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Sifu Al Perhaqs is the creator of this system and also a visionary and creator of the mind force quantum of The Qigong system. This author has been an inventor and creator of new aspects that are highly regarded training techniques. These techniques have been used for decades by clients all over the world.The product can, therefore, be considered and trusted, as there have been clients who have used it over decades and gave out their testimonies. What is the product about? The chi power plus program is managed and regulated by the Secret society of mind force and Quantum Qigong. The society's main goal is to learn first and apply esoteric training techniques for proven results. The program entails various internal chi techniques. These techniques include; How to move small objects with your mind, How to use your energy to attract or repel objects. This product is presented to you in form of e-books, a complete package acquired at the press of your download. It comes with an over six hours of downloadable audio and video training of the chi power system. It is an immediate digital download in electronic format. It is intended for both men and women of all ages. You do not require any type of skills to acquire the knowledge contained in this program. Men and women of all ages can be able to use this programs. Even children of not more than fourteen years are able to do many of the techniques listed and many more! There are no prior qualifications for this program. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The very first point I want to make certain that Qigong Power Training System definitely offers the greatest results.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

The Origins of Qigong

During the Three Kingdoms Period (from 280-220 BC), a famous Chinese doctor, Hwa Tou, created 'Five Animal Play'. He understood how wild animals lived and how they moved to maintain their bodies' balance and he saw how people, living under the system of society, had lost this natural ability. 'Five Animal Play' was designed to help people relearn this skill in order to cure illness and strengthen the body. Hwa Tou explained that when you raised your arms above your head, as if they were the horns of a deer, it stimulated the Qi circulation of the liver when you stretched your arms out like a bird spreading its wings, it was good for the heart and relieving tension rubbing and slapping yourself and moving like a monkey was good for the spleen stretching your arms out in front of you while exhaling, like a tiger, was good for releasing the tension in the lungs and bending forwards like the bear was good for the back and the kidneys. Hwa T ou used the names of animals because it made the...

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

People have frequently tried to guess my age and got it wrong. Many of them think that I am five, seven, even ten years younger than I am. This makes me feel very pleased (who doesn't want others to think they are younger than they actually are ). It's all a result of my daily Qigong practice. First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm. After many years practising Qigong my size is the same as it was when I was a young adult -not too fat and not too thin. Within Qigong practice there are many movements that exercise the joints and the waist. They help the circulation through the body and any excess fat is released. So do not worry -you won't become too...

Feelings during Qigong practice

Normally when you practisc Qigong you will experience sensations of warmth, tingling, itchiness and electricity. Whatever you feel, just let it happen -the feelings will find their own way to balance you. Sometimes, however, you may feel sleepy this means that you are tired and should rest. Alternatively you might feel cold or even in pain. This means that you have a problem in the area where you are experiencing pain because the Qi is not flowing well there, and you need to practise more.

Regulating the Qi Tiao Qi M i

Various Qigong schools have different purposes for regulating the Qi. To the medical Qigong group, regulating the Qi means 1. Improving the Qi circulation, thereby maintaining health 2. Removing the existing Qi stagnation in the body (healing) 3. Bringing the Qi circulation in the internal organs to a harmonious and balanced state. To the scholar Qigong group, regulating Qi means 1. Calming down the excitement due to the manifestation of Qi and 2. Bringing the Qi in the internal organs to a harmonious and balanced state. To the martial Qigong group, regulating the Qi means 1. Improving the flow of Qi to the desired area for higher efficiency and stronger physical manifestation 2. Enhancing the level of Qi circulation so the manifestation of Qi can reach a higher level (i.e. power) and 3. Increasing the Qi storage in the Lower Dan Tian and also the Qi vessels. However, to the religious Qigong group, regulating the Qi includes many goals 1. Producing extra Qi at the False Lower Dan Tian...

Qigong or Chi Kung

In China people have traditionally been taught to take responsibility for their health and Qigong practise has been an essential part of this practise for thousands of years. Qigong can be translated as energy working . Qigong was first mentioned during the reign of the yellow emperor some 4000 years ago. At that time it was stated that the Qigong techniques were in turn handed down to them by the anciens. So it is very hard to know for certain how long Qigong has been practised in china but it could have been used for at least 6000 years. It is thought that Qigong started out as some form of callisthenics. Then around 500AD an eccentric monk from the Tantric school of Buddhism arrived from India and taught the Chinese the science of breathing called pranayama. This laid the foundation for the Chinese health and longevity exercises as well as their martial arts. Qigong practise counters the many shocks and attacks our immune systems are exposed to on a daily basis. It switches the...


The Five Elements of our bodies are left, right, front and back and centre. The centre is our Dantian. Dan means crystal and Tian means field. We can see from the special name that it is a very important part of our body, this is where our Qi is stored. If we do not store the Qi that we gather from our Qigong practise, then we will not build up a reserve supply to have when we get ill. Our extra Qi is like having savings in the bank in case of an emergency. recover. The more we practise Qigong, then the more Qi we can store. However, if we do not have enough Qi stored in the Dantian, then it is much harder to recover from illness. When we are ill, we use Qigong to make our Qi stronger. In Qigong, we can also use our knowledge of the Five Elements to help strengthen particular internal organs. If we practise facing the south, this relates to the heart and will bring up the fire energy. If we practise facing the north, this relates to kidneys. East is for liver, west is for the lungs...

