Alternate Nostril Breathing


Now we will learn a more advanced form of breathing that will deepen your meditation and revitalize you in profound and measurable ways. Here you will also learn more about the science of nasal physiology ... it is really fascinating. Really!

An Introduction to Alternate Nostril Breathing

Modern science has now verified that breathing through a particular nostril for several minutes will strongly affect the brain and nervous system. Alternating the breath flow between the two nostrils has maximal psychological and physiological benefits. The body itself has a natural rhythm of switching the breath flow from one nostril to another every 90 to 120 minutes. While this is accomplished by the unilateral swelling of the nasal turbinates, it is an easy phenomena to observe.

As you are reading this eBook, note the time right now. Then use your fingers to shut off your right nostril. Notice how easy or difficult it is to breathe through your left nostril. Observe this for 5 - 10 breaths, then switch nostrils. Use your fingers to close off your left nostril and breathe for 5 - 10 breaths through your right nostril. One nostril will be more open and thus, much easier to breathe through -- and that nostril is your active nostril. Write down which nostril is most active beside the clock time you just recorded.

In the next 60 - 90 minutes, your active nostril is going to switch to the other nostril. In an hour or so, use your fingers to repeat the same test. You will discover that you are now breathing through the other nostril.

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The exercise you are about to learn will let you gain tremendous benefits by breathing through one nostril smoothly and slowly, and then switching to the other nostril. Alternating your breath flow between your two nostrils will benefit your sleep, your blood pressure, your learning ability and deepen your state of relaxation.

There are three different styles of alternate nostril breathing. The essence of the practice is to use one nostril for 3 breaths, then the 2nd nostril for the next 3 breaths, and then to breathe through both nostrils for 3 breaths. These nine breaths comprise one set of alternate nostril breathing. You then continue until you complete 3 - 9 sets of alternate nostril breathing.

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