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This online course from professional hypnotist Dr. Steve Jones gives you a way to help your patients access their past lives. This service has become more and more in-demand as a form of therapy as the years go by. This skill has a constantly-growing demand that must be met Get your certification with this online course and be on the cutting-edge of amazing therapeutic techniques! You will learn how to bring powerful, life-changing emotions out of your patients and help them to be the well-adjusted people they are meant to be without all of the problems that usually plague people whose emotions are out of whack. You will learn all of the effective strategies that help people uncover their past emotions and gain the life that they really, truly want. Get your certification to help people today! You won't regret getting this excellent, professional course. More here...

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How will you handle a past life regression if it happens spontaneously

It does not matter where you stand on the controversial topic of Past Life Regression. If you do enough age regressions, sooner or later you are going to have a client experience what the client will call a past life. Some clients, albeit only a very small percentage (i.e., 1 to 3 percent in our experience at our center), will spontaneously regress into what they will experience as a past life. If you decide to utilize Past Life Therapy, there are several books on the topic and tapes on the topic (see our appendix for book, tape and training suggestions). It will not be covered in any detail here. However, if you do use Past Life Therapy as a hypnotic tool, I encourage you not to use it as your only tool. There are some hypnotherapists who for their own reasons decide to become Past Life Therapists. This makes me concerned. I wonder how this therapist knows that the client's problem came from a past life From time to time I will get a client in my office that wants to take care of a...

Sotapanna In Past Life

During the time of the Buddha there were ascetics who had raised such sceptical doubts about life as From where has this being come What is his destiny etc. Even among those who could recollect their previous lives there were some who constructed misleading speculative theories. Some who had gained recollective knowledge and could see a limited number of their past lives went on to fabricate various speculative views concerning the past that lay beyond their ken. Thus there were theories of a soul and of a creator God, as well as views denying causality and conditionality. Owing to this diversity of views, sceptical doubt arises like the wavering in the mind of one who has reached a crossroad. The speculative views serve only to perpetuate that doubt. To gain freedom from all doubts concerning the nature and pattern of existence, it is necessary to understand the law of cause and effect, clearly revealed to the world by the Buddha. This understanding is called the Knowledge of...

Luminous Body And Reincarnation

Regarding the philosophy of reincarnation, what I realized regarding the luminous body speaks of two very important differences. According to the philosophy of reincarnation, the soul of the deceased person returns to a new human embryo after 49 days at the latest. According to what I found out, the soul goes to cosmos after a person's death, where it lives for a long time and never returns to the Earth. At the same time, the perfect copy of our soul (or our consciousness) can be found in the luminous body of that person. The luminous body takes over a new human embryo within 49 days.


Through reincarnation or rebirth all human beings reap the good or evil consequences of their actions. The duality of their deeds of body, their speech and thought in previous lives, determines the circumstances of their rebirth. Eerd 231 Note As a matter of historical fact, the theory of reincarnation was

Prepare an outline to follow

Later on, outlines become tools that you can fall back on for less frequently used procedures and techniques, such as Desensitization Therapy or Past Life Regression Therapy. Let me just make a quick note about Past Life Regression Therapy here. It does not matter whether you believe in past lives. If you see enough clients, sooner or later one of your clients will experience what they believe to be a past life while in hypnosis. It is only a matter of time, no pun intended. So figure out how you will handle it and either have a script or an outline ready so that you handle it well.

The Goal of the Buddhas Teaching

From the intrinsic nature of Buddhism, we proceed to the goal of the Buddha's teachings. This goal is to break through delusion and achieve enlightenment. The Buddha pointed out to us why we are leading lives of suffering and why the six realms of reincarnation exist. It is so, because the wisdom and virtuous abilities in our original nature have yet to be uncovered. Thus, all our viewpoints and ways of interacting with life and the universe are incorrect. The erroneous acts committed due to these incorrect viewpoints and ways have resulted in the suffering of reincarnation within the six realms.

Preparing For The Age Regression Session

There is much less preparation to be done this session, but it is still important to consider some things and plan ahead. Speaking of planning ahead, that is just what this chapter is about. Have you ever thought about Past Life Regression Therapy If you haven't, it is time to. Not that I am suggesting that you become a Past Life Regression Therapist, but you need to consider what you will do if a client spontaneously has that experience without you suggesting it.

How You Discern the Future

Once the power of this insight-knowledge has been developed by discerning the causes and effects through those past lives, you can, in the same way, discern the causes and effects in future lives. The future you will see, and which may still change, is the result of both past and present causes, one of which is the meditation you are doing. To discern the future, you begin by discerning the present materiality-mentality, and then look into the future until the time of death in this life. Then either the kamma, kamma sign, or rebirth sign will appear, because of the force of a particular kamma you performed in this life. You will then be able to discern the rebirth-linking mentality-materiality to be produced in the future life. The first method of discerning dependent-origination (paticcasamuppada) goes over three lives, and in forward order. It begins with the causes in the past life, that is, ignorance and volitional formations. They cause the results in the present life the...

Itipi so bhagava araham sammasambuddho vijjacaranasampanno sugato lokavidu anuttaro purisadammasarathi sattha

If you were in a past life fortunate enough to meet the Buddha, his image may re-appear. If so you should concentrate on the qualities of the Buddha, and not just his image. If the image of the real Buddha does not arise, then simply see the visualized image as the real Buddha, and recollect his qualities. You can choose the definition of araham you like most, take the meaning as object, and recollect it again and again as, 'araham, araham'.

Biographical Sketch of Longchen Rabjam

Longchen Rabjam was a reincarnation of Princess Pemasal (ninth century a.d.), whom Guru Rinpoche had entrusted with the transmission of the Khadro Nyingt'hig teachings. The princess took rebirth several centuries later as Pema Ledrel Tsal (1291- ), who discovered the Khadro Nyingt'hig as a terma (hidden treasure teaching) and who in'turn was reborn as Longchen Rabjam. Soon the yogin Ozer Kocha and the dharma protectress Shenpa Sogdrupma offered him the text of the Khadro Nyingt'hig, discovered as a terma by Pema Ledrel Tsal. Although Longchen Rabjam was the reincarnation of the discoverer of the Khadro Nyingt'hig, in order to demonstrate the importance of preserving the transmission for future followers, he went to Sho Gyalse, a disciple of Pema Ledrel Tsal, from whom he received the transmission of the Khadro Nyingt'hig.