Small has no inside big has no outside

We use acupuncture, moxibustion and massage to stimulate different areas of the body to keep it balanced, and we practise Qigong to keep ourselves healthy, strong and vital. From observing emotions, from how someone reacts to others and the colour of their face or even their palms, you can see which organs are causing problems. So if you find your boss likes to shout at you, forgive him (or her) as he may be suffering from a liver problem and is perhaps just releasing his negative energy. Of course, it is not good to shout at others as they will take on your negative energy. It is better to go outside on your own and shout at the trees, mountains or sea, because they can stand it. (In some Qigong practice we use sounds to strengthen the internal organs.) As you can see, the most important thing to know is how to get and stay healthy. You cannot just act healthy -you need to do something that will change your lifestyle and your character. The secret is daily Qigong practice....

Keeping up appearances

Good posture will allow your Qi to flow without stiffness in your muscles and all your joints will have the relaxation and flexibility to move in all kinds of ways. Today, the most common blockage is in the neck. This will affect the energy going to the brain and also to the eyes, ears, nose and even the teeth. It can even affect your taste. We can see people who have neck problems through their poor posture or dropped heads. IN BOTH TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine and Qigong, we use a variety of acupuncture points. Acupuncture points are like doors and windows where Qi enters and is released from the body. These points are located on the various channels in the body. Our body is like house, so just like in a house, some windows will be small and some will be big, letting in more light. Doorways will let people come and go from the house easily, otherwise no one can leave and no one can come to visit. It is the same for the acupuncture points. Some points are very powerful and will let a...

Collecting Qi to the Dantian

If you have done Green Sea Swimming Dragon Gong (a form which is part of the Qigong syllabus that I teach), you will recognise that this Healthy Living Gong movement comes from the Swimming Dragon movement, Fostering Qi in a Circle. However, unlike Fostering Qi in a Circle, we do not walk but stay in one place. However, at the end of these exercises there is a walking exercise. It is based on Collecting Qi to the Dantian.

What are the benefits

By doing meditation we also develop our healing powers, because it helps us transmit Qi to weak and sick people. During meditation you will feel the Qi flowing inside your body. When all the channels are clear the Qi will be very strong. Outside, the body feels soft, all the muscles and joints are relaxed and this means the inside is strong (when the outside is Yin, the inside must be Yang). You cannot only feel the Qi but you will also see it. There are many different colours that come from our internal organs. You can see many different things -more than just with the eyes. The mind is more powerful than the eyes and the body. Wherever you want to go is limited, but your mind can go even beyond the universe wherever you imagine you can go. At the highest level of meditation you bring yourself to be nothing -called Wu Wai. Then you become one with the universe, you go back to your own natural orbit and to your own rhythm. At that stage illness, damage and any other problems will be...

The Chinese Tao Method

Mr.Glenn Stevens is a thirty year old subway clerk selling tokens for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York City. He was born and raised in the Bronx of New York City. After he finished public school, he was drafted into military service. After he came out of the Service in 1971, he started to study meditation. His main concern is, What happens to me after death, when I lose my body He read the Bhagavad Gita, the VeSas and the Chinese Chi Kung books (the English Version). He is constantly exploring, trying to find THE SOURCE. The following Is an interview by Doctor Lawrence Young in March of Nineteen Eighty.

How to heal yourself by moving energy Qi around your body

Anyone who has practised Qigong will have experienced the feeling of heat being generated within the body. Some mistakenly think that this heat is QL The feelings and sensations of heat are in actual fact an indication of Qi being present within the body or circulating within the body but not Qi itself It is rather like testing a wire to see if there is an electric current passing through it. Unless you use a volt meter, or detect heat coming from the wire, or observe some other phenomenon like the presence of a magnetic field, you will not know whether there is electricity present in the wire or not. Heat and magnetism are manifestations of the flow of electric current but are not electric current in themselves. It is the same thing with Qi. You will be aware of its existence within your body by monitoring and being aware of your bodies reaction to it and the symptoms it produces like heat and feelings of tingling or pins and needles within your limbs.

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Poor Posture Ladder

Jade Ladder Climbing to the Sky is very good for this. When the posture is correct, it will also open the Qihu points which is good for our breathing. (If you place your four fingers under your armpit of the opposite arm and close your arm on your hand, your thumb will rest on your Qihu point on your chest.) Lastly, opening the chest and looking forward with the eyes will help you to stop dropping your head and deforming your posture. The origin of this movement is quite obvious as it looks as if you are climbing a ladder. I called it 'Jade Ladder' as this is a very Chinese name. The idea behind it is that we need to exercise while standing on one leg. This will test our balance. I find that today, many Qigong exercises are done standing on both legs and so do not challenge the body enough. If you do not try and stand on one leg, how can you say you are healthy You might be able to stand on both legs for half an hour, but cannot maintain a good...

