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Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most treatable of male sexual dysfunctions a variety of direct and indirect suggestions have been used in its treatment. Many approaches have focused on anxiety reduction as the primary goal, as performance anxiety is the most common cause of a rapid ejaculatory response. Hypnotically assisted desensitization and rehearsal of appropriate sexual responding are applicable to this anxiety-driven disorder. Creative uses of healthy dissociation and distraction can also assist the male in being able to psychologically distance themselves from overarousal.

Keep your patter script book out of sight

I usually know what my client is coming in to see me for ahead of time. So, if I want to, I can take the pages out of the book for even stealthier handling. But don't always count on knowing what the client wants to work on. Sometimes a client will come in to see you under false pretenses, offering a reason like weight loss or stress management. They do this to kind of check you out, but then when the client feels comfortable with you, your client might announce that he wants to work on something more personal, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Always have those scripts (for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction) tucked away where you can easily get to them if you find that the client wants to work on these kinds of issues.

Introduction Indications And Contraindications

Premature ejaculation is the most easily treated male sexual dysfunction, with success rates generally in the range of 90 -95 (Stuart & Hammond, 1980) using traditional, behavioral sex therapy techniques. Due to the high effectiveness of the squeeze and stop-start techniques, hypnosis is certainly not the first treatment of choice for premature ejaculation problems. When more validated methods have failed, however, or when the patient does not have a cooperative partner to do behavioral assignments, then hypnosis is extremely helpful. In addition to suggestive hypnosis, uncovering methods such as ideomotor signaling may be used to explore underlying functions or resistances. Physical metaphors, such as creating a glove anesthesia and then suggesting a similar control of sensations in the penis, may likewise be effective. The rather elaborate and complex procedure below was successfully used in a suggestive hypnosis format by Erickson with a compulsive, single patient with premature...

Therapeutic Procedure

The next posthypnotic suggestion was presented most carefully, in a gentle yet emphatic tone of voice, commanding, without seeming to command, the patient's full attention and his full willingness to be obedient to it. This suggestion was a purportedly soundly based medical explanation of the expectable development, on an organic physiological basis, of his total problem. This was the fact that his premature ejaculation, by virtue of body changes from aging processes, would be diametrically changed. The explanation was the following posthypnotic suggestion Do you know, can you possibly realize, can you genuinely understand, that medically all things, everything, even the worst of symptoms and conditions, must absolutely come to an end. But not, but not, I must emphasize, not in the way a layman would understand Do you realize, do you understand, are you in any way aware, that your premature ejaculation will end in a failure, that no matter how long your erection lasts, no matter how...

Hypnotic Response in Deep Trance

I have worked with a lot of sexually dysfunctional and frustrated people. I know that their thoughts and the way they choose to respond to those thoughts, is the one thing they own. The one thing, that can bring intense happiness or intense sorrow, the one thing that is free and that nobody else can give you, sell you, or choose for you, is your ability to choose your thoughts. When someone who is impotent thinks about having sex, they typically think about the impending failure that is going to happen. If someone has premature ejaculation they think about how disappointed they will be. and usually nothing else If you want to change the outcome you have to give your mind another possibility. If the only possible outcome is failure, then your mind can only find and produce all the responses needed to fulfill that outcome.

Corydon Hammond PhD

This is a brief metaphor illustrating the concept that we cannot consciously will sexual response, but must allow it to happen and trust the unconscious. It may be used with performance problems such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, and ejaculatory inhibition.

Hypnotic Technique With Impotency

As early as 1954, the author used hypnotic induction and the suggestion of catalepsy arm rigidity to one of the patient's arms, in order to demonstrate the control and strength his unconscious mind has over this part of his body. The patient is requested to open his eyes, feel the cataleptic arm with his normal hand (in order to prove that he had achieved this physiological cataleptic rigidity), and is told that this power which he displays over another part of his body could be easily transferred to his penis and premature ejaculations. Then, the patient is asked to close his eyes, told to enter a deeper level of trance, and that normal sensations would return to the rigid arm. In such cases where premature ejaculation is a problem, the patient is told, As you were able to control the perception of pain in your finger, so can you control the hypersensitivity in your penis which has caused you to ejaculate prematurely. Your fears and anxieties will be less and you will gain both...

Areas of usefulness

The gastrointestinal system will include ulcers, hyperacidity, constipation, plain old-fashioned bellyaches, heartburn, perhaps gall bladder diseases, and ailments of that nature Under the genitourinary system, such problems as enuresis, impotency, and premature ejaculation would be included, along with others discussed under obstetrics and gynecology.

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