Notes to the Appendix

The personal name Tenzin Namdak means in Tibetan the completely pure (rnam-dag) holder of the teachings (bstan 'dzin). In general, the title Lopon (slob-dpon, Skt. acharya) designates the head teacher or professor in a monastic institution. A Lopon is principally in charge of educating the new monks both in terms of the Dharma and the Vinaya, whereas the Abbot or Khenpo (mkhan-po, Skt. upadhyaya) is, in general, the chief religious administrator of the monastery and the senior monk who administers the monastic vows to the novices and other monks. The honorific title Yong-dzin (yongs 'dzin) usually designates the tutor and philosophy instructor superintending the education of high incarnate Lamas. Rinpoche (rin-po-che) does not necessarily mean a Tulku (sprul-sku) or recognized reincarnate Lama it is the honorific term meaning the most precious one extended to religious personages worthy of great respect for their extensive learning and or accomplishments in meditation practice. The...

Offerings to the Sangha Sanghika Dana

Black And White Moon Pics Coor

If the giver wants superior benefits, there should be these four factors. In this case, although the receiver is an immoral person, the offering is purified by the giver. The commentary mentions the case of Vessantara. Our bodhisatta in a past life as Vessantara, offered his son and daughter (the future Rahula and Uppalavanna) to Jujaka Brahmana, who was immoral, of evil character. That offering was the final generosity parami for Vessantara. After fulfilling this last parami, he was ready to attain enlightenment he had only to wait for the time to mature. Because of this generosity parami, and other previous paramis, he was certain to attain Omniscient Knowledge (sabbannuta-nana). So we can say that this offering was a support for his attaining enlightenment. It was purified by Vessantara. At that time Vessantara was virtuous, of good character. What he offered was also rightly obtained. He had a clear and taintless mind because he had only one desire to...

Karmic Causes and Consciousness

Karmic causes are discussed very much in the texts of both Buddhism and Bon. But how do we accumulate them Virtuous actions such as generosity, not harming others, and so on, create positive karmic causes and in the future they bring about happy results. But it is not enough just to talk about doing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds. In our present life here and now, we are experiencing the fruits of what we have done in past lives. These past causes are not changed or modified by our actions in this present life because they have already been accumulated and their consequences will inevitably come in the same way as the shadow defiled mental consciousness. It is she who thinks All this treasure is mine I love it So this is how we collect karmic causes, and these are retained in the Kunzhi. But karmic causes are not something material, so there is always surplus room in the Kunzhi storehouse for more. There is no limit here, for we have been accumulating karmic causes over an infinity...

Appendix C3 About the Author

Along with teaching Self-hypnosis Wayne presents workshops on Hypnotic Past Life Regression and Stress Management. He has personally developed techniques in Pain Management, and has worked with people suffering from life threatening illnesses. Wayne has developed exercises to stimulate the immune system that are located on the Hypnotism Website at http

Meditation Samadhi and Samyama


The Phenomenon of Rebirth

Rebirth may be defined as the re-embodiment of an immaterial part of a person after a short or a long interval after death, in a new body, whence it proceeds to lead a new life in the body more or less unconscious of its past existences, but containing within itself the essence of the results of its past lives, which experience goes to make up its new character or personality. Thus, infancy brings to earth not a blank scroll for the beginning of a new earthly record, but one inscribed with ancestral histories, some like the present scene, most of them unlike it, and stretching back into the remote past.

The Fifth Labour of Hercules

We may travel back to, see and fix one life problem in one of our past lives, but what about the other thousands of life-times, each with their own traumas, deaths and problems. He needed to ask her father's permission. When he did, her father was pleased to marry his daughter to the son of Zeus but first he must perform 12 tasks. The 1 2 labours of Hercules. The fifth task was to clean out the Kings stables - The Augean stables. Hercules said, No Problem, but when he saw the stables, he realised what a mountainous task he had taken on. There were thousands of horses and they had been creating manure for hundreds of years. Just like we, ourselves, create and absorb pain and Karma over thousands of lifetimes. At first, he tried to dig the manure, examining every turd. Just like the psychologists and past life therapists of today. But after one month he had got nowhere. He had only cleared a small hole in a mountain of shit.

Nine Kinds of Rupa Kalapa Produced by Kamma

These kamma-produced rupa kalapas arise in the present because of kamma performed in the past life. Kamma-produced rupa kalapas present in the past life were caused by kamma performed in the life previous to that. Kamma-produced rupa kala-pas that arise in the next life are caused by either kamma done in this present life or that performed in a previous life. To know which kamma they are the result of, whether giving (dana), virtuous conduct (sila), or meditation (bhavana), you will need to discern materiality and mentality of the past and future. Only then will you understand and experience this for yourself. This will come later in the Knowledge of Discerning Cause and Condition (paccaya-pariggaha-ndna). At the present stage you just have to accept provisionally that these rupa kalapas are produced by kamma.

The Knowledge of Arising and Passing Away Udayabbaya Nana

To see the causal is, for example, to see it according to the fifth method of dependent origination, as described in my previous talk. It is to see the five causes in your past life, as for example ignorance, which produced the arising of the five aggregates in this life. It is also to see the cessation of those causes in the future, when you attain arahantship, and to see the final ces

Harold B Crasilneck PhD and James A Hall MD

I will eat as much as I can, enjoying my food. I will sleep as often as I wish, going to sleep easily and awakening calm and refreshed. I will be free of fear, calm and unafraid, with little anxiety or tension. I can review as I wish the pleasant experiences of my past life, my family's affection, the warmth of my friendships . . . and past problems will fall into place, no longer of any great concern. . . . My body will respond maximally to any medical treatment that will prolong my life or increase my comfort. I am calm and at ease . . . knowing that the immense power of my unconscious mind can help me both mentally and physically.

The Heart Chakra Anahata

This negative energy causes us to accept or reject all manner of people. It does not allow us to have a fresh relationship with a person, without any holdover of revenge from the past or from past lives. Many people have difficulties with some of the relationships mentioned. These are the strong relationships. The hot fires which test our emotional IQ. Gurdjieff said that it is every human beings duty to love their parents, and this can only be achieved by dissolving the trauma filled negative karmic mass between us and all of our relationships in all the chakras

Talk given on Vesakha

In one of his past lives, the bodhisatta, who was to become Sakyamuni Buddha, was a wrestler. Once he threw down an opponent and broke the opponent's back. When mature, that unwholesome kamma (akusala-kamma) produced its result, which was ten months before the Buddha's Parinibbana. The effect of that kamma was so powerful that it would last until death. That type of affliction is called 'feeling ending with death' (maranantika-vedana). It ceases only when death occurs.