Projection of Energy Prayer Healing Manifesting Action

Gary Clyman, Chi Kung master and developer of the Personal Power Training program, insists that real Chi Kung consists of the following process There are many schools of Chi Kung, and many will disagree with Gary. However, a lot of Chi Kung programs do have a method of projecting energy . Projection usually takes on the form of hands on healing or manifesting your desired life in the form of will development, visualization and destroying negative programming. There is medical Chi Kung, magical Chi Kung, Shamanic Chi Kung and probably more. Gary practices magical Chi Kung, or Impregnating the Universe as he calls it, combined with the development of the will. Medical Chi Kung is similar to some of the methods of Therapeutic Touch, a form of Laying on of Hands, but it is more developed and based on thousands of years of experience. It begins with self healing and meditation and externalizes into the world in the form of healing others of physical and mental imbalances.

The Energy Circulation

When I practise Chi Kung, heat accumulates in the tip of my spine (coccyx) and then rise up the spine like the mercury rising up in a thermometer, going up the waist, the back, the neck, the top of my head, and then down to the root of my nose, and then back to the Darn-Tin. Thereafter, the heat circulates in the route like an unbroken thread. Nowadays, it only takes three mi-mtes of practice to permeate my whole body with heat. It took me six months of practice before I started to have heat accumulation in my coccyx. Some students took only one week to achieve that level. A famous Chinese neurosur-geon friend in United States recommended that Mr. Shaw learn Chi Kung because it is good for health maintenance. The teacher is a Master Wong from Taiwan, Republic of China.

Natural Energy Fields

Western science has established that the earth has its own geomagnetic field. Taoists have been aware that the earth has an electromagnetic field for probably six thousand years or more. They considered the sky to be the positive pole (yang) and the earth to have negative or (Yin) polarity. The resultant electromagnetic field that is generated is known as Qi. In Qigong training we as human beings are taught how to interact with this power. You learn how to harmonise the frequency of your own energy with that of the earth's. Apparently humans also have a quantity of magnetite behind the nasal passages just in front of the pituitary gland. This area has for centuries been highlighted by Taoist and Hindu adepts as the Upper Elixir Field or Celestial Eye. It is considered to be one of the most important centres of energy in the body and many Qigong exercises focus on enhancing this area. The Chinese approach has always been much more holistic. They treat the body as a whole rather than...

Meditation And Bile Production

More recently, an exciting clinical experiment that no one ever tried in United States was reportedly done in China. Reuter News reported from Peking on July 2, 1980 that a physiologist did an experiment on his own body to show that Chi Kung (Chinese Meditation) can stimulate the human body to secrete more bile. The China News Agency said that the thirty-eight years old Mr.Kar-Lun Wong had practised Chi Kung for 17 years, After an abdominal surgery, he purposely left a drainage tube in his bile duct. When he was resting, the bile production was 20 c.c. per hour, but when he practised Chi Kung, the bile production increased to 54 c.c. per hour. He therefore concluded that Chi Kung can help improve digestion, and also explains why Chinese Meditation can give its practitioners vibrant health and longevity.

Regulating the Body Tiao Shen

If the posture in meditation practice is incorrect, the body will be tense and this will affect the smooth Qi circulation and also disturb the mind. (When) shape (i.e. body posture) is not correct, then the Qi will not be smooth. (Conversely, when) the Qi is not smooth, the Yi (i.e. Wisdom Mind) will not be at peace. (When) the Yi is not at peace, then the Qi is disordered. 18 1. To find the most natural, relaxed, and comfortable posture or position for meditation. This will allow the Qi to flow freely, with the breathing natural and smooth, and with the mind relaxed and focused, so the Shen can be raised up to a higher level. 2. To provide the best conditions for self-internal-feeling. When your physical body is regulated correctly, your feeling can reach to a deep and profound level. Your judgment will be more accurate. The efficiency of your mind-body communication will increase to a high level. It is through this profound feeling that your mind is able to lead the Qi to circulate...

Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function. The Upper Dantian is often referred to as the Sky Eye. This area is related to the brain and intuition, seeing colours and receiving messages mentally. When pure Qi rises, it becomes Shen (spiritual) energy. The more Qigong you practise and the more Qi you can store, then this area will start to develop and you will find yourself able to see things more clearly with a calm and unemotional mind.

Meditation In Tai

In Tai Wan, most adepts teach meditation for health quietly. Few want to form a Center. However, there is a health center devoted to the use of CHI KUNG (Chinese Meditation) in the treatment of illnesses, and for health maintenance. This is the - TIN-CHARN CHI KUNG HEALTH CENTER 60 Nan-King Road East, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Taking part in other sports pros and cons

People who are starting to practise Qigong o.ften ask if it is all right to participate in other sports such as swimming, football, tennis, weight training and so on. There is no reason why you should not continue to enjoy these activities, but you will of course be using up the Qi that you have stored. This is because fitness training in the West is based on the principle of 'No pain, no gain'. People push their bodies until they are hot, sweaty and exhausted, after which they need to eat and sleep in order to recharge their energy. Qigong, as you will by now have realised, is internal training, connccted with the Qi, the blood and the internal organs. When you practise Qigong you will not exhaust yourself, and - quite the opposite of what you experience in sports - the more you practise the more Qi you will have and the more energetic you will become. Of course, if you practise Qigong you will have more energy than you previously had to expend on the tennis court or football pitch....

