Unspecified Verbs

10. Tag Question: A question added after a statement, designed to displace resistance.

11. Lack of Referential Index: A phrase that does not pick out a specific portion of the listener's experience.

12. Comparative Deletions: (Unspecified Comparison) Where the comparison is made and it is not specified as to what or whom it was made.

• "And it's more or less the right thing."

13. Pacing Current Experience: Where client's experience (verifiable, external) is described in a way which is undeniable.

• "You are sitting here, listening to me, looking at me, (etc.)..."

14. Double Binds: Wherein the illusion of choice is offered using an "or." However, usually both choices are desired.

• "And that means that your unconscious mind is also here, and can hear (phonological ambiguity) what I say. And since that's the case, you are probably learning about this and already know more at an unconscious level than you think you do, and it's not right for me to

tell him, learn this or learn that, let him learn in any way he wants, in any order."

15. Conversational Postulate: The communication has the form of a question, a question to which the response is either a 'yes' or a 'no'. If I want you to do something, what else must be present so that you will do it, and out of your awareness? It allows you to choose to respond or not and avoids authoritarianism.

• "Would you feel more comfortable if your eyes were closed?"

16. Extended Quotes: Where it is not possible for one to tell where one quote leaves off and the next one begins.

• "Last week I was with Richard who told me about his training in 1983 at Denver when he talked to someone who said..."

17. Selectional Restriction Violation: A sentence that is not well formed in that only humans and animals can have feelings.

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