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 Power of Conversational Hypnosis creator goes by the name of Igor Ledochowski. He is an author of one of the best-selling "The Deep Trance Training Manual." Also, he has authored more than 70 different Hypnosis Training Products and even Training Seminars. Another title which gets attributed to Igor is that he is an International Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer and also a Certified Success Life Coach and Trainer which makes him have a lot of experience in the field 

Why Should We Trust The Product?

Power of Conversational Hypnosis is a product which is here to solve several issues. We can trust the product due to the following reason:

  • His Personal Experience

Igor Ledochowski has vast experience in the hypnosis, which makes him possess a lot of skills in the field. He has practiced this for more than a decade, which has made him earn more skills which have helped to come up with the product, which acts as an influence on the brain.

  • Positive Reviews

Power of Conversational Hypnosis has been reviewed by many people who have used the product before. For instance, most of the people who have used the product before have given testimony of how the product is when it comes to solving the problem. Try the product today, and you will get some solutions to all the challenges which affects a human being.

  • Educational Background

Igor has a good history academically, which makes him have a lot of knowledge and skills hence making the product to be more reliable. For instance, he has a background in law which makes him have a reasonable basis of creating a product which could be relied upon today. Grab your product today, and you will get helped and solve all the life challenges.


About The Product

Power of Conversational Hypnosis works on the basis on influencing the way your brains works hence influence the positive outcome. In the product, it includes twelve chapters which give precise details of the product.


Facts About The Product

  • Best Time To Rely On Convert Hypnosis

Power of Conversational Hypnosis ensure that you get an excellent chance to determine the best time for you and you will determine the advice and also proposal hence proposing you have got accepted.

  • How To Build And Also Nurture Harmonious Relationships

With access to the product, you will be able to have a chance to build a good relationship with your loved one and also the friends. Most people have been suffering from the same problems, and the product would solve some of the issues. 

  • Techniques To Be Adopted To Win Your Thinking

 You have access to some of the common techniques which would ensure there is growth in the thinking level and promote your command over other people. Most of the people have less command over the people hence having some problems with control

  • How to Attracts Other People

 Everyone desire to attracts other people in the right way, and therefore, the product would ensure that you get attracted to the other people. However, many people do not have the understanding of these techniques which would be adopted to attracts others.

  • How to Implement Solutions

 Most people have the solutions, but they have less knowledge of how to implement the solutions.  The author of the product has worked for more than 500 companies as CEO where he has implemented some solution hence making him have all the experience to perform the solutions.

  • Understanding The Driving Principles

Most people have less knowledge about the driving forces, which makes them drag from behind; however, with the driving principles, it would be possible for one to strive in life. The product has ensured that one gets those techniques which ensure you understand the principles.

  • Getting More Influential

We all need to influence other people; however, we end losing such influence, but with the product, you will have a good influence. With hypnosis, you will get more influence and ensure you influence over other people.

  • Enriches and Benefits

Power of Conversational Hypnosis would ensure that you get a chance to enriches and also have some benefits which help people to live.

  After getting those techniques and the secrets, it would help you to unfold what would be the most significant aspects of your life today. In addition to that, you will analyze all the information which is available hence promote some level of awareness after adopting the program.  The Conversational Hypnosis video has some training course which would ensure you get access to the following.


What Is Included In The Package

  • 12 Instructional Packaged in The Video Relating Basic Conversational Hypnosis

 These are essential instruction which is included in the training which would ensure you discover the various ways to create hypnotic context. There are five main steps of hypnotic blitz which would ensure that you solve any situation which might arise. In a more precise way, the video would ensure that there is a candid explanation which is given in the video.

  • Three Bonuses Videos

 The training program contains some three main bonuses which would be used in demonstrating the main techniques which are involved in the real hypnotic subject. For instance, in the first video, the author has demonstrated on all the secrets which would be adopted in ensuring that you have some normal conversation. In addition to that, you will also reveal some hypnosis secrets which would ensure you that you get good influence. Additionally, the video would help in defining all the situations which would improve your life.

  • Get Written Complete Written Transcript

You will get access to some transcript on all the videos and also the bonus demonstration of the videos. You would get all the information which would ensure that there is sound reinforcement which would ensure that you get proper access to good lifestyles.

  • Three MP3 Audio Recordings

You will be able to have some access to the audio recording, which you can be able to listen anywhere. The MP3 recording would ensure that all the information which is needed by the users is generally available hence promote the user's goal.

  • Get Everything You Need In USB Hard Drive

You can get access to all the stipulated product in the USB hard drive, which would ensure that you get access to all the information which you need. It is contained in a three hours' practical hypnosis which would make you improve your life.

What Problem Can The Product Help Solve?

Some of the problems which would be solved by the issues in the form of the reasons. Power Conversational hypnosis would solve some of the problems in the form of five reasons:

  • Reason 1- Your Ability To Truly Have A Successful Life.

 It is the desire of many people to be successful in life but due to some up and downs, but the product want to influence the ability to other people.  Once you get access to the product, you will be able to influence your success.

  • Reason Two- Side Benefit Of Becoming Proficient

 There are some benefits which would come from conversational power hypnosis which would ensure that you are successful and also have some confidence in life. Most of the people have been suffering from lack of confidence which affects their level of confidence, but with the product, you would solve all the problems.

  • Reason Three- Gain Confidence In Bargaining

Everyone desires to have enough skills in making all the bargaining which would ensure that you get any product at discounted rates. Most of the people do not have access to these opportunities, which makes them lose all the discounts. It is the most exciting which would ensure that you succeed in life.

  • Reason Four- You Will Get Access Bonus

 Power Conversational hypnosis would ensure you get some bonuses which would ensure that you get access to all bonuses material. Some of the access which would ensure that succeed in life would ensure life success.

  • Reason Five- An Addiction Of Good Faith

  Once you get access as to the product, you will be able to maintain some good faith among the people whom you are living with. Some people in the society have issues with good faith which makes them have a lot of challenges while interacting with people, but with the possession of the product, one would ensure there are growth and faith.


Power Conversational hypnosis is generally available in two main formats which include.

  • EBook
  • Mp3 Audio recorders
  • EBook

 It is the most common available formats of the product where the users are supposed to access all the twelve section in one video series. It can be accessed in the official website and comes with some simplified instructions which are simple to follow and also adhere.

  • MP3 Audio Recorder

 The program is also available in the Mp3 recorder when the various users can access the program and enjoy the product. In each section, there is audio which has been recorded and could get retrieved hence ensure that one get access to all the information in the program.


Once you purchase the product, you will be able to get access to the following video bonuses which would help to boost your persuasion level.

  • Video Bonus One

 Secrets to induce and trance during normal conversation. This bonus ensures that people get all the secrets and techniques which would be adopted to improve your normal conversation with other people. The creator of the program has used his own experience to demonstrate this and ensure people induce normally

  • Video Bonus Two

 Understand the hypotonic induction

  It is an important area which everyone should much attention to ensure that we have all it takes to promote hypotonic inductions. The creator of the program ensures that he clearly explains all the steps which he takes to ensure that people fully understand.

  • Video bonus three

 Break down of entire processes

 The creator of the program uses this video bonus to have a clear explanation of what he has done in real life to ensure people have been able to copy and emulate. They are a few simple steps which should be included.


 The product is targeting everyone who needs to improve the level of the persuasion and ensure they can influence other people in the right way. It is not a newbie product since it has been in existence for the period now. In addition to that, it does not require intermediate skills or technical skills.

Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
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