Twelve Divisions Of The Mahayana Canon See also Tripitaka

(1) the Buddha's exposition of the Dharma in prose (sutra), (2) verses which repeat the ideas already expressed in prose (geya), (3) verses containing ideas not expressed in prose (gatha), (4) narratives of the past which explain a person's present state (nidana), (5) narratives of past lives of the Buddha's disciples (itivrittaka), (6) narratives of past lives of the Buddha (jataka), (7) accounts of miracles performed by

The Three Rounds of Dependent Origination

Editor The psychic power, Recollection of Past Lives (Pubbe-nivasanussati Abhinna) enables you to see 1) Supramundane states (lokuttaradhamma), the four path consciousnesses and the four fruition consciousnesses 2) The five aggregates of clinging (pancupadanakkhandha) 3) Clan, appearance, food, pleasure and pain etc. 4) Concepts such as names and race. The Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw is not speaking here of that psychic power. He is speaking of insight (Vipassana) power, which enables you to see only the five aggregates of clinging. (ref. Khandhavagga Atthakatha, 79)

The Kongokyo Or Diamond Sutra[2

At that time Subhuti, listening to this sutra, had a deep understanding of its signification, and, filled with tears of gratitude, said this to the Buddha Wonderful, indeed, World-honoured One, that the Buddha teaches us this sutra full of deep sense. Such a sutra has never been heard by me even with an eye of wisdom acquired in my past lives. World-honoured One, if there be a man who listening to this sutra acquires a pure believing heart he will then have a true idea of things. This one is to be known as having achieved a most wonderful virtue. World-honoured One, what is known as a true idea is no-idea, and for this reason it is called a true idea. Subhuti, as I remember, in my past lives innumerable asamkhyeya kalpas ago I was with Dipankara Buddha, and at that time I saw Buddhas as many as eighty-four hundred. thousands of myriads of nayutas and made offerings to them and respectfully served them all, and not one of them was passed by me.


It also includes seeing the causes in the past life such as ignorance that produced the arising of five khandhas in this life and seeing the cessation of ignorance etc., in the future with the attainment of Arahatship and after that complete nibbana which will cause the cessation of the five khandhas.

Example Of Discerning Dependent Origination

In this present life that woman is an educated woman in a large town in Myanmar. She was able to directly discern with right view how the kammic force of offering of fruit in her past life has produced resultant five aggregates in this present life. When the meditator discerns the immediate past life in this way and is able to see the five causes in the past life of ignorance, craving, clinging, kamma formations, and kamma and is also able to see the five results in the present of rebirth consciousness, mentality and matter, six sense bases (ayatana), contact, and feeling, then he needs to discern in the same way back further progressively to a second, third, and fourth past life. He does this for as many lives as he can discern in the past. Then after that he discerns in the same way into the future. To do this he starts by discerning the present matter and mentality and then discern into the future until the time of death in this life. At that time he is able to see either the kamma...

Law of Dependent Origination

This is how life arises, exists and continues, and how suffering arises. These factors may be understood as sequentially spanning a period of three lifetimes the past life, the present life, and the future life. In the Dependent Origination, ignorance and mental formation belong to the past life, and represent the conditions that are responsible for the occurrence of this life. The following factors, namely, consciousness, mental and physical phenomena, the six senses, contact, sensation, desire, clinging and becoming, are factors involved in the present life. The last two factors, birth and decay and death, belong to the future life.

How Does Rebirth Take Place

Volition, thirst to live, does not end with the non-functioning of the body but continues to manifest itself in another form, producing re-existence. This is called rebirth or re-becoming. Buddhists do not call it reincarnation because no permanent entity or soul moves from one life to the next. Today, there are people in various countries who have spontaneously developed the memory of their past births. The experiences of these people have been well-documented in newspapers and periodicals. Some of these people never accepted that there was such a thing as rebirth until memory fragments of their previous lives came to them. Much of the information they revealed about their past lives has been investigated and found to be valid. Through hypnotism, some people have managed to reveal information of previous lives. Certain hypnotic states that penetrate into the subconscious mind make the recalling of past lives possible.

Fortune Telling and Charms

Of course certain diseases are purely physical and can be cured by a competent doctor. And finally, some inexplicable disorders could be caused by what Buddhists call the ripening of the karmic fruit. This means we have to pay for some evil deed that we had committed in a past life. If we can understand this in the case of some incurable diseases, we can bear it with greater patience, knowing its real cause. This is not fatalism we must still make all reasonable efforts to find a cure. But we do not expend unnecessary energy feeling sorry for ourselves. This is what we would call a realistic attitude.

The Union of Compassion and Wisdom

Consider how we human beings gregariously live together, and how the necessities to support our individual lives are provided through the efforts of other people in all areas of society, such as scholars, farmers, workers and merchants. Our lives and properties are protected by our governments and their laws. The feeling of sympathy for someone will of course arise when we properly understand that we are mutually dependent, and complementary to each other. Furthermore, in view of the continuum of endless rebirths, in past lives we have had an infinite number of parents and relatives who have now been reborn and who surround us in our present lives. Therefore, we should requite the debt of love we owe our parents in this life as well as the debt we owe our parents from former lives. According to the Sutra,

The Three Birth Theory

In accordance with Three Birth Theory, there is no God seen to be dispensing rewards and punishments. In this view life is seen to be the natural result of ones own deeds. This affirms the real purpose of life. If our thought and conduct in past lives tended towards benefitting oneself and others, that is if our lives were lived positively, then we will be able to enjoy the good fruits of those lives as fortune and happiness in this life. On the other hand, if one does not live this life in a wholesome manner, then, once dead, miseries and darkness will easily befall one.

