This is your programme for selfhypnosis

Ok, by now, you should have practiced and practiced more and more of these techniques and should be getting more and more familiar with going into self-hypnosis. You should be using many different ways and deepening the state in your own ways and really personalising your experience of hypnosis. Once you are sure that you are ready to take things on to the next stage, take yourself into a hypnotic state using any induction method you can, then take control of the state (step "B"), deepen to the right level for you (step "C"), deliver the programme that follows (step "D") which is your programme for self-hypnosis, using any of the techniques shown earlier in the book, then thank your unconscious mind and exit hypnosis (step "E"). Having done that, do it again, then do it again and repeat the delivery of this programme until you are sure that you have firmly embedded it in your unconscious mind and are ready to move forward.

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