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There are three accessing cues that only I can use to activate my self-hypnosis programme. The three cues are;

Firstly, I have the intention to enter self-hypnosis.

Secondly, that I am in a safe place so that I can relax as I am now.

Thirdly, using my usual speaking voice, or in my mind, I count from one toward ten, entering hypnosis only between 6 and 10.

The instant I enter hypnosis, I am deeper than I am now, each time deeper than the time before. The very instant I enter hypnosis, I am in full control, and being in full control means that I respond hypnotically only to my intended instructions and programmes. Being in full control means that I am protected from random thought having any hypnotic influence. Full control means that I am protected from random image having any hypnotic influence. Full control means that I am protected from random sound having any hypnotic influence.

Only my intended instructions are given any hypnotic authority.

While in hypnosis I can give myself any suggestions in any way that pleases me. I can think them, whisper them, speak them aloud, record them or use any other way that pleases me.

When I have finished with hypnosis and am ready to exit, all that I need to do is count to 5. I can count aloud or count in my mind, either way, on five each time, on five, I am out of hypnosis, fully out of hypnosis.

This programme is my control of my hypnosis. Only I can activate it, and every time I use this programme and enter hypnosis, I automatically strengthen it and it works better and better.

I now ask my unconscious to take this programme and lock it away in the very deepest area of my mind, safe and secure. My hypnosis is now of a better and better quality each and every time I enter it.

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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