Nirvana by Observing Worldly Phenomena

The Indian concept of the supreme spirit implies someone who rules. The spirit is the ruler who is independent of is self-dependent and all causes. In other words, the spirit is the one who is free from all primary and secondary causes (for physical and mental aspects). The spirit is the one who has the soul of his own body and mind. This is the ego or supreme spirit that the theologists cling to. From their view point, the only way to avoid physical and mental decay is to be self-determined and self-sovereign. In this way, the supreme being can stay permanent in the cycle of reincarnation, and return to the absolute reality by liberating himself from life and death.

How Does the Cycle of Life and Death Come About

What is this cycle of birth and death How does this cycle of life and death come about What determines our improvement or deterioration According to Buddhism, it is determined by our karma. Karma is the energy or influence that is left behind by our actions. Due to our past karma, we are born as human beings in this life. Similarly, the good and evil karma of this life and past lives will also affect our future lives. Many Buddhists think of 'karma' as 'evil karma' only. This is not true. The energy that is left behind by our actions or thoughts, be it good or evil, is referred to as 'karma'. Our future is determined by our karma. Thus, the Buddha Dharma says, We reap what we sow .

Act according to the Ten Meritorious Deeds

(10) To be free from wrong views is to have right understanding. This means understanding and accepting the Law of Cause and Effect, the existence of past lives and future lives, the cycle of life and death, the state attainable by the saints and Arahats, and that Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are able to release themselves from the cycle of life and death. Do not let wrong thoughts, such as thoughts that claim death as the end of human existence arise.

How to Develop the Bodhi Mind

Although a practitioner may have repented his past transgressions and vowed to cultivate, his habitual delusions and obstructions are not easy to eliminate, nor is the accumulation of merits and virtues through cultivation of the six paramitas and ten thousand conducts necessarily easy to achieve. Moreover, the path of perfect Enlightenment and Buddhahood is long and arduous, full of hardship and obstructions over the course of untold eons. It is not the work of one or two life spans. For example, the Elder Sariputra one of the main disciples of Buddha Sakyamuni had reached the sixth abode of Bodhisattvahood in one of his previous incarnations and had developed the Bodhi Mind practicing the Paramita of Charity. However, when an externalist (non-Buddhist) asked him for one of his eyes and then, instead of using it, spat on it and crushed it with his foot, even Sariputra became angry and retreated from the Mahayana mind.

The Art of Living Part II

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch Hui-Neng is praiseworthy for its high level of wisdom. We can understand why the Sixth Patriarch told his master that he often generated wisdom. We, on the other hand, often generate affliction. He achieved this high level because his mind was pure. Our minds are filled with afflictions, attachments, discriminating and wandering thoughts all causes of reincarnation. To alter this course requires us to cleanse our minds of these pollutants. To accomplish this, Buddha Shakyamuni gave us the fore-mentioned three guidelines which are also contained in the Infinite Life Sutra, the full title of which is The Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Life Sutra of Adornment, Purity, Equality and Enlightenment of the Mahay an a School. Purity refers to precepts equality refers to meditation enlightenment refers to wisdom. These are also expressed as the Triple Jewels, representing respectively the Sangha, the Dharma and the Buddha. Please do not mistake the...

Sevenday Retreat Syn Retreat

Around the beginning of the Sung dynasty (10th c. China), three hundred years after patriarch Shan Tao (considered to be an incarnation of Amitabha Buddha and whose writings are accepted as scripture in Japan), southeast China witnessed a great resurgence of interest in Pure Land spirituality, especially among T'ien Tai and Chan masters of the region. Once again, a seven-day ritual retreat for Buddha-mindfulness (Buddha Recitation), known as the 'Amitabha Repentance' or 'Pure Land Repentance,' proved to be an especially popular form of Pure Land practice. Various incarnations of this same basic institution can be traced, intermittently, down through the Ming and Qing periods to the 'Seven Days of Buddha-Recitation' that is widespread among the clergy and laity of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, etc. today. It is difficult to say whether Shan Tao's seven-day rite of Buddha-mindfulness played a direct role in the shaping of Pure Land programs of later periods. Nonetheless, it does...

Chapter Thirty Nine Analysis of Qonditionality

I will not explain each of the twelve components of interdependent origination here, since they are described in Chapter 10. I would, however, like to briefly mention the three fundamental schemes of interpretation of the twelve components (a) the scheme that divides and distributes the twelve components over the course of three lifetimes - past, present, and future (b) the scheme that divides the components into afflictions, actions, and sufferings and (c) the scheme that divides the components into active (or causal) and reactive (or resultant) categories. In this third scheme, ignorance, mental formation or volition, craving, clinging, and becoming belong to the causal category and can belong to either the past life or the present life, while consciousness, name and form, the six senses, contact, feeling, birth and old age and death belong to the effect category and can belong to either the present life or the future life. Nus there is an analysis of cause and effect, or...

Chapter Ten Interdependent Origination

ere are two principal ways we can understand these twelve components. One way to understand them is sequentially, over the course of three lifetimes - the past life, the present life, and the future life. In this case, ignorance and volition belong to the past life. ey represent the conditions responsible for the occurrence of this life. e eight components of consciousness, name and form, the six sense spheres, contact, feeling, craving, clinging, and becoming belong to this life. In brief, these eight components constitute the process of evolution within this lifetime. e last two components, birth and old age and death, belong to the future life.

Raising Awareness of Parts and Causes

Logical, and social reasons may have combined to make him play his music loudly. He may be hard of hearing, high on drugs, or depressed. He may have friends visiting whom he wishes to impress with his fancy equipment. Past life causes and simply his youthful age may also contribute to his lack of consideration. Actually, his playing music loudly has arisen dependently upon a huge conglomeration of factors.

Exercise 13 Dissecting Experiences into Parts and Causes

When advanced, we add a further deconstruction. We also consider the past lives of our relative and of everyone involved in the current and previous generations. We also try to take into account the karmic factors that have affected each of these people. To begin integrating our appreciation of the many factors that have interdependently given rise to our relative's upsetting behavior, we repeat several times the sequence of views. We do this by focusing on our relative while alternating the key phrase simply what the person did with each of the phrases atoms, past causes, past generations, and past lives. Lastly, we try to see the person with an increasingly larger number of views simultaneously, by alternating simply what the person did with two, then three, and lastly all four phrases. For initial practice, we may use merely a feeling for each of the four factors when trying to be aware of them simultaneously as an interdependent network. Alternatively, we may use a mental image of...

