Them in a way that NO surgeon NO drugs can begin to match The techniques of hypnotherapy are powerful precise and capable of being developed far further than they have to date once their true nature is understood

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Here are some more sample scripts which focus on activating one particular subsystem of the brain with a view to using it as a means of relaxing everything else.

"I would like you to think about a piece of music that you have have found very peaceful and relaxing."

"Perhaps The Magic Flute?" (If the answer is anything like "I can't" or "I don't have much time for music" then it is probably not worth bothering with this exercise. As I keep on emphasising, people's minds are very different. Some are well-stocked with music and some are nearly empty. You work with what is there, and do NOT suppose that everyone is identical.)

"Fine. Now just spend a few minutes starting to call that music to mind. I do not want my voice to interfere with it, and so perhaps you could very gently move a finger in time with the music when you can hear it. Just tell me when you are starting to hear it."

"It is starting now."

"Fine. Just listen." Pause. "Just listen." Pause and repeat this phrase softly every ten seconds or so, but always keeping time with the music so as not to jar - you can tell the time from the finger movement, of course. After a few minutes you can interrupt and say,

"Very good. How clear was the music? And how do you feel? Has the music helped you to relax?"

"It was a bit faint to start with but got clearer. Yes, I DO feel more relaxed."

On the other hand you might find in a particular person that one or other or both of the music and relaxation was weak.

Here is another script, working on the sense of humour.

"I would like you, with closed eyes, to start to remember amusing things. For example, do you have a favourite comedian? "

"Yes. Charlie Chaplain."

"You must have seen one of his old silent movies. I wonder if you can remember one or two scenes from his best films?"

In cases where this works you then simply wait until one or two scenes are recalled, usually with smiles or laughter. You need only give a little verbal encouragement. Then after a few minutes you can ask about relaxation.

'There is nothing like laughter to relieve tensions, is there? How relaxed do you feel now?"

For an example of how humour can be used more extensively in therapy see the article. Mr Bean -Therapist

You might try the two approaches above on a few people to gain some experience of how they work, and should find the usual Standard Finding. If you have the time and inclination you might then work out for yourself how you might try out other approaches outlined above: scents, sensations of rocking in a swing? or boat?, touch - of fur? water? hand? and so on.

At this stage you may be thinking that this is all far too complicated. Why is there not some one simple way of doing hypnosis? There are two ways of answering this. The first is to say that you CAN use one simple approach on everyone to relax them. Some hypnotists and hypnotherapists do just that. They have their fixed scripts and they fit people to their scripts. At times this works beautifully. But at other times it fails totally.

The second way of replying is that when you are faced with a particular person, you will not be using everything that you have learned, only a part, which simplifies things. Some quite simple questions will serve to give you a very good idea what approaches are likely to be most effective and you can then improvise a script based on what you have heard.

For example suppose someone loves boats and music, hates animals and has no sense of smell or humour then you can at once eliminate any references to scents or smells from your relaxation script but might go a long way with activating a sense of the rocking of a boat and some favourite music. Likewise if someone is mad about cats, but has no visual imagination or interest in much else then you would naturally start a script on the lines of thinking simply of sitting with a cat or two on the lap and feeling them purring and going to sleep. This will tend to produce the desired response in the subject.

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