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

When their Prenatal Qi develops, some people have strong Qi and can heal others. For example, if one of your friends were suffering from a stomach ache or a shoulder strain, you would just touch them where the pain was and suddenly they would find that the pain had gone and they felt much more relaxed. This is because you transmitted your Qi to the blocked area of your friend's body, smoothing the channels and releasing the ntlgative energy. You become, in effect, an acupuncturist who does not use needles. ThIS is how I work with my patients. If your Qi is strong enough you can transmit it to people at a distance, you do not need to touch the person to heal them. People in the West have a tendency to home in on the techniques and to gloss over the importance of the energy, the Qi, which is the essential element in the process. Healers are constantly giving their Qi to others during the healing process, and so they must constantly recharge their own Qi through Qigong practice. If you...

Alleviating depression

Before we start, perhaps I should explain that the terms I use in the chapter title have nothing whatsoever to do with having babies -they refer to different kinds of energy If you were to ask a friend or work colleague, 'How do you get the energy that you need to live ', assuming of course that he was an 'ordinary' person who knew nothing about health exercises and Qigong, he would answer, 'From eating and drinking.' When you want to go to sleep you need to prepare your mind and body. Take some fresh air, or just close your eyes for a while. The best preparation is a combination of Qigong and meditation. This will allow you to have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed, because your body and mind will be balanced and this will reveal your body's true condition. When you practise Qigong regularly, it may well enable you to tell whether you are tired and need to sleep or if you are still in strong spirit. At sixteen the Qi of the kidneys becomes strong and so puberty starts,...

A question of balance

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a doctor will try to find out what has caused the blockage in the joints, creating stiffness or pain. Joint pain is related to circulation and the correct function of the liver. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that every illness can be treated and that there is no incurable disease. It is the same for Qigong. If both Yin and Yang are balanced in the body, then we will have harmony and health. In addition to restoring balance to the body, Chinese medicine also considers how to make the body stronger so that it can adapt to all kinds of situations. If someone becomes ill, the way to heal the illness is to strengthen the internal organs by making the Qi in the body stronger. If you develop a disease, this means that there is a weakness somewhere in the body that has laid it open to attack. The way to fight the problem is to strengthen the affected part, instead of trying to kill the virus or create a vaccine against the germ. It is not so much the...

Holding the Beautiful Ball

Lower Dantian

4 Then lower your arms to the Lower Dantian level while still holding the Qi ball. When you lower the arms, bend the knees slightly. I met my first Taijiquan teacher almost 20 years ago. His name was Fung Man Yiu. Once we were talking about people using a Taiji ruler to practise Qigong. A Taiji ruler is a piece of wood with rounded ends which are held against the Laogong points while holding it between the palms and rotating it in a circle. The exercise is similar to Holding the Beautiful Ball. People say that when you practise with the Taiji ruler, all the negative energy will go to the ruler.

Balance the Energies of the Kidneys and Heart

(3) Using the Packing Process Breathing technique, slightly contract the left and right sides of the anus to squeeze the kidneys. Use the power of the mind rather than tension on the muscles to do so. Then release the contraction to sharpen your awareness. (To review the Packing Process Breathing technique, see the Universal Tao book, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I.)

Meditation Relieved My Constipation Anxietv Heart Problem

Chinese medicine and Chi Kung (Chinese Tao Esoteric Synthesis) are true and valid disciplines as old as Chinese history itself. When I was in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, I had met numerous Masters proficient in Chi Kung, and I was convinced that Chi Kung is real and useful although it had not yet been subjected to scientific studies. Recently, psychologists and doctors have been studying Yoga and Meditation and have found it useful in treating hypertension, anxiety and heart problems. My contention is that Chi Kung will do just that and even more. I started to study Chi Kung with Master Chia about a year ago because of my longstanding interest in this subject. I had previously practised Tai Chi Chun for twenty years. When I first learned from Master Chia, he transferred his energy to my navel. The energy felt like warm water. At first, the sensation was localized at the navel. When the heat gathered in intensity, it travelled down the perineum, up the coccyx and the spine to...

Movement and stillness

Following this principle, if we accept that movement is good for the body, we can accept that stillness is also good for the body. Therefore, if we want to be healthy, we must know how to move and also how to be still. Qigong is Yang, as it is moving. Meditation is Yin, as it is still. When the ancient Chinese people practised both movement and meditation, they found that there was something moving inside their bodies which made them feel good and strong. This was Qi. The more they practised, the stronger and healthier they became. So Qigong began to include meditation as well as movement. Movement released the negative energy from the body, gathered fresh new Qi from nature and opened the channels for this fresh Qi to circulate. Meditation was for storing the newly gathered Qi so that it could be used later as the body needed it. Therefore, working with Qi is Qigong, but the main aim for doing Qigong is to be healthy. Movement without gathering and storing Qi is not Qigong, because...

Chakras communicate together along the spine

Energy Enhancement also can use techniques taken from Dancing to show us how to use our movement centres and free up movement centre blockages. This teaches us grace and economy in movement. This is something that Hatha yoga does not teach. Also helpful are the gentler Martial Arts working with Energy or Chi like Aikido, Chi Gong or Tai Chi. These help to loosen up the breath and emotions and educate the movement centre.