Karma Question and Answer Session

Q I don't believe in reincarnation, so it's hard for me to buy the view that I'm reaping the karma of actions I performed in a previous life. It's even harder for me to believe that innocent children are suffering because of something they did before they were born. A You don't have to believe in reincarnation to experience the effects of your actions. When you extend generosity and lovingkindness toward others, it comes back to you. When you approach the world with aggression or grasping, if you're aware, you feel the effects. The important point here is not where your present suffering came from so much as where you're going to take it from here. From this point of view, whether or not children suffer karma from previous incarnations is also a somewhat academic question. What counts is how you approach the situation right now.The appropriate response to suffering, whatever the cause, is compassion.

How Rebirth Takes Place

The stream of consciousness flows on, the transition of the flux being so instantaneous that there is no room whatsoever for an intermediate state. According to Tibetan Buddhist works, there is an intermediate state where beings remain for some days or for some weeks, or until the forty-ninth day and according to Theosophical teachings, between every two lives we have a beautiful holiday in heaven, called Devachan, in which we think over all that happened to us in our previous life and digest all our experiences gained in our past lives.

Past And Future Lives

When the technique of age regression is discussed, questions about the possibility of regression to past life experiences are often raised. This controversy stemmed in large part from the famous Bridey Murphy case (Bernstein, 1956), in which a lay hypnotist hypnotized a woman who subsequently imagined herself to be the reincarnation of an Irish woman. Credible hypnosis experts immediately debunked this idea (Kline, 1956), and in fact investigative reporters discovered background experiences of the woman that accounted for her seemingly inexplicable knowledge about Ireland (Gardner, 1957). investigations have both revealed flaws in the accounts of the subjects and have also identified that they had been exposed to historical information in the past that was related to their presumed past lives. In cases that have been investigated where the regressed subject supposedly spoke in another language, a linguist found the claims to be patently false (Thomason, 1984, 1986-87). Carefully...

The Hundred Foot Pole again

Whether you inhabit your Soul or have just had little glimpses of it. Or higher, whether you have got in touch with you spiritual guide or Master, or Ascended Master. Whether you have seen all your past lives in that storage space above the Soul. Or whether you are in touch with your guiding stars- The Spiritual Triad, connecting with the three higher chakras. Or whether you inhabit the Monad, our all father endlessness, I Am, or have just had a little glimpse.

Three Dimensions of Consciousness

The substrate consciousness can also be indirectly inferred on the basis of research done on children who report valid past-life memories and even show physical characteristics, birthmarks and the like, that trace back to their previous lives. Scientific investigations in this field have been done by the psychiatrist Ian Stevenson, who summed up forty years of research in his recent book, 'Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect. So, apart from the reports of contemplatives, there seems to be indirect scientific grounds for asserting the existence of an individual substrate consciousness that carries on from one lifetime to the next.

Universal Metta to All Beings

It is obvious that when we give metta to deities who enjoy more sensual happiness, the metta may shade into sympathetic joy and to the suffering beings shade into compassion. With humans we see the human fellowship and what is radiated therefore becomes more distinctly metta. However if we can look with understanding that all these are beings who may be our friends in this or past lives, then a tone of friendship metta can be aroused.

Parable Stale Ricestale Fare

W This is reference to a well-known story about Buddha Sakyamuni's disciple Visakha, who once said When a certain Bhikkhu was standing at the door for alms, my father-in-law was eating sweet milk rice-porridge, ignoring him. Thinking to myself that my father-in-law, without performing any good deed in this life, is only consuming the merits of past deeds, I told the Bhikkhu 'Pass on Venerable Sir, my father-in-law is eating stale fare. (Narada, The Buddha and His Teachings, p.101.) Most people go through life consuming stale fare, as they enjoy the results of their past merits without thought of creating new ones. For example, a wealthy person (i.e., one who practiced charity in past lives) spending time and money on himself alone, without thoughts of charity, is eating stale fare. Editor Zen 94 2332

Religious tradition Hinduism is the fruit of a 5000year development but the very name appears in the year 1200 AD The

Sidarta Gantama, which was his real name, or Buddha, lived in the fifth century BC. Although it was often said that he wanted to establish Hinduism in its primary shape, and his own work contains some basic ideas of Hinduism (the doctrine of reincarnation and the law of karma) he is the founder of a new religion. The important difference in regard to Hinduism is the Buddha's total rejection of the idea of a singular soul that has to unite with the source of the world. The fact that Hinduism was no longer necessary was that Buddha did not consider the Hindu sacred scripts. Yet, during the development of Buddhism many elements entered it, and one can see the Hindu legacy in it. Buddhism started losing its support in India in the seventh century AD under the pressure of Hinduism, but it was widely accepted in central Asia. During the eighth century Buddhism is becoming more

Exercise 15 Combining Compassion with Deconstruction

Putting down the photo, if using one, we focus once more merely on the mental picture of our relative acting upsettingly. As in Exercise Thirteen, we try to view the person sequentially in terms of atoms, causes for his or her behavior from this lifetime, from past generations, and from past lives, and then his or her appearance now, acting upset-tingly. Then we supplement these vistas with a feeling for the explosion of repercussions that his or her behavior will have on the future. We try to view these in three progressive levels the consequences on the rest of our relative's present life, the repercussions for future generations, and the impact on his or her future lives and on the future lives of everyone involved. After focusing on these levels one at a time, representing each with a collage of images or with a feeling for its existence, we return to his or her present appearance.

Exercise 6 An imaginary life

Again there is no guarantee that you will get a story, but it is well worth exploring what people can do in this way with minimal preparation. You should find that with patience and enough friends you will find quite a few such stories. There are those who interpret them as cases of past life regression , of course.

Scientific Examination of Rebirth

If rebirth as defined earlier is true, it should be possible to extend some of the above human capabilities, which result from immaterial aspects of the human being, beyond birth to the previous life and even beyond to earlier lives. Some people should be able to remember events in their past lives. Hypnosis must enhance this ability. Some must be able to make use of knowledge and experiences of past lives. A large amount of data has been accumulated by research workers around the world on matters relating to rebirth. Spontaneous recall of past lives, past life therapy, child prodigies and others who can make use of knowledge and experience gathered in their past lives are some of the aspects that have been subjected to much research and investigation. (i) Spontaneous recall of past lives, (ii) Past life therapy, (iii) Child prodigies and persons who can make use of past life knowledge and experiences. Spontaneous Recall of Past Lives Most promising evidence bearing on rebirth comes...


