human speech or in Divine. It is the Lost Word, the dying music of whose sevenfold echo is I A O and A U M. Without this Light the Magician could not work at all yet few indeed are the Magicians that have know of it, and far fewer They that have beheld its brilliance

The Robe

THE Robe of the Magician may be varied according to his grade and the nature of his working. The Robe is that which conceals, and which protects the Magician from the elements it is the silence and secrecy with which he works, the hiding of himself in the occult life of Magick and Meditation. This is the going away into the wilderness which we find in the lives of all men of the highest types of greatness. And it is also the withdrawing of one's self from life as such. In another sense it is the Aura of the Magician, that invisible egg or sheath which surrounds him. This Aura must be shining, elastic, impenetrable, even by the light, that is, by any partial light that comes from one side. The only light of the Magician is from the Lamp which hangs above his head, as he stands in the centre of the Circle, and the Robe, being open at the neck, opposes no obstacles to the passage of this light. And being open, and very wide open, at the bottom, it permits that light to pass and illumine...


Many people who are intensely interested in occult matters are intensely antipathetic to sex, and for a special reason you have been told before that the greatest occultists are not normal, that is, they have something wrong with them physically. A person may have a grave disease, such as T.B., or cancer, or anything of that nature. A person may have some nerve complaint whatever it is, it is an illness and that illness increases metaphysical perceptions. He frowned slightly as he continued, Many people find that the sexual impulse is a great drive. Some people for one reason or another use methods of sublimating that sexual drive, and they may turn to things spiritual. Once a man or a woman has turned away from a thing they become a deadly enemy to that thing. There is no greater reformer nor greater campaigner against the evils of drink than the reformed drunkard In the same way, a man or a woman who has renounced sex (possibly because they could not satisfy nor be satisfied ) will...

Purifying u r Karma

The life of the great Tibetan saint Milarepa illustrates how understanding the law of karma can bring about tremendous spiritual ardency. Milarepa s father died when he was still quite young, and an unscrupulous uncle took over guardianship of his family. This uncle and his wife mistreated the family and cheated them out of their inheritance. When Milarepa grew up, he went off to the mountains to study black magic, with the intention of avenging his family. He became an accomplished magician, and subsequently used his arts to make a building collapse on his uncle and aunt. They and many others died.

Lesson Twentyfour

Sanskrit is a language which is known to advanced occultists throughout the world, so that if one refers to Kharma one gets a particular picture of what we could term the law of cause and effect. You see, kharma is nothing at all mysterious, nothing at all frightening. In this Course we want to put metaphysics upon what we consider to be a rational basis, we do not want to use abstract terms because to our way of thinking nothing in metaphysics is so difficult as to warrant the use of terms which often actually conceal one's meaning.

The Crown

THE Crown of the Magician represents the Attainment of his Work. It is a band of pure gold, on the front of which stand three pentagrams, and on the back a hexagram. The central pentagram contains a diamond or a great opal the other three symbols contain the Tau. Around this Crown is twined the golden Ureaus serpent, with erect head and expanded hood. Under the Crown is a crimson cap of maintenance, which falls to the shoulders. Instead of this, the Ateph Crown of Thoth is sometimes worn for Thoth is the God of Truth, of Wisdom, and the Teacher of Magick. The Ateph Crown has two ram's horns, showing energy, dominion, the force that breaks down obstacles, the sign of the spring. Between these horns is the disk of the sun from this springs a Lotus upheld by the twin plumes of truth, and three other sun-disks are upheld, one by the cup of the lotus, the others beneath the curving feathers. The crimson cap implies concealment, and is also symbolical of the flood of glory that pours upon...

Magic and illusion

- Firstly, the human mind is very fallible. All kinds of slight-of-hand movements are performed out in the open, right there for everyone to see. The magician is nervous, fearing someone will detect the ruse. But no, everyone's attention is distracted by a diversionary word or a gesture. Although spectators do see what is going on, their mind chooses not to analyze what it perceives. - Secondly, I observed how simple tricks could become transformed into almost legendary feats, simply by being recounted to others. There was nothing more satisfying than doing an easy trick, and then listening to people tell their friends about it. It's amazing how much information was added or left out in these accounts - in most cases the trick, as it was described later, was so different from the original it would have been impossible to perform, even for the most skilled magician - The third thing I noticed is that people love to believe in mystery and deception, even when finding a logical solution...

The Prerequisites

If in India, even with great masters, one so seldom has a chance to witness the miracles that these siddhas have the powers to perform, it is simply because a siddha who does not want to get the reputation of a black magician will keep his powers carefully concealed and refuse to use them for worldly purposes. If he does misuse a siddhi, the misused siddhi strikes back at him and causes him some kind of unpleasantness, usually of a physical nature.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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