Regulating the Mind Tiao

Regulating the mind means to regulate and control the Emotional Mind (Xin, ) This practice has always been the most difficult subject to understand and train in Nei Dan Qigong (ft H ) practice. Here you are dealing with your own mind. Everyone has his own thinking and emotional disturbance. Thus, it is also the most difficult subject to explain. The methods of regulating the mind have been widely studied, discussed, and practiced in all Chinese Qigong societies, which include scholar, medical, religious, and martial arts groups. In this section, we will study the conclusions of these four schools. We will define the mind, and the purposes of regulating the mind. Then, we will discuss the thinking process from the Buddhist point of view. Finally, we will analyze the methods of regulating the mind. Purposes of Regulating the Mind -S There are many different purposes or goals for regulating the mind. These purposes can be varied from one school to another. For example, the Qigong...

Warnings and health restrictions

Qigong deals with the internal body and mind which is full of Qi and which must follow 'the natural way'. Any artificial ways are not good for your Qi, so during practice you must -make sure you relax the body and calm the mind. Alcohol, smoking and medicines will affect you -you may feel sick, dizzy, tired or weak. You should try and avoid practising if you are feeling any extremes of emotion, for instance if you feel very sad, angry or worried. Try also to practise away from any source of pollution -traffic or other fumes, radiation (turm off the television and radio), and excess noise as this will harm and shock your body, damaging the rhythm and flow of Qi. If you find yourself being distracted during practice, it is best to stop doing The exercise, complete with Shou Gong and find another time or place to continue. There are no physical health problems for which it is inadvisable practise Qigong, so long as you relax while you do your practice and do things at your own natural...

Holding a circle sitting on a chair

SIT forwards on the edge of a chair letting the air pass across your back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep the knees and toes vertically in line as this helps the circulation in the legs. With your back straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and your mouth (keep the tip of your tongue touching between the upper palate and the root of the teeth -if you close your mouth, everything should be in the correct position). Hold your hands in front of the Dantien, left hand on top for men and right hand on top for women (this is because the Qi flows differently for men and women), with the thumbs touching as if you were holding a small ball. Totally relax your body and choose one of the concentration methods. Then bring your mind to your Dantien and finally forget everything. (This exercise can also be done sitting in the lotus position.)

Balancing Qi Shou Gong

At the end of every practice you should finish with Shou Gong to bring all the Qi back to the Dantien and store it there. It will also make you calm and relaxed. After finishing the movements of Qigong you need to do a quiet exercise -meditation. There are many different ways to meditate, both western and eastern, and meditation has a long history, related in particular to religion. These forms of meditation emphasise the 'heart and the spirit'.

Balancing Gong

Balancing Gong is a Daoist Qigong exercise which mainly imitates the movements and daily life of animals. The exercises work by stimulating the Dantien to strengthen the back, shoulders and neck. Nowadays, people have to sit for long periods in offices, cars, and so on. As a result in middle age their joints become stiff and painful, and sometimes even swollen. This is because of poor circulation. In Chinesc medicine the Qi and the blood are connectcd. If the circulation is good then the Qi will be strong, tile face will be a better colour, the skin soft and the joints more flexible. It all depends on your Qi.

Chi Is Ihfra Red Energy

According to Peking's Third Co-operative study on Chi-Kung ,the Chi Energy is an infra red radiation signal- When the doctor puts his palm six inches from the thermography detector, the fluorescent screen showed only one bright spot corresponding to the palm of his hand. After fifteen minutes of meditation practice, and projecting the Chi Energy through his palm, the number of bright spots on the palmar image increases. After eighteen minutes, four finger tips also showed bright spots. The bright spots registered corresponds to the infrared signals picked up by a microwave amplifier.

Gross form Gross and Subtle Form Subtle Form Breath of Life Spirit

You may even encounter spontaneous movement and spontaneous breath exercises. They may resemble Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga stretching, slapping, humming, sounds, singing, etc . Some say that this is only a cleansing process, i.e. the clearing of blockages. However, there is more.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

I have come across many people who do a lot of movement but no meditation. They end up sustaining injuries, particularly in their joints. Some people, on the other hand, do a lot of meditation and no movement, but this makes their bodies weak and they do not have enough strength to get through the day easily. For our health to stay balanced, we need both the movement and meditation. This covers both Yin and Yang and will make us healthy. CHINESE CONSIDER that everything in the universe has a special kind of energy. In the last chapter we talked about Yin and Yang, which is the energy of opposites. There is also a special kind of universal energy which can be classified into five different types of energies called 'elements'. These Five Elements are water, fire, wood, earth and metal. In fact, along with the Yin Yang theory, the theory of the Five Elements is the basis of all Chinese culture, including Feng Shui, astrology, traditional medicine,...

Regulating the Breathing Tiao Xi

When you have relaxed your body to the stage of regulating without regulating, then you should pay attention to the breathing. Breathing is considered as the strategy in Qigong practice. When the breathing methods are correct, the mind can lead the Qi efficiently and effectively. Therefore, Qigong breathing methods have been studied and practiced since ancient times. In many cases, the methods were kept top secret in each style. For example, Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi, J&.t-) is the crucial key to storing Qi at the Real Lower Dan Tian (Zhen Xia Dan Tian, jfcT ) However, the actual training techniques have only been passed down orally. Since breathing is the main subject of this book, I will explain in more detail the general concepts of regulating the breathing, including its purpose, theory, and some techniques in this section. 2 To serve the strategic purpose in Qigong practice of regulating the body's Yin and Yang. It is well know that breathing is Kan (water, ifc.) and Li (fire,...