For example, in the case of materiality, you discern the causal arising of materiality according to the fifth method of dependent-origination, as described in my previous talk. This means you look back again to the near death moments of your past life, to see the five past causes, which caused the arising in this life of materiality produced by kamma. One by one, you see that the arising of ignorance, of craving, of clinging, of volitional formations, and of kamma, each cause the arising of materiality produced by kamma.

The Nature Of Man And His Destiny

We have all come back to school, and each one of us is now busy at two kinds of work, reaping and sowing reaping the result of what we have sown in our past lives, and sowing seeds of joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, for reaping in our lives to come. According to the Buddhist Teaching the main purpose of life should be to learn how to pass the examination in spiritual alchemy, and thereby succeed in changing all that is base, common and bad in nature into purity, goodness and love, and thus to reach our goal, the goal of perfect peace, happiness and enlightenment.


Have I Lived Before A full-day workshop where Wayne F. Perkins, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, uses Hypnotic Past Life Regression to explore the possibilities of you living a previous life. Each attendee will be conditioned for a deep state of hypnosis and will be able to record his her past life adventure on audiotape.


Specifically, within the Buddhist tradition, we have the testimony of the Buddha on the matter of rebirth. On the night of His enlightenment, the Buddha acquired three varieties of knowledge and the first of these was the detailed knowledge of His past lives. He was able to recollect the conditions in which He had been born in His past lives. He was able to remember what His names had been, what His occupations had been and so on. Besides the Buddha's testimony, His prominent disciples were also able to recollect their past lives. Ananda, for instance, acquired the ability to recollect his past life soon after his ordination. Similarly, throughout the history of Buddhism, saints, scholars and meditators have been able to recollect their past lives. been many books published in which the details of these investigations have been described and discussed. One scholar who has been particularly active in this area in recent years is Professor Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia,...


Oh definitely, definitely this is not a prison. This is a place of advancement, only good people can come here. Those who have made supreme sacrifices, can come, those who have done their very best to help their fellow men and women. Normally we should go from the flesh body to the astral body. Do you see that here no one has a Silver Cord No one has a Golden Bowl vapor around his or her head They don't need it here because everyone is the same. We have all manner of good people here. Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and others like that. Here they lose what little faults they had because to keep them on Earth they had to adopt a fault. They were of such a high vibration that they just could not stay on Earth without having some sort of fault, so before Mendelsohn, or someone else, could get down to Earth he had to have a fault inbred for that one particular life. So when he died and got to the astral world then the fault departed, and the entity departed also. I mentioned...

Amitabha Sutra

Sacral or mythical, for lack of a better word. Extraordinary rules and boundaries also apply to body and action, spirit and matter, the ideal and the real. Access to these special dimensions of reality is possible through a set of assumptions about the world and the beings that inhabit it and through an accompanying belief and confidence in the spiritual realities and processes embodied in the mythology. Among many differences between the world view of the two texts and the world view of contemporary Western secular culture, two stand out as central to understanding the message of the two sutras. First, existence after death is a given but it is not simply an extension of human life. Existence after death means the possibility - or rather, the reality - of many lives, in a variety of realms other than our world, and in a variety of roles or 'incarnations' that include rebirth as an animal, as a hungry ghost, or in one of many paradises, or rebirth in a hell or purgatory, and rebirth...


Now, the answer very briefly to the first question, 'Where did we come from ' We come from, out of the past, even as today comes out of yesterday. This life is the result of the past life, before this life. We come from out of the things we have done before, out of the past labours unfinished. Although we have laboured, our work is not complete, if it were we should not be here, we should somewhere higher. We come out of past vices and virtues, vices and virtues we have accumulated, out of the darkness of our own ignorance, out of our own desire. We should, we desire, to live here and we should like to come again, we have a great desire to come, but in a better way, physically, mentally, emotionally, morally - any way a little better, if not too much. In the way of wealth we should like, we desire, to be richer, physically more beautiful, to live longer, and so on. Thus we have come down into the present, bringing with us an unlimited accumulation of vices and virtues therefore we can...


The Bodhisattva Maitreya, but not in the numerous transhistorical Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Mahayana tradition. This is because Theravada stresses the historical Buddha and His early teachings, applying the term Bodhisattva mainly to the previous incarnations of Buddha Sakyamuni. Editor Zen 65

The Outer Rushans

In general, karmic causes are not only associated with anger, but also very much with desire. If there is too much desire in the mind-stream of the individual, this will lead to rebirth in the Preta world as a hungry ghost. A hungry ghost continually experiences frustration of his desires, especially of great hunger and thirst which are never satisfied. This experience of suffering in the dimension of the Pretaloka is created by desire, just as suffering in the dimension of the hell worlds is created by anger. But if we have practiced many acts of generosity in our past life, then our suffering in the Pretaloka will be correspondingly less. We may have the cause for human rebirth and find ourselves reborn here on earth, but some humans are born into favorable circumstances, some are not. Some are rich and some are poor. Some may live an honest and good moral life, yet bad results come while others live a dishonest and immoral life and good results come. They

Questions Answers

In any kind of practice, be it good or bad, one will achieve one's aim, if one tries again and again. 'Practice makes perfect.' In this case too, if he tries again and again, in the same way, he may fall into bhavanga for a long time. Why does he say he knows nothing Because the bhavanga takes the object at the time near death in the past life. That object may be kamma, a kamma sign (kamma-nimitta) or a rebirth sign (gati-nimitta). But a meditator cannot see this, because he has not yet discerned dependent-origination. It is only once they have discerned dependent-origination that meditators see that the bhavanga takes one of these objects. An example of this is the Sakkapanha Sutta (Sakka's Questions), about three bhikkhus who practised Samatha and Vipassana. They had good conduct and good concentration, but their minds inclined towards life as female gandhabbas (musicians and dancers in the deva realm). When they died they went to the deva realm. They were reborn as very beautiful...

