Programme for Instant Hypnosis

From this moment forward whenever I intend to enter instant hypnosis there are three parts to the trigger. The first part is to have the desire, the intention to enter self-hypnosis instantly. The second part is to be in a safe place. The third part is to say to myself aloud or silently "Instant Hypnosis Now."

The instant I enter into hypnosis I am completely protected from random thought, random sound and random image becoming suggestion, and on entering hypnosis my body retains the position that I am in, i.e., if standing, I remain standing, if sitting, I remain sitting.

Once in the hypnotic state I am in full control and can use it for whatever purpose I please.

On finishing with the hypnotic state I count to five as usual to exit from hypnosis.

You can of course create your own version or create your own trigger words to ensure it is congruent with you. Just do whatever you would prefer.

Power Of Hypnosis

Power Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is something most people see as being some kind of new age mumbo jumbo, but it's actually been scientifically to be effective in many people. Learn more within this guide.

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