Chi Energy Aho And Hypertension

A Chi Kung doctor in Peking, treats a hypertensive patient by putting the center of his palm on the top of patient's head (Acupuncture point Pai-Hui, SGO-20). As soon as he projected the Chi Energy from his palm, the patient felt a hot current flowing slowly from head to toes, and then the heat permeated the whole body. An electronic blood pressure machine showed that the blood pressure of the patient came down rapidly. Further clinical

Pouring Chi Energy Into Me

G I can see that all Yoga schools and Chinese Chi Kung work on the sperm and the sperm must be transformed to Chi Energy or Pranic Energy. The only way for a human being to get much much power is that he knows how to transfoa the sperm power. The Chinese say the Chi goes through the acupuncture meridians and the Yogi say that the prana goes through the nadis. I see that they are actually talking about the same thing. However, the Yoga teachers might have the Pranic Energy in then own body, but no maharajis had the power to give the Chi from his body into my body. One teacher raised his palm over my arm and I could feel the heat from his hand but he never gave me energy. When I practised Yoga, or when I practised the Pa-Kua-Chun, I never felt the energy go to different parts of my body until I met Master Chia. When I net Master Chia,I saw that he is unlike the other masters. He would put his finger on certain points of my body and I actually felt something inside my body. I actually...

Meditation Amd Cancer

According to The China Tribune (210 Canal Street,New York, M.Y. 10013), the Agence France-presse reported from Hong Kong on 7-25-1980 that a Peking medical specialist highly recommends Chi Kung(Chinese Meditation) for cancer patients to improve their health. The China News Agency was quoted to have said that Doctor Kar, the assistant surgical director of Peking Cancer Institute,has three hundred lung cancer patients currently receiving Chi Kung therapy in Meditat-, ion Rooms in various public gardens in Peking. A head nurse of the main teaching hospital of Peking Medical College, Mrs. Sheung who has breast. cancer, is now practising Chi Kung and feels much better from it. Besides the cancer patients, there are three thousand persons regularly practising Chi Kung in thirty-three Meditation Rooms in Peking. These Meditation Rooms are run by the Pelting Chi Kung Research Institute. Mr. Shaw sleeps only five hours a day, fron 12 30 to 5 30 in the rooming. From 5 30 to 9 00 he practises...

The Chi Energy

On the other hand, all meditation literature coming out of Tai Wan has always been involved' with Chi Energy , Mental energy and the Soul . However,all this has been rapidly changing since Nixon's visit to China and the multiple changes of leadership in China. Therefore it is no longer a cultural shock when the Chi Energy is the news item from Peking. On 2-7-1980 China Daily News(30 Market St.,N.Y. N.Y.10002) reported from Peking that there is a resurgence of interest in Chi Kung in China. There is a doctor in Shanghai who had been practising Chi Kung (Chinese Meditation) since he was very young, he can now project Chi Energy from the Center of his palm (From Acupuncture point' EH8 Lao Kung). He can treat diseases with this Chi Energy , curing many diseases that failed to improve with currently available therapies. He worked with a physicist who using a microwave amplifier,showed that this Chi Energy is a form of infra-red radiation (micro-wave). They further studied...

Ma Bo meditation

3 If you want, you can even try to do a lower Ma Bo stance. Still keep the back straight and arms open and relaxed. Try to stay in this lower position for even a few seconds, then try to build up to a minute or longer if possible. When tired, gently go back to the higher position with knees still slightly bent. When we finish the exercise, we must wash the face Qigong style (see page 117) and then do what we call Shou Gong. This is for collecting all the Qi back to the Dantian to store in the body. will block the Qi and put the weight on the lower back instead of the legs. All the weight must be on the thighs for the Qi to develop properly. It will make your bones and kidneys stronger and will increase bone marrow. We keep the eyes open for this meditation because the Qi is very powerful. If you close the eyes, the body may start to move and you will lose Qi.

Self Massage

The massage exercise is a long version. You can shorten it as much as you wish. Massage is a wonderful and loving part of every warm up. It is an excellent grounding exercise. Qigong practitioners often massage after meditating to disperse stagnant energy in the body and to get it flowing properly.

The Three Treasures

When we breathe we absorb energy from the air. This energy can be cultivated to amazing levels by the practise of Qigong as you learned in last months release. When these three energies combine and function together it produces what is known as True Human Energy It is the control and enhancement of the energy that forms the guiding principal of Qigong training.

Future Goals

D What do you plan to do next To continue Chi Kung or find another master G By my coming here (with Master Chia) for one year, I accomplished what it might have taken me five, six,or seven years of work. Chi Kung is the number one spiritual practice. This Chi Kung leads to the highest level of immortality. I am going to continue practising what Master Chia taught me. He has many more formulae and levels that I can continue to advance on. I feel that my body alchemy is changing to a more spiritual body. When .death arrivesiif I am fortunate enough, I might not have to accept another physical body. My Yoga teacher explained that there are 8,400,000 Species on this planet and the human form of life is very rare. The human form is the only form in which yoy can find out

Shou Gong

Shou Gong is the movement we do when we have completely finished our Qigong exercises. When you raise the arms, imagine you are gathering all the Qi from the heaven and pouring it into your body. Keep the Laogong points facing the body as you lower the hands past the face to the Lower Dantian. In this way, you open the Yang channels and then transmit Qi down the Yin channels of the body and back into the internal organs. This is very good for relaxing the mind and body. We can also use this same movement at the beginning of our Qigong exercises, although when we do it in the beginning, we call it Relaxation Movement instead of Shou Gong. I began to study Qigong six years ago but it was only two years ago that I finally decided to wholly commit myself to practising Qigong. I can only now appreciate, as I reflect on how Healthy Living Gong (HLG) has impacted on my life, how critical it was in helping me to balance and relax. It feels so good to do Old Tree with Winding Roots. When my...