The White Kasina

When the first expanded nimitta has become stable, you should repeat the process, that is, again determine to expand it by a few inches. This way you can expand the nimitta in stages, until it is one yard in size, then two yards, and so on. Do this until it extends in all ten directions around you, without limit, and so that wherever you look, you see only white. Do it till you see not even a trace of materiality, whether internal or external. If you developed the white kasina in a past life, during this or a previous Buddha's dispensation, that is, if you have white kasina parami, then you will not need to expand the patibhaga-nimitta, because as you concentrate on it, it will automatically expand in all ten directions. You

The Prime Directive

Anyone with a passing familiarity with Star Trek in any of its multiple incarnations will recognize the term prime directive. In these shows, the prime directive was a rule to not interfere with the development of other cultures in the galaxy, but to let each develop in its own way and at its own pace.


The Indo-Aryans (who migrated into India just before the dawn of history). In its essence, Brahmanism advocates 1. Maintenance of the four castes (which assures the supremacy of the priestly cast, the brahmana). 2. Appeasement of the gods by means of rituals derived from the sacred Vedas (which have to be performed by brahmana ) 3. Fidelity to the theory of karma and reincarnation (almost universal in India), with rebirth in heaven seen as the final goal of earthly life. From Brahmanism also emerged various popular sects, which worship anthropomorphized gods, such as Brahma, Visnu, and Siva. Dait 14


In a previous talk, I explained that Sakyamuni Buddha was a bhikkhu in nine of his past lives. If we look at his practice in those nine lives, we see the three trainings virtuous conduct (sila), concentration (samadhi), and wisdom (panna). The bodhisatta was able to practise the eight attainments, five mundane psychic powers, and Vipassana up to the Knowledge of Equanimity Towards Formations. Answer 5.7 Not all. Some good and bad kamma may produce their results when they mature. If they do not mature they do not produce a result, and are lapsed kamma (ahosi-kamma), kamma that no longer bear any fruit. For example, the unwholesome kamma of one of the Venerable Mahamoggallana's past lives produced its results just before his Parinibbana. In one of his past lives he had tried unsuccessfully to kill his blind parents. Due to that unwholesome kamma, he suffered in hell for many thousands of years, and when he escaped from hell, he was killed in about two hundred...


If in a past life you have been fortunate enough to have met the Buddha himself you may find that a picture of the real Buddha will arise in your mind. Then you should start to pay attention to the qualities of the Buddha and not just the image of the Buddha. If you are trying to visualise the image of the Buddha and a real image of him does not arise then simply imagine that the Buddha image

Volume I

The use of scripts in induction procedures provides a framework upon which to build successful therapy sessions. Written by a practicing hypnotherapist, this is a rich, comprehensive source of scripts and strategies to be used by hypnotherapists of all levels of experience. Areas covered include inductions, deepeners and actual scripts for a wide range of problems, from nail biting to getting a good night's sleep, sports performance to past-life recall, pain management to resolving sexual problems. All scripts may be used as they stand or adapted for specific situations. A runaway bestseller.


Regression is a trip in time to an earlier period in your life. It can be an earlier period in this current life or to a past life. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for making this trip back-ard. You should not attempt to regress someone until you have become a reasonably experienced hypnotist. This is because an inexperienced operator can cause it to be a traumatic and unpleasant experience for the subject. For instance, suppose you regressed a person to a past life just at the moment he or she was being beheaded that could be a terrifying moment for your subject because it is a real experience. Shortly, I will detail now I traditionally perform regression and you will see how I prevent and or handle such events in my subjects' past lives. She asked me to allow her to return for the last session. Instead of the diet program, she asked if I would do past lives regression on her for that final session. I said OK. Getting Ready We have just taken a big picture look at regression along with...

The Pure Land

Pure Land come forth there from lotus flowers, not from a woman's womb in pain and blood, and once born they are received and welcomed by Amitabha and his assistants. They receive immortal, transformed bodies, and are beyond the danger of falling back into lesser incarnations. They are in the direct presence of Amitabha Buddha and the great bodhisattvas Kuan-yin (Avalokitesvara) and Shih-chih (Mahasthamaprapta), who aid in their ultimate enlightenment.

Ten Powers

W The ten powers of the Buddhas, giving them complete knowledge of (1) what is right or wrong (2) the past, present, and future karmas of all sentient beings (3) all forms of meditation (4) the powers and faculties of all sentient beings (5) the desires, or moral direction, of every being (6) the different levels of existence (7) the results of various methods of practice (8) the transmigratory states of all sentient beings and the courses of karma they follow (9) the past lives of all sentient beings and Nirvana and (10) the destruction of all evil passions. BDK 355-356

Stale Ricestale Fare

Example, a wealthy person (i.e., one who practiced charity in past lives) spending time and money on himself alone, without thoughts of charity, is eating stale fare. This concept is also related to the idea that merits accrued in the first lifetime are potential enemies of the third lifetime. In the first lifetime, the practitioner engages in wholesome actions which bring blessings (wealth, power, authority, etc.) in the second lifetime. Since wealth and power tend to corrupt, he is likely to create evil karma, resulting in retribution in the third lifetime. Thus the Buddha's injunction against seeking rebirth within Samsara.


Bimbisara in his past life was also a king. One day, traveling through the Vipula Mountains on a deer hunt, he found himself sadly without a catch. In meeting up with an ascetic, the king decided to chase him on horseback, and in the end he ordered him killed. The ascetic as he was about to die made a malevolent vow, 'I vow to return in my next life and just as you have destroyed me today, I shall mentally and verbally destroy you.' The ascetic is said to have been reborn as


Answer No, what happens there is this you are moving from element to element. The method of this technique is to consciously follow the chain of mechanical distractions utilized by the ego. This means whatever the mind presents, we follow it. In the end, it is all related to the original topic, because the mind brought those distractions in response to our consciousness looking at that topic Your mind is going to seek to keep the consciousness distracted. But as you follow this chain of events what you are developing is the capacity of the consciousness to comprehend. The consciousness also has memory. It is not the same memory as the mind. Your consciousness will remember the chain of connections. And at a certain point, you will start to see additional things that you have not seen before, that are all connected. So for example you are meditating on your lust and then you start to see things you have never seen before and you start to see things from other centuries and other times....

Working of Kamma

Sometimes we see certain people whom you consider as evil, rough, stingy, and offensive, but they are having a luxurious life. This is sometimes due to their good kamma from past life supporting them, and they are now creating a lot of bad kamma which has not ripened yet. This could be due to the fact that people can change. For example, when a man is poor he is humble, industrious, faithful to his wife, frugal, etc. When he becomes rich after several years, he may become arrogant, vain, womanize, drink, gamble, etc.-a completely different personality. Similarly, a good person in a previous life, when reborn under favourable conditions, might become corrupted by his good fortune. Because of this we find it hard to see fairness in this world. We see that good people are not the ones who are happy, but many evil people are happy. The working of kamma-vipaka is


Discern with right view, how the kammic force of offering fruit in her past life produced the resultant five aggregates of this life. When you are able to discern your immediate past life in this way, and are able to see the five causes in the past life, ignorance, craving, clinging, volitional formations, and kamma, and their five results in the present life, the rebirth-linking consciousness (patisandhi-citta), mentality-materiality, the six sense-bases, contact, and feeling, you need to in the same way discern progressively back to the second, third, fourth, and as many lives back as you can. Should you discern a past-, or future life, in the brahma realm, you will see only three sense-bases, eye, ear and mind, in contrast to the six sense-bases you see in the human-, and deva realms.

We can change it

To change them and falling victim to these unpleasant results. Such people will continue to suffer unless they change their negative habits. The longer the negative habits remain, the more difficult they are to change. The Buddhist understands this and takes advantage of each and every opportunity to break mental habits that have unpleasant results and to develop mental habits that have a pleasant and happy result. Meditation is one of the techniques used to modify the habit patterns of the mind as does speaking or refraining to speak, acting or refraining to act m certain ways, The whole of the Buddhist life is a training to purify and free the mind. For example, if being patient and kind was a pronounced part of your character in your last life, such tendencies will re-emerge in the present life. If they are strengthened and developed in the present life, they will re-emerge even stronger and more pronounced in the future life. This is based upon the simple and observable fact that...

Believe in rebirth

Thomas Huxley, who was responsible for having science introduced into the 19th century British school system and who was the first scientist to defend Darwin's theories, believed that reincarnation was a very plausible idea. In his famous book 'Evolution and Ethics and other Essays', he says Opinions differ whether human souls can be reincarnated on the earth or not. In 1936 a very interesting case was thoroughly investigated and reported by the government authorities in India. A girl (Shanti Devi from Delhi) could accurately describe her previous life (at Muttra, five hundred miles from Delhi) which ended about a year before her second birth. She gave the name of her husband and child and described her home and life history. The investigating commission brought her to her former relatives, who verified all her statements. Among the people of India reincarnations are regarded as commonplace the astonishing thing for them in this case was the great number of facts the girl...

Training In Hypnosis

Current controversies in hypnosis research and their applications to clinical practice raise major issues. Dr Bloom stresses the danger of accepting as literally true uncorroborated claims of perinatal and prenatal memories and recollections from past lives. The problems of accepting recovered memories of early childhood sexual abuse are of universal concern. While such abuse certainly does occur, there is the possibility that these memories may be due more to an artifact of the hypnosis than an indication that the abuse occurred. There are guidelines to aid the clinician in using hypnosis in uncovering memories of sexual abuse (Bloom, 1994), but in the final analysis, it is the clinician's own judgment with a particular case on how to proceed.

QA Karma and Rebirth

Are you familiar with Ian Stevenson's work from the University of Virginia You should read his book entitled Children Who Remember Past Lives. Although it is not proof positive, nevertheless, it is reasonable to believe that rebirth is possible just as it is reasonable to believe in global warming. Stevenson conducted a rigorous study of the subject with children who had no motive to deceive him. I find his conclusions reasonable.

Chapter Nine

en there is the testimony of recognized authorities who belong to various religious traditions. In Buddhism, it was the Buddha himself who taught the truth of rebirth. We are told that, on the night of his enlightenment, the Buddha acquired three kinds of knowledge, the first of which was detailed knowledge of his own past lives. He recollected the conditions under which he had been born in the past, and was able to remember what his name and occupation had been in innumerable former lives. Besides the Buddha's testimony, we have that of his principal disciples, who were also able to recall their past lives. Ananda, for instance, acquired the ability to remember his past lives soon after he was ordained as a Buddhist monk. Similarly, throughout the history of the Buddhist tradition, accomplished practitioners have been able to remember their past lives.


Monk replied, 'Have you forgotten the time you were preaching the Lotus Sutra at the Temple of ' Answer 'For the last forty-five years, since I was born, I have always been in this vicinity. I have never set foot in the capital and therefore cannot have preached at the temple you mentioned.' The Indian monk answered, 'Perhaps you are starving and have forgotten all about the past' Thereupon, he took an apple as big as a fist from his bag and gave it to the famished poet, saying, 'This apple comes from my country. Those of high capacities who eat it can see the past and future clearly. Those of limited capacities can also remember events of their past lifetimes.' The poet gratefully accepted the apple, ate it, and proceeded to drink the spring water. Feeling suddenly drowsy, he rested his head on the rocks and began to doze off. In an instant, he awakened and remembered his past life as a high-ranking Buddhist monk, preaching the Dharma along with fellow monks, as clearly as though...

Spirit possession

Alternatively it may be said that this phenomenon concerns only one spirit who first lived the past life and is now living the present one. This interpretation is fairly popular with many people today, and is termed Past Life Regression. Examples of instances of the use of Hypnotic techniques to elicit details of past lives are provided by Iverson (1976)Bib. The belief harmonises well with those Eastern philosophies and religions which believe in repeated incarnations of each individual soul. I know of no attempt to distinguish by experiment or theory between the above two interpretations. If, as another example, we are dealing with a case of past-life regression , it could be agreed it involves a complex subsystem of the person which is functioning in some ways like that of a person who lived in the past. (There is nothing too strange about this in itself actors can do it regularly.) It can be presumed that this subsystem would have some effects on the present behaviour of the...

Indirect Questions

It is this possibility of a strong response to the suggestion of the therapist which, to my mind, throws doubt on the reported results of many people who seem to obtain amazing results of the type in which they specialise and which they expect. There are men who specialise in recovering lost memories of abduction by aliens from Unidentified Flying Objects. There are men who specialise in recovering lost memories of early sexual abuse. There are men who specialise in finding Oedipal complexes. There are men who specialise in finding universal archetypes. There are men who specialise in finding memories of past lives . There are men who specialise in finding spirit possession. There are men who specialise in finding memories of a birth trauma.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Do You Believe That This Life Are The Effect Of Your Past Life? Understand Reincarnation And How This Life Can Affect Your Condition In Your Next Life.

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