In the Republic of China and Mainland China, various forms of meditation and relaxation including Tai Chi, sometimes in the Western world known as Shadow Boxing, or a special kind of Kung Fu (martial arts), have been increasingly popular during the past three decades. Today, with the rapid improvement of communications, peoples of the world have daily grown closer. The arts of Tai Chi , Kung Fu and Chi Kung (meditation and relaxation), gradually are attracting the attention of Europeans and Americans. Xn recent years, doctors, such as Herbert Benson, Wallace, Elmer and Alyce Green, and other scientific as well as clinical researchers have pointed out the beneficial effects of medication and relaxation, and biofeedback, with researched documentary support. One particular instance, James May, the first known non-Chinese student ever written up, gave his personal testimony in 1978, on how he had learned Chi I Kung (Chinese meditation energy). In 1973 he began to learn Taoist neditation....


Yongquan means Pouring Spring and is located on the Kidney Channel which runs from the chest to the soles of the feet. The Yongquan point is located on the soles, just below the balls of the feet. The point is used many times in the Kunlun Dayan System of Qigong and treating it helps to release negative energy from the body. When massaged, it is good for fever and will stimulate the liver and kidneys. We use the Yongquan point in helping us to align our posture while in the low stance of the Ma Bo meditation.

Breathing and Qi

When you are healthy, you have no problem with breathing through your nose. The air you breathe in will go to your lungs and the lungs will transform this as pure Qi which will nourish the body. When we breathe through the nose, the body and internal organs will be more relaxed and the breath and also the Qi will sink naturally to the Dantian. Qi is the essence of the air we breathe. When Qi sinks to the Dant-ian, it means we are breathing from the abdomen, because the Dantian is here. This might sound odd or difficult but as long as you relax your upper body, breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed, you will automatically breathe with the Dantian, and the Qi will store there. In this instance, we are referring to the Lower Dantian. We actually have three Dantians in the body the Lower Dantian (located just below the navel), the Middle Dantian (located at the Middle Chest), and the Upper Dantian (located at the forehead). Each Dantian has a particular function, the Lower...


SOMETIMES WE MY think we are healthy, but we are really not. For instance, if you think your Qi is strong, try standing in a relaxed posture, with knees slightly bent for ten minutes. If you feel tired after only a few minutes, then it means your bones are weak, and it also means your Qi is weak. When we do Qigong, we strengthen the body from the inside out. We make our heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys and liver strong by gathering fresh Qi to feed them. So you should not forget that to be healthy, your Qigong exercises must include relaxation, good coordination and also fitness. This will make not only your body healthy, but also your thinking, and this is very important. The following exercises cover both body and mind, and meditation is covered in Chapter 12. When you have completely finished with all of your exercises and are ready to do your Qigong meditation, you should then do a finishing movement called Shou Gong. This movement is described in Chapter 12, in the section on...

When to practise

Throughout this book I have explained how important it is to do your Qigong practice ona regular, daily basis. Do this in a relaxed way and your body will gradually lead you on the path to good health. You can do your practice at any time of day, but because people today lead such busy lives you might find it simplest to do a session first thing in the morning and another in the evening before you go to bed. In that way youl will set up a routine, so you are less likely to forget your practice or find that other activities are competing for the same time-slot. Twenty minutes twice a day is enough to bring up Jour Qi level. But if you have the time and enjoy doing your Qigong exercises there is no reason why you should not extend your practice to half an hollr, or even an hour -there is no risk involved, and you will then definitely become healthy On the other hand if you only have five or ten minutes to spare, you can still benefit. Although Qigong can be performed at any hour of the...

Monkey walk

THIS is another Walking Qigong exercise. By turning side to side, stimulating the Yamen point and Mingmen point (on the Du Channel) you strengthen your spine, shoulders and neck. You should walk in a circle, following the bagua, and so taking energy from all directions to cover the heart, lungs, kidneys and spleen.


There are no restrictions for women practising Qigong during menstruation. Practising Qigong can help your circulation during a period md so ease headaches, stomach cramps and any emotional problems. This is because during menstruation the body changes due to the change in the blood circulation and pressure, and by practising Qigong you can calm and balance the blood. Qigong can still be practised during pregnancy, but you should take care while bending and doing very active movements. Take things gently and be aware of the effects of the movements on your body. Meditation is very beneficial during pregnancy as you can connect with your baby, giving it strong Qi which helps to promote good health and intelligence and enablcs you to form strong bonds which will be very valuable for you both in the future.

Ways of meditating

Standing meditation is stronger than sitting meditation because when we stand, the Qi is very powerful and it makes the kidneys strong very quickly. Kidney energy is the first energy created from our Qigong practise. When the kidneys are healthy and strong, we will not feel tired. Our bones and teeth will be strong, our minds clear and our memory good. but should not replace standing meditation, as standing meditation will create very powerful Qi in the body. As for lying meditation, when you are lying down it takes much longer for the Qi to circulate in the body, and so usually I only recommend lying meditation as a beginning method for someone who is very ill and cannot stand. For healthy people, when you do lying meditation, you will often find that you fall asleep instead of doing meditation. Lotus meditation is another method and it concentrates on bringing up the spiritual energy and circulating the Qi to benefit internal organs. Some people can sit for a long time in the lotus...

Good Qi sick Qi

For high-quality Qi, it is very important that the air you breathe is fresh. If you breathe air that comes through a ventilation system, you can still get Qi, but the quality is not as good as fresh air from nature. Sometimes you see old people live longer, even without practising Qigong or any other exercises, if the area where they live has plenty of good, fresh air. The better the air, the more Qi it contains. And through Qigong, you can gather more fresh Qi into your body. Have you ever been in a situation where someone is talking to you and telling you about their problems If you are more healthy than them, then you will take on all their negative energy and will not feel well afterwards. At the same time, your good Qi will have passed to them, and they will feel better. In this kind of situation, the only thing you can do is practise Qigong to gather more fresh energy and to release the sick energy you have taken in. People and animals are the same. If they are not well and you...

Is Ageing Inevitable

The next way is to give people a battery of tests to see how they respond. Typical tests include stamina, hearing, co-ordination, blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, and many more besides. This gives an indication of someone's Biological age We have all met people who look very young for their age. Some Qigong masters fall into this category. What has happened is their chronological age differs from their biological age.

A different clock

In addition, you can see from the above chart that each hour also helps different channels in the body. They also relate to many more things as well, like months and different directions. However, we are most interested in how these hours can help us in our Qigong practise. When we practise Qigong at a certain time, this means that there is a certain energy that is present in nature that will benefit a particular internal organ. So when you wake up in the morning and start to practise your Qigong, your stomach will benefit. After you have finished work, go home and have your dinner and start to practise at 7pm, then your heart will benefit, as the pericardium relates to the heart. By practising at these times, you will benefit both your stomach and your heart. If you have two healthy internal organs, then other organs will benefit and become healthy as well, so you do not need to think that you have to practise all of the twelve hours of each day. You should feel good and have more...

The colour of health

Through my Qigong practise, I understand this, and I also use this method to help diagnose patients. Of course, we often use this skill without even knowing it. If you pet a cat or dog, you can tell their health by the texture and feel of their coat. It is the same with a plant or a tree. If a plant is not healthy, its leaves will change from bright green to yellow. If the condition worsens, the leaf will become dry and brown and soon fall. If the problem is not fixed, the roots will also be affected and the plant will die. If a leaf from a tree is soft and supple and green, then you can tell the tree is in good health. However, if it is dry or has some spots, you know there is a problem somewhere. Because of the Qigong way of looking at things, I have a different concept of beauty. Just because you are young, it does not mean you look good and just because you are old, it does not mean you look bad. Have you ever noticed that when you practise Qigong you end up meeting similar people...

What to practise

Earlier in the book I suggested that to begin with you could work your way through the Balancing Gong and Taiji Qigong sequences, learning several exercises a week, until you are familiar with all the movements. Once you are familiar with them, however, you may wish to pick and choose which exercises to include in each practice. You don't need to stick to the sequences or do the exercises in any particular order. You can simply practise the exercises you feel you need or the ones that appeal to you. You will probably find that the ones you like are the ones you need anyway Each exercise can be repeated as you wish. The Chinese like to do things in multiples of six - so you could, for example, repeat an exercise six, twelve or twenty-four times.

Many ways one way

There many different styles of Qigong, originating from five schools of thought Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, martial and medical (healing). However, all have the same principle of making the vital energy stronger and the body healthy. Qigong dates back over 3,000 years. During this time, ancient Chinese people lived along the Yellow River, and they had to find ways to survive in that area. As there was a lot of water there and often flooding, the climate was very damp. The people suffered a lot of problems with their joints, like arthritis and rheumatism, because the damp got inside their bodies. It is the same today in many colder countries, such as Britain, Canada, Russia and the north of China. When the damp gets inside the body, it tends to stay in the joints, just like the dust in your house collects in the corners where it is difficult to clean. Qigong is good for more than getting rid of damp in the joints, however. It helps to balance the body and alleviates all kinds of...

Bow sleeping

LIE ON your side (left side to improve the liver and heart and right side for the kidneys and lungs). Put the bottom hand under your head and the other hand on your legs. Slightly bend the bottom leg, which allows the Qi to flow strongly. (See photograph below.) When you meditate don't think of the time, but just go on for as long as you feel comfortable. When you want to finish your meditation, you should complete with Shou Gong, which means Ending Exercise or Collecting or Balancing Exercise. No matter what kind of Qigong you practise, you must always do this as it brings your Qi back to the Dantien to store it so it is not lost. If you have been meditating in a sitting or lying position you should do the Shou Gong sitting (see following photographs). If you have been meditating standing up, you should do the Shou Gong